Daisy's Bug

Daisy's Bug

by Anna Houston


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ISBN-13: 9781438966960
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/08/2009
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Daisy's Bug

By Anna Houston


Copyright © 2009 Anna Houston
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-6696-0

Chapter One

For Layla and Kariss, for bravely exploring the God created.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Daisy. She had soft brown hair, lovely brown eyes, and a tiny little nose. She also had something very special about her. Daisy had two perfect freckles, one on each side of her nose.

Daisy loved lots of things. What she loved the most was putting on her red dress, tying her favorite red ribbon in her hair, stepping into her dancing slippers, and twirling in the grassy field behind her house.

There were lots of things that Daisy did not like as well. She disliked bugs the most-creepy, crawly, icky bugs. In fact, every time she saw one she would run away screaming.

One beautiful spring morning Daisy woke up and looked out her bedroom window. She saw something amazing and beautiful. The grassy green field behind her house was full of daisies-wonderful white-petaled flowers with centers as yellow as the sun. Daisy was so excited that all she could think about was twirling in them. She put on her red dress, tied her red ribbon in her hair, stepped into her dancing slippers, and dashed outside to the field.

As soon as Daisy got to the field, she began to twirl and dance aroundall the flowers. She got so dizzy she had to stop and sit down for a while.

All of a sudden, Daisy heard a little voice. It was a girl's voice, and it was really angry. "Look, look, look at what you have done!" the little voice said. Daisy looked all around and saw nobody. "Look at my beautiful stage!" continued the little voice. "You sat on it!" Daisy was having a hard time finding where the little voice was coming from, and then she looked down. It was a little ladybug, and she was pointing straight up at Daisy.

Daisy was so afraid of bugs that she jumped up and ran as fast as she could out of the field, screaming the whole way. "Daddy, Daddy!" Daisy frantically yelled, "there is a bug in my field!" Daisy's Daddy kissed her on top of her head and said, "Of course there are bugs in the field, princess; lots of them."

Daisy could not believe her ears. Nobody had told her there were bugs in her field. Just then Daisy realized that she had lost her special red ribbon that she tied in her hair. "Oh no!" she cried. And when she looked out to the field she saw her ribbon lying in the grass, right where she had seen the ladybug. Daisy knew that if she wanted her ribbon back she would have to go out to the field and get it. "Oh, what about the bug!" she groaned to herself.

Very quietly and slowly, Daisy tiptoed through the field to where her red ribbon was. When she picked up her ribbon, she heard that tiny little voice again, but this time it was sad. When Daisy looked down, she saw the little ladybug, and she was crying. Daisy was not scared of the little ladybug anymore; now she felt bad for the bug.

"What is the matter?" Daisy asked slowly.

The little ladybug looked up at Daisy. "You crushed my dancing stage, and then you ran away from me screaming!" she cried.

Daisy looked down at the flower that was squished to the ground where she was sitting. Daisy handed the little ladybug her ribbon so she could wipe her tears with it. "There are lots of flowers out here." Daisy said.

The little ladybug looked up at Daisy and asked, "Why did you run away from me screaming?"

"Well," Daisy said, "I don't like bugs! They are creepy, crawly, and icky."

The little ladybug looked shocked. "That is not true!" she said. "I am not creepy, crawly, or icky! I am as pretty as a princess!" The little ladybug fluttered her red wings and twirled around. This reminded Daisy of when she would twirl in her red dress.

"Well, I do like your spots and red wings," Daisy said. "What is your name?"

The little ladybug smiled at Daisy and said, "Lady, of course. What is your name?"

"My name is Daisy," Daisy said, smiling back at the little bug.

"I like your red dress and spots too," Lady said to Daisy.

Now Daisy was shocked! "I do not have spots!" Daisy said very loudly.

"You sure do," said Lady with a smile. "You have two, one on each side of your nose."

Daisy thought for a second and realized that Lady was right. She did have spots.

"I like to dance too," said Lady. And Lady showed Daisy how she could fly and dance around on the white petals of the flowers.

"That is wonderful!" Daisy said as she clapped her hands. "You are not creepy, crawly, or icky at all! You are beautiful."

Daisy and Lady spent the rest of the day dancing through all the daisies in the field. Daisy was not afraid of bugs anymore, at least not ladybugs.

The End


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