Daily Life in Medieval Times

Daily Life in Medieval Times

Hardcover(3 Books in 1)

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Daily Life in Medieval Times by Frances Gies, Joseph Gies

Frances and Joseph Gies' best-selling, critically-acclaimed Medieval Life Series, presented for the first time in a single, fully-illustrated volume.

The middle Ages have long been looked upon as the most exciting epoch in world history. Daily Life in Medieval Times, the most historically accurate depiction of the period ever written, transports you back in time to experience the life and mind of the 1400s firsthand. In this illustrated edition of Frances and Joseph Gies' classic books of history and anthropology - Life in a Medieval Castle, Life in a Medieval City and Life in a Medieval Village - the authors examine the most up-to-date information gleaned from recent archeological discoveries and historical artifacts to document the lives of kings and clergy, knights and ladies, peasants and servants, all painstakingly researched and rendered in fascinating detail.

To get a true sense of how it was to live 700 years ago, Daily Life in Medieval Times displays all the elements of feudal life - its trails, travails, pleasures, and pains. The lively narrative is rich with historical minutia detailing everything from hairstyles and high fashion, to entertainment and recreation, to battle techniques and medieval justice, alongside hundreds of maps, diagrams, vivid photographs, and ancient illustrations. The book centers on three major areas: life in a castle, in a village, and in a medieval city, and examines three specific sites - a castle in Chepstow on the Welsch border, the city of Troyes in the English East Midlands - as starting points for portraying life in all its variations.

Every aspect of the 12th and 13th century world is addressed: holidays, harvests, and the calendar of the Middles Ages; childbirth, disease, and medieval medicine; moneylenders, the guilds, and big business; fires, famines, and the ever-present threat of disaster. We are shown how each individual contributed towards a working society and how that society functioned, prospered, and eventually faded with the dawn of the Renaissance.

The breadth and depth of information the authors uncover allows us to see beyond the simple surface particulars of the day; Daily Life in Medieval Times weaves an elaborate social backdrop that evokes the values, mores, fears, and ambitions shared by all members of the medieval community. What emerges are a people who interact, who work and play and who live lives that mirror our own in fascinating and unexpected ways.

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ISBN-13: 9780760759134
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Publication date: 09/05/2004
Edition description: 3 Books in 1
Pages: 399
Product dimensions: 9.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.29(d)

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