Damage Control: A Memoir of Outlandish Privilege, Loss and Redemption

Damage Control: A Memoir of Outlandish Privilege, Loss and Redemption

by Sergei Boissier
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Damage Control: A Memoir of Outlandish Privilege, Loss and Redemption by Sergei Boissier

A powerful blazingly honest memoir told with humor and panache about a mother and son finding each other again after years of estrangement. A coming-of-age story of outrageous excess, glamour, entitlement and grand delusion, lived above the fray and over the top. A gay man’s journey through the joys and perils of his generation, coming out in the early eighties in the shadow of a terrifying of disease that would devastate so many, surviving tremendous loss and culminating in his decision to adopt a child as a single parent.

When Sergei, a psychotherapist who has been living in Paris for the past decade, discovers that his mother is terminally ill, he decides to leave his practice and his life to be by her side, in the hope of healing the bitterness and discord before it is too late. Alternating between a narrative of Dollsie’s last months as she battles cancer, interwoven with poignant and hilarious and at times shocking scenes from their outlandishly privileged lives, DAMAGE CONTROL is a story about exile and loss, searching and escape. From the mountain villages of Gstaad, Switzerland, to New York and Miami and Cuba, the narrator revisits the chateaux and chalets of his childhood, exploring the emotional and geographical landscapes of a mother and son whose lives are revealed to be poignant parallels of each other. After avoiding his mother for a lifetime, seeking shelter from her destructiveness and her drinking and her rage, Sergei comes face-to-face with this narcissistic woman confronting mortality for the first time, and through his own experiences as an activist and a therapist and a man who has faced his own mortality at young age, he helps her to come to terms with all her guilt and regrets and fear of dying.

This memoir offers a fascinating and disturbing portrayal of a glamorous woman whose life has been one of great elegance and luxury, along with disillusionment, grandiosity, seduction and self-destruction: her childhood in pre-Castro Cuba, a mythical island paradise; her marriage at the age of eighteen to a dashing young Swiss man and their subsequent exile; her frantic and desperate resolve to create a mythical life of her own and pass on the traditions of aristocracy to her children, all the while leading a double life and suffering feelings of intense longing and frustration and guilt which eventually cause her to destroy and walk away from everything that she has been raised to want and expect out of life.

DAMAGE CONTROL is ultimately a rendering of the cycle of life, saying goodbye to a parent so you can say hello to a child, and finding grace and redemption through a mother’s love.

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ISBN-13: 9780786755851
Publisher: Carol Mann Agency
Publication date: 04/08/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 280
File size: 4 MB

Table of Contents

Prologue Driving South! 3

Part 1 Going Continental

1 A Baptism and a Funeral 11

2 Emerging from the Fog 23

3 Le Bal Des Fleurs 27

4 Black Bean Soup 39

5 Fairy Tale 45

6 Paso Doble 53

7 Miss Dolores 61

8 Chalet Albosco 67

9 Living or Leaving 73

10 Africa and Enriqueta 85

Part 2 Those Little Town Blues

11 Blackout 93

12 You'll Get Your Pony When You Lose Ten Pounds 107

13 A Serial Killer and a Mexican 125

14 Be a Man 131

15 Off to the Butcher 149

16 Cali Days 159

17 Post-Op 169

18 City of Illusions 177

19 Chelsea Nights 189

20 Conceiving at the Costes & a Visit to the Adoption Agency 193

21 Farewell Manhattan 201

Part 3 In the Land Of Myths

22 Mrs. Dalloway's Last Party 213

23 Absent Almost Always 225

24 Gstaad, My Love 233

25 Gramd Exit 241

26 Going Home 253

Part 4 Postscript-One Year Latter

27 Answered Prayers 267

Epilogue Look, Daddy! I Can See the World! 277

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Damage Control: A Memoir of Outlandish Privilege, Loss and Redemption 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Poorly written. So many lies and all about the author. Disgusting to do this to his mother and grand parents!