Dance [and] Theory

Dance [and] Theory


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Both the identity of dance and that of theory are at risk as soon as the two intertwine. This anthology collects observations by choreographers and scholars, dancers, dramaturges and dance theorists in an effort to trace the multiple ways in which dance and theory correlate and redefine each other: What is the nature of their relationship? How can we outline a theory of dance from our particular historical perspective which will cover dance both as a practice and as an academic concept? The contributions examine which concepts, interdependencies and discontinuities of dance and theory are relevant today and promise to engage us in the future. They address crucial topics of the current debate in dance and performance studies such as artistic research, aesthetics, politics, visuality, archives, and the "next generation."

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ISBN-13: 9783837621518
Publisher: Transcript-Verlag
Publication date: 12/06/2012
Series: Critical Dance Studies , #25
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Gabriele Brandstetter is Professor of Theatre and Dance Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, and Director of the Institute for Movement Research. Her research fields are theory of re-presentation, concepts of body and movement in writing, visuals and performance and research on dance and theatricality. Gabriele Klein is Professor of Sociology of Movement and Dance and Director of Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her research fields are social and political theory of dance, choreography and performance, body and gender politics, urban and transnational dance cultures.

Table of Contents

Dance [and] Theory. Introduction Gabriele Brandstetter Gabriele Klein 11

Dancing and Theorizing and Theorizing Dancing Susan Leigh Foster 19

Artistic Research

Artistic Research: Between Experiment and Presentation: Introduction Kerstin Evert Sibylle Peters 35

A Few Remarks about Research in Dance and Performance or - The Production of Problems Bojana Cvejic 145

Knowledge and Collective Praxis Victoria Pérez Royo 51

It does not matter or The Artist Out (of the Picture) Jan Ritsema 63

Artistic Research between Dance and Theory-A Response in Six Questions: Response Annemarie Matzke 69

References 75


Aesthetic Experience: Introduction Gerald Siegmund 81

The Question of the Aesthetic Juliane Rebentisch 89

The Resistance to Dance Theory. Being-With, the Aesthetic Event Krassimira Kruschkova 97

Beautiful Affects in Choreography Stefan Hölscher 103

Intertwinings: The Dis/Positions of Dance Aesthetics Sabine Huschka 107

Unexpected Horizons of Meaning Katja Schneider 115

Parallel Universes and Aesthetic Dis/Balance: Theory Interrupted, Dance Distracted: Response Katherine Mezur 119

References 129

Dance Theory as a Practice of Critique Gabriele Klein 137


Dance and Politics Introduction André Lepecki 153

Pitfalls of 'the Political.' Politization as an Alternative Tool for Dance Analysis? Franco Barrionuevo Anzaldi 159

The Politics of Time Bojana Kunst 167

Contemporary Dance and the Critical Ontology of Actuality Boyan Manchev 173

Geo-Politics, Dissensus, and Dance Citizenship: The Case of South Asian Dance in Britain Avanthi Meduri 177

Resilient Bodies, Stirred. Political Anecdotes from the Field of Contemporary Choreography Martin Nachbar 183

Remarks Concerning the Ontology of Dance: Response Gunter Gebauer 187

References 191

Dis/Balances. Dance and Theory Gabriele Brandstetter 197


Steps and Gaps: Curatorial Perspectives on Dance and Archives: Introduction Beatrice von Bismarck 213

Body, Archive Franz Anton Cramer 219

The Constructive Compromise Florian Malzacher 223

Dance/Archive/Exhibition? Moving between Worlds Ruth Noack 227

The Archive in Motion Marion von Osten 231

"Mai d'Archive" - in a Different Sense than Jacques Derrida's Frank-Manuel Peter 235

Leaving and Pursuing Traces 'Archive' and 'Archiving' in a Dance Context: Response Christina Thurner 241

References 247

Next Generation

Thoughts on the Now in the Future: Introduction Susanne Foellmer 253

A Relational Perspective on Dance and Theory -Implications for the Teaching of Dance Studies Yvonne Hardt 265

de-position. Or How to Move in(to) the Future? Sandra Noeth 271

Embryology as Choreography Isabelie Schad 277

Hypothesis Number Nine: The Image Is an Organ Laurent Goldring 283

What's 'next'? Peter Stamer 287

In the Making. On the Generation of Movement between Dance and Theory Isa Wortelkamp 291

An Institution Is only as Good as the People who Work there Can be. No?: Response Kai van Eikels 297

References 309

Notes on Contributors 313

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