Dancing in the Landscape: The Sculpture of Athena Tacha

Dancing in the Landscape: The Sculpture of Athena Tacha




Dancing in the Landscape: The Sculpture of Athena Tacha is the most comprehensive presentation of Athena Tacha's outdoor public art of the past 25 years. One of the initiators of "site-specific" architectural sculpture -- a significant shift in attitude that brought "land art" into a social context -- Tacha has been a finalist in more than 135 national and international competitions. Of the 42 commissions she won, 30 have been executed throughout the United States, from New York to Arizona, Florida to Alaska, including an entire city-block park in downtown Philadelphia.

Trained in Greece, France and America as both an artist and art historian, Tacha has always written articulate texts for her proposals and most of these texts are published in this book for the first time. Her executed commissions are presented in large illustrations together with smaller reproductions of 58 models for upbuilt projects, each with an explanatory statement.

Through her candid documentation of successes and failures in working with public commissions, Tacha offers her wide experience with hundreds of competitions. As a result, artists, landscape architects, historians, critics and collectors with an interest in the history of public art will find Dancing in the Landscape an invaluable reference.

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ISBN-13: 9780967914312
Publisher: Grayson Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/1901
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 9.63(w) x 9.86(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Glimpses of Infinity: Nature and Science in Athena Tacha's Public Art8
Athena's Other Selves: Interview with Athena Tacha14
Biographical Chronology and Museum Collections20
Selected Bibliography22
Charles River Step Sculpture26
Streams (Oberlin, OH)29
Battery Park City Plaza32
Edgewater Paths35
Swan Waves (Toledo, OH)36
Parks, Gardens and Plazas
Connections (Philadelphia, PA)40
Tide Park (Smithtown, L.I., NY)44
Sawyer Point Recreation Park46
33 Rhythms50
Ripples (Norfolk, VA)52
Raindrop Plaza Land Marks55
Green Acres (Trenton, NJ)56
Santa Monica Islands Columbus' Garden Secret Gardens60
Steps and Walkways
Memory Path (Sarasota, FL)62
Rhythmics (St. Paul, MN)66
Pearl Alley Cosmic Energy69
Rhythmic Games Peaks70
Peak Outlook71
Four Histories: ODOT/ ODPS72
Human Resources Plaza74
Waterfalls and Fountains
Blair Fountain (Tulsa, OK)76
Ohio Canal Revisited81
Merging (Cleveland, OH)82
Austin Waterfalls86
Sacramento Water Stairs87
Wave Fall (Newington/ Hartford, CT)88
Waterlinks (Madison, WI)90
Rose Fountain Plaza (Berea, OH)92
Marianthe (Fort Myers, FL)94
Double Star: Antares (Cincinnati, OH)100
Ice Walls (Anchorage, AK)104
Eddies/ Interchanges Leonardo108
Corral (Lincoln, NE)109
Birmingham Views Hedge Mazes112
Arcades and Colonnades
Curving Arcades (Tucson, AZ)114
Tension Arches (Cleveland, OH)117
Double Tension Arches (Dublin/ Columbus, OH)117
Perspective Arcade (Toledo, OH)117
Leaning Arches (Miami, FL)117
Crossings (Columbus, OH)122
Link (Omaha, NE)124
Transit (Newington/ Hartford, CT)126
Encounters Double Gateway128
Spiraling Gateway129
Triple Link Friendship Heights130
Slab Twists
Twist (Cleveland, OH)132
Double Scales (Coatesville, PA)134
Chloe (Findlay, OH)136
Walter Griffin Memorial Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, for Washington Jewish Holocaust Memorial, for Boston138
Jewish Holocaust Memorial Jewish Holocaust Memorial, for Tucson Kent State University Students' Memorial139
Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Memorial India/ Pakistan Memorial Vietnam/ Laos/ Cambodia Memorial140
Central America Memorial Emerging: Memorial to Women Native Americans' Memorial141
Homage to the Great Zimbabwe L.A. Memorial Walkway Terrorist Bomb Memorial141
Books of Life Fishwall143

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