Daily Gratitude and Action Journal (Vol. II): Live Your Life by Divine Design

Daily Gratitude and Action Journal (Vol. II): Live Your Life by Divine Design

by LeVonder Pheon Brinkley


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You have completed the first quarter of your 12 month goals. Last quarter we focused on our purpose. When we think of purpose, we think of the age old questions asked by ancient philosophers and teachers. They asked, "Who am I, and why am I here?" They sought meaning for their lives. We established that to live a meaningful life, we have to serve and impact the lives of others.
Volume II will focus on Building your Life by Divine Design. You will think about Success and what that looks like for you. Your 12 month and quarterly goals should align with your Purpose and your vision of Success.
Your life must be built upon a firm foundation. That foundation is spiritual. It is based on your beliefs and your co-creation with an all-knowing God who already knows the outcome of your life. On a more practical note, it also must be built on character and integrity.
Your walls will be your relationships, professional development, physical health and finances. Your roof is your philosophy which is akin to spirituality. What will you accomplish by accumulating a lot of money and positions and not be liked by people. Be sure that you build your life with a positive mental attitude. People are attracted to positive people.
Professionally and with all your goals, work harder than the rest. Begin early and work until done. There is no replacement for a strong work ethic and quality work. Take care of your health. Your body is the only one you have.
Set consistent goals for your finances. "People who cannot save, do not contain the seeds of Greatness." says W. Clement Stone. It's not how much you accumulate, but what you become. The energy of money attracts more money, and gives you a sense of calm. The more money in your account the more it attracts. Money attracts money. When opportunity comes and you don't have any money you look foolish.
Finally, you are covered by your philosophy or the lens through which you see the world. Philosophy is the major determining factor as to how your life turns out. It's what makes us different from the animals, our ability to think by developing and refining our philosophy to turn stuff into value. Take the tools that you have and work with them. Don't blame others. Use the tools in your hands. Pick up your hammer of Purpose and begin hammering. You must take Action. 80% of reaching your Goals is just showing up. You showed up. You are here. Begin designing and building your Life by Divine Design.

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