Damned Yankee: The Story of a Marriage

Damned Yankee: The Story of a Marriage

Damned Yankee: The Story of a Marriage

Damned Yankee: The Story of a Marriage


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These are the people you don't read about in history books. A Harvard-educated New Englander. He was welcomed as a teacher by a school for apprentices in Charleston, South Carolina. But when his history lessons about the founding of America clashed with the pro-secession rhetoric of local slave-owners, he was out of a job. Can he find a way to reconcile his abolitionist sentiments with the practical need to support his family in a region whose economy is based on slavery? A wealthy Southern belle. She has always believed that her ancestors were benevolent slave-owners and that they treated their slaves with dignity and respect. Now she has inherited the family plantations, only to see the institution of slavery come under attack as an unmitigated evil. The coming of the Civil War threatens her land, her children, her marriage, and the values that have always sustained her. How much will she be willing to sacrifice in order to help her family survive? A female slave. She was given to her mistress when they were both very small because they shared a common grandfather - a fact that everyone knew and no one talked about. The war offers her a promise of freedom as well as the prospect of a bittersweet separation from her beloved cousin. Will the bonds of family stretch or break? A Confederate soldier. He supported secession and eagerly volunteered for the Army, believing, like most young men, that he was invincible. And like too many of those young men, he was wounded and taken prisoner. The aftermath of his war experience left him with wounds far deeper than those that caused the amputation of his leg. Can he conquer the pain, the flashbacks, the disability, and the nightmares that keep him incapacitated and unable to return to his former life? The newly-weds. The couple married in haste, realizing that the coming of war might mean a long period of separation. But the young wife did not expect to receive a black-bordered letter telling her that her husband had been killed in battle. Now she faces life in wartime as a widow and the mother of newborn twins. She can return to her family or seek to make a a new life for herself. Which way will she turn? The children. Uprooted from their home and school by a series of family disasters, they face an uncertain future. The teenage boy gives up his dream of becoming a dairy farmer. With tears streaming down his face, he begs his cows to run away because Confederate soldiers are confiscating all cattle as food for the army. His brothers and sisters struggle to adapt to new conditions of poverty, hunger, and hard work. And they watch with fear as those circumstances threaten the stability of their parents' marriage. Will the family stay together or scatter as their friends and neighbors have done? An educated ex-slave. Despite his free status, he realizes that freedom is just a word -- meaningless without respect in the eyes of the community and without the ability to interact on an equal basis with those who once were his owners. Will his freedom really liberate him or will it destroy him? America's Civil War was more than a political disaster. It was a human tragedy, and everyone - North and South, young and old, black and white, rich and poor - everyone was caught up in that broken world. Yet somehow the victims held on to the hope that love for one another could mend the tears in the fabric of their lives. These are their stories.

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ISBN-13: 9780984592876
Publisher: Katzenhaus Books
Publication date: 04/28/2014
Series: The Civil War in South Carolina's Low Country , #5
Pages: 414
Product dimensions: 5.24(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

As a tenured professor at Rhodes College, Carolyn Poling Schriber specialized in medieval history and published extensively on relationships between Anglo-Norman bishops and kings in the twelfth century. After attaining Professor Emerita status, she retired from teaching and focused her attention on her second love, the history of America's Civil War..
Her Civil War books, including A Scratch with the Rebels and Beyond All Price, are set in South Carolina during the northern occupation of the Low Country. In 2012, Carolyn released four more books. including The Road to Frogmore; Left by the Side of the Road (Short Stories); The Dilemma of Arnulf of Lisieux, the biography of a 12th-century bishop; and The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese, a how-to book on surviving the "thickets of self-publishing." Along the way, she managed to accrue awards for her writing from the Military Writers Society of America (2011 and 2012) and was listed frequently among the top 100 Amazon Bestsellers in Historical Fiction.
Now she has written a romantic historical novel about a mixed couple (one 'North', one 'South') as they face the challenges of the Civil War. Damned Yankee launched on May 1, 2014. For full publishing information, please visit the book's special page on the Katzenhaus Books website.
Carolyn and her husband Floyd live near Memphis, Tennessee. You can connect with her on her website, her blog, and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Carolyn's books are available in books stores and at all major online retailers, including Amazon.com.
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