Dancing in the Rain: A Novel

Dancing in the Rain: A Novel

by Kelly Jamieson

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ISBN-13: 9780399182181
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/11/2017
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 325
Sales rank: 58,296
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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson is the author of more than forty contemporary romance novels. She writes the kind of books she loves to read—sexy romance with heat, humor, and emotion. She likes coffee (black), wine (mostly white), and shoes (high!). She also loves watching hockey.

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Chapter 1

Drew turned disbelieving eyes on the man who’d just spoken so crudely to the woman seated next to him at the bar. Did he really just ask her if she’d ever screwed a real man?

“Uh . . .” She glanced nervously at Drew.

“Does that line really work for you, a-hole?” Drew asked him. “Pretty sure a ‘real man’ wouldn’t use it.”

“Buzz off,” the guy said. “She’s talking to me.”

“No, she’s not. She’s with me.”

She wasn’t, but this jerkwad didn’t need to know that.

“Come on, honey. I’ll show you a real man. Not a pansy hockey player with a bum knee.”

Greeeaat. The jerk knew who he was. “Okay.” Drew stood, drawing himself up to his full six-foot-three height.

“You can leave right now.”

The dude shot him a dirty look but moved away.

The woman gave an uncomfortable laugh. “Whoa. Thanks.”

He hadn’t really been talking to her, just sitting beside her at the bar. “What a creep.” Drew followed the guy’s movements with narrowed eyes, watching him stop next to another woman.

“Are you really a hockey player?”

“No.” He picked up his beer and drained it, then signaled the bartender for another one. He’d lost count of how many he’d had tonight.

“I’m Savannah.” She held out a hand.

Drew took in her blond hair, spidery eyelashes, and high-maintenance manicure with her nails painted red and black in what looked like butterfly wings. She reminded him of his ex-wife.

“Drew,” he said, shaking her hand.

“It’s so nice to meet a gentleman.” Her shiny pink lips curved up.

“I’m not really a gentleman.” He attempted a smile.

“Well, you rescued me, so I think you are.”

Drew watched as Dickwad returned, this time with another guy. Their eyes focused on Savannah with undisguised lechery. Oh, for God’s sake.

Annoyance burned in his chest. Along with the alcohol he’d consumed, the driving rhythm of the music in the bar, and the frustration he’d kept pent up for months, a wild, reckless feeling buzzed through him.

He was already pissed at the world. Apparently it didn’t take much to make him bloodthirsty. And hell, a woman should be able to tell a guy to get lost without being harassed. He didn’t even know her, yet he somehow felt responsible. So when Dickwad slid a hand around Savannah’s upper arm and said, “Let’s dance,” Drew was on his feet in an instant.

“Seriously, dude?” he said to the guy. “Are you hammered? Let go of her.”

“We’re going to dance.”

Savannah was trying to pull her arm out of his grip.

“No, you’re not.” And Drew lunged at him.

Savannah squealed as Drew landed a right cross on the guy’s jaw. With a roar, the other man fought back.

Rage rose inside Drew in a burst of heat. He threw a flurry of punches, felt a crunch of bone, and had the a-hole over the bar and helpless in minutes.

Bouncers pounced on Drew and dragged him off the guy. Blood dripped from Drew’s eyebrow and he swiped it away with the back of his hand, his chest heaving.

“Get the heck out of here before we call the cops,” one of the big bouncers said to him in a low voice, giving him a shove.

“Gotta pay for my drinks,” he mumbled, reaching for his wallet.

“Forget it. On the house.”

Drew stumbled out of Jimmy’s Kitchen and Bar, one of his favorite local watering holes, onto Southport Avenue. What. The. Heck. Drunk, bleeding, and now he was laughing. Darn, that had felt good. He shook out his throbbing hand as he walked unsteadily down the sidewalk to his Porsche. He had his hand in his pocket looking for his keys when he paused.

He closed his eyes. Okay, he was drunk and he’d been doing a lot of stupid, risky things lately . . . It was only a few blocks to his place. Driving was so much easier than trying to track down a cab, but . . . aw, crap. Even he knew better than to drive drunk. With a sigh, he walked past his car and kept going toward Wrightwood.

Drew flashed the cute barista a smile the next morning as he accepted his large Americano and turned to leave the coffee shop. At nearly eleven in the morning, the café was almost empty. He’d slept in after a late night, but what difference did it make what time he got up when he had nothing else to do?

His temples pulsed with a faint headache, the result of those Fireball shots and too many beers last night, not to mention the small bar brawl. He was about to slide his sunglasses back onto his nose and step outside into the bright September sunlight when a woman stopped in front of him.


The blond hair first made him think of Savannah from last night. But no. He eyed her. Not one of the women he’d partied with lately either, so probably just a hockey fan who recognized him. He summoned a smile despite the small hockey sticks tapping inside his skull. “Yes?”

“Drew Sellers?”

“That’s me.” He studied the woman, taking in her thin frame and pale face, stylish short blond hair, and dark blue eyes. Something about her tweaked his memory, but he couldn’t place her.

She was studying him, too, those blue eyes big and hesitant as her gaze swept over him, lingering on the cut above his eyebrow. “You don’t remember me, do you?” she asked quietly, not in an accusing or even disappointed tone, as he’d heard a couple of times when he’d run into women he didn’t recall meeting before.

“That’s okay.”

“I’m sorry . . . we’ve met?”

“Yes.” Her teeth sank into her bottom lip and her fingers twisted the strap of her purse around and around. “A long time ago, though.”

This was getting awkward and he wasn’t sure how to extricate himself. Damn, he needed some Advil. “I’m sorry,” he said again, lifting his eyebrows.

“Sara Watt.” She shook her head. “I don’t think you ever knew my last name. We met one night at Notre Dame.”

“University of Notre Dame?” He frowned.


Jesus, that was going way back. He’d played two years of hockey at Boston University, and they’d played against the Fighting Irish a couple of times a season.

“I didn’t know your last name, either,” she continued quickly. “Until a few weeks ago.”

“Uh . . . okay.”

Her smile stretched her lips but it held no humor. “We, uh, hooked up one night.”

Drew nodded. Yep, awkward. Not remembering that was insulting, but even if he did remember, it would still be awkward twelve or thirteen years later. He rubbed the stubble on his jaw. “Forgive me,” he said, trying not to be an a-hole.

She licked her lips quickly. “It’s okay,” she said. “It was one night. It’s not like you broke my heart.” That tense smile appeared briefly again. “Look, um, I know this is weird. But I need to talk to you.”

Drew’s body went cold and still. Because those words were always enough to strike frozen fear into the heart of any man. Heck, no . . . it was too ridiculous. This woman he didn’t even recognize appearing out of the blue was not about to tell him he had a child he’d never known about. Why was he even thinking that?

He wouldn’t be the first guy that had ever happened to, but it would be pretty bizarre if it happened now, when his career was over, his wife had dumped him, and his life was basically a wasteland of broken hopes and dreams. Sure, there were women who tried to claim a pro athlete had knocked them up. Didn’t this chick know he had nothing to offer? It wasn’t like he’d just signed a five-year, thirty-million-dollar deal with the Blackhawks. He was done. Done like lobster in butter sauce.

So that couldn’t be what was happening here.

He held up a hand. “Look, honey, I don’t know who you are, but you’ve got the wrong guy. And maybe you haven’t heard, but I’m a washed-up, retired winger. There’s no point in even trying this.”

Her mouth dropped open. Those big blue eyes stared at him, and then cobalt sparks flashed in them. She snapped her mouth closed and her lips thinned. “I think you should hear me out.”

Something about the expression on her face made him pause. She wasn’t disappointed, and she was holding his gaze in a way that made him think she wasn’t playing him, whatever this was about.

He tugged the sleeve of his long-sleeved T-shirt to glance at his watch. “I have five minutes.”

A lie. He had nowhere to go other than his house for Advil and an afternoon spent playing videogames.


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Dancing in the Rain 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
For me this was a perfect read, this book has it all, i laughed and I cried but more importantly I fell in love with every character. Drew Sellers NHL career has been cut short through injury and just when he thinks his life can't get any worse a chance meeting in a coffee shop has his past coming back to haunt him, his world is not only turned upside down it's turned round and round. Emotions run high but as the story progresses you find out just who the real Drew Sellers is, a kind loving man who steps up to take what life has in store for him. A fantastic read from the very talented Kelly Jamieson
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cried and laughed reading this book. I really liked the storyline and the characters just an all around good book. Definitely worth reading.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Drew is at a crossroads in his life – his hockey career is over and he has no idea where he’s going to go next.  He’s wallowing in self-pity and just treading water.  And then he finds out he has a 12 years old daughter he never knew about and he’s got to decide whether he is ready to part of her life.  It’s not easy for him, especially since her mother is facing a serious health crisis so whatever decision he makes has to be made soon.  Peyton is kinda at a crossroads of her own.  Her job is in NYC but her sister and niece need her in Chicago.  She’s doing the best she can to juggle caring for her sister, helping her niece, and keeping up with her work.  Bringing in a former hockey player with lots of baggage just adds to her load.  Especially when there are sparks between them that are hard to ignore.  This is an emotion packed book – between the health issue, the newly found dad, work problems, life problems, tween problems … there’s a lot going on here but Jamieson keeps it real.  While I doubt a lot of people ever have to worry about a long-lost child appearing, there are all sorts of forks in the road that we have to face.  These are very relatable events and they are delivered in a way that draws you in, keeping your heart engaged & your tear ducts on notice  :)  These people aren’t perfect and they make mistakes along the way, but they face things head on, do the best they can and work it out.  We should all hope that we have their strength, courage, and heart when we need them. *** I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s. ***
Jennann3 More than 1 year ago
Wow!!! This novel is just WOW! This is my first venture into a Kelly Jamieson novel and I was NOT disappointed. This novel has all the "feels". It had me laughing out loud one minute, crying the next. I don't generally like to cry when reading a novel, but it was cathartic. Drew, a star ex-hockey player, is trying to find his role or purpose in life. His whole life revolved around hockey, until his knee forced him into early retirement. He drinks in excess, plays video games, eats junk food, and has random hookups. During this time, he's approached by Sara. Sara and Drew attended a college party 11yrs ago where a one-night-stand resulted in a child. They never gave last names, so Sara had no way of contacting Drew. Needless to say, Drew is stunned and not sure what to do with the information. Sara, an accomplished attorney, has metastatic melanoma. Sara wishes to "give" her daughter the dad she always dreamed of having. When she realizes it's Drew, she contacts him and gives him the option of getting to know his daughter. Sara only has a few months to live, so her sister Peyton, flies in from New York to help. Peyton is a successful corporate "reputation, tech" specialist. She's a self-proclaimed workaholic who's not sure if she's "mom" material. Peyton and Drew are thrown together in efforts to make Sara's last days easier. What they don't expect, is to fall for each other while falling more in love with his daughter/her niece. This novel struggles with death, living life, and blended families. Also, finding your purpose in life isn't always what you've carefully planned. Sometimes, you just have to dance in the rain....I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Three and a half stars. This was not quite the book I assumed from skimming the blurb, it wasn't the standard billionaire sportsman suddenly has hitherto unknown child come to live with him, but something a bit more nuanced. Drew Sellers is a former NHL player who has had to retire after several surgeries to his knee. With no back-up plan, his wife has left him for a former team-mate, he is feeling washed up and spends his days drinking too much, throwing a pity party for one and starting bar fights. One day he runs into a woman, Sara Watt, who claims that they had sex 12 years earlier while they were both at college and she has a 12 year old daughter as a result. She didn't know his last name or which college he went to and therefore couldn't contact him. It was only when she saw his picture on the front of a magazine that she found out his full name. Sara has contacted Drew because she is dying and wants her daughter Chloe to know her father. Sara's sister Peyton is a career woman in New York but she flies to stay with her sister and niece to take care of them. For the first time since he was forced to retire Drew has a reason for getting out of bed in the morning (as opposed to noon), as Sara gets weaker he steps up to get Chloe to school and doing parental things like homework. As the sparks fly between Drew and Peyton they need to make some tough choices about the future. Drew was such a sweetheart and came from such a tight family background that I found it hard to believe that he was drowning in self-pity alone. Also I found Peyton to be very judgemental, she takes one incident and refers to it multiple times as is Drew were some kind of deadbeat alcoholic. I liked this book, it was deeper than I was expecting, not as funny as I was expecting - Drew didn't really make any parenting mistakes - but also not as sad as I would have expected given Sara's terminal illness. This struck me as somewhat of a transitional book (and I may be totally off base here) between an author who has written romantic series about hockey players to an author writing about more 'normal' people. So Drew was an NHL player but he didn't have a long career and he hasn't salted away gazillions. He drives a Porsche but his house is similar to Sara's house (although Sara and Peyton's parents were quite well off and left them the house). It will be interesting to see whether this the start of a new series or a one-off. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
An interesting concept in the book, with the inspirational quotes and phrases that were shared with every twist in the story. Even the name of the book is based on one of them, that you most likely have seen a million and one times in the social media - "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain". And there are plenty of these inserted into the story, enough to notice them. A cute idea, but is it original? When it comes to the characters, I really liked both Sara and Chloe. Sara's mature and generous spirit when facing the terrible disease and death at the young age was admirable. I was sobbing when it came time to say goodbye to her. Chloe was so brave while facing SO much turbulence in a young life. Her mother was dying, she finally had a father in her life, her aunt was living with them, and she is just starting to face the world of the teens, that in itself, is a big change in a girl's life. I loved her spirit, I loved her spunk, and her open heart and mind. I liked the male lead, Drew Sellers, as well. His life changed at one big swoop, and anyone would find it hard to cope with the adjustments he had to make. Just losing your career is a big thing, but your wife as well, especially the way that went about. Then finding out you have a twelve-year-old daughter, finding out the child's mother is dying - logical that one would be an emotional mess. The first half of the story is heartbreaking with the preparations to the death the family will be facing. The love and bond between the family members are obvious and brought out all the feelings in me as well. It was a tear-filled feast of emotional turmoil for sure. After Sara death, the story changed and that is where my opinion of it tanked. I was struggling with Peyton's decisions, some of her actions are so selfish, I nearly didn't finish the book because I was annoyed with her. The ending is a predictable love story, there wasn't anything that stood out, it felt like all the emotions were spent on Sara's death, and the rest of the story was just steps taken to the HEA. I struggled with this review because I have such a split opinion of the story. I enjoyed the first half, the second one not so much. Payton isn't my favorite character, and I could not connect with her, or understand her and her actions. Yet the story is well written, it has a natural flow, and I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy the tale as it is, just surprisingly, the second half wasn't for me. ~ Three Spoons *Thankful for the NetGalley eARK for feeding my reading addiction*
belllla More than 1 year ago
4.5stars Dancing in the Rain is heart broking story. But never the less amazing love story between great characters. Both Drew and Payton are amazing. Drew was at first frustrating but wee quick see the reason of acting the way he acts. It was great to see how those two kept communicating; telling each other their true feelings, true thoughts and the truth. They are both strong characters attraction and passion between them amazing. The destiny plays again its funny cards when she connects them. I shared a tear of two but the story warmed my heart. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
voraciousreaderKB More than 1 year ago
I was given an advanced copy of this book to write an honest review for Netgalley and Cocktails and Books. I love reading Kelly Jamieson’s books, especially her sports romances. When I saw this book was up for review, I didn't even read the blurb, I just ordered it. This charming, feel good story is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. Drew is devastated when a knee injury forces him to retire. Now that he is no longer a professional hockey player, his life has changed dramatically and he has lost everything that is important to him. He misses the life he had and he is bored and disillusioned without any direction. Just when Drew thinks his life can't get any worse, he discovers he has an eleven year old daughter from a one night stand he had in college. I enjoyed this story so much, even though it is sad and emotional, it has an uplifting message. I connected with all the characters. Drew’s daughter, Chloe is sweet but also a typical young teenage girl with attitude. When Drew meets Peyton, Chloe's aunt, he is instantly attracted to her. Peyton is a caring and nice person. She wants to be there for her niece and is afraid of what she feels for Drew. Drew and Peyton help each other while they are dealing with a lot of heavy issues. What makes this story so good is the way way the characters handle their problems. Through it all, they find strength, love, hope and each other. They never give up and if one of is down, the other one helps them. I couldn't put this book down, I wanted everything to work out for Drew, Peyton and Chloe.
MJBrown67 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. I loved this book. This was different from Kelly Jamieson’s normal hockey books. Drew is a ‘forced’ retired hockey player due to an injury, and things aren’t going so well for him, he doesn’t have a direction anymore, doesn’t know what to do with his life. One morning he gets a visit that changes everything. Now his life is filled with a whole new set of people, Chole, Sara her mom and her Aunt Peyton. This was such a different spin on the family dynamic and so well told. This isn’t your run of the mill secret baby romance, it was different and real. The way the characters inter acted was so genuine. This book had me feeling almost every emotion. I laughed and cried, and really came to care about these characters. This is a great read and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to read an emotional, engaging story.
MJBrown67 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. I loved this book. This was different from Kelly Jamieson’s normal hockey books. Drew is a ‘forced’ retired hockey player due to an injury, and things aren’t going so well for him, he doesn’t have a direction anymore, doesn’t know what to do with his life. One morning he gets a visit that changes everything. Now his life is filled with a whole new set of people, Chole, Sara her mom and her Aunt Peyton. This was such a different spin on the family dynamic and so well told. This isn’t your run of the mill secret baby romance, it was different and real. The way the characters inter acted was so genuine. This book had me feeling almost every emotion. I laughed and cried, and really came to care about these characters. This is a great read and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to read an emotional, engaging story.
thesecretworldofbooklover More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book, given by Netgalley. http://thesecretworldofbooklovers.blogspot.com/ Another Kelly Jamieson success, in this book we get to fall in love with Drew, Peyton, Chloe and Sarah. Their story is not all hearts and rainbows but it's a real one, they help each other become better persons; by being together they become stronger and there's nothing they can't face. They have been put in an impossible situation and Drew steps up and becomes who they need him to be, he is ready to do anything to help them. He discovers he is much stronger than he though he was, and that helps him move on from his own problems. Peyton is loosing everything and her life is changing faster than she can handle. On top of all that there's him, he is everything she wants and she can't have him. I love the chemistry between the characters, they are perfect for each other, and we get to read about them fighting their attraction until there's nothing they can do to stop it. An amazing tale about love in all it's forms, and just how far are you willing to go for the people you care about. It all about enjoying every moment like it was your last, even if that means dancing in the rain.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Dancing in the Rain,  Kelly Jamieson Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  romance, Kelly has written a lot of Hockey romances, this one is very loosely based around that world however. Drew is a lovely man but after multiple surgeries on his knee he’s been forced to retire before he’s ready. He’s busy wallowing in a pity party when he meets Sara. The publicity around his career end had led her to find the man who fathered her daughter, twelve years back after a one night fling. She only had his first name so had been unable to contact him. He’s naturally wary, claims like this get made too often, but her story checks out. Then we meet her family, daughter Chloe and sister Peyton. Sara is dying from cancer and has only a short time left, and Peyton is stepping up to look after Chloe. They've no other family left, and finding Drew after all this time is a surprise.  Chloe is a wonderful preteen, written very well, I recognise many traits of hers from my own daughter and granddaughter ;-) I loved her, how close she was to her mum, how confused and upset at facing losing her. Peyton took a while to warm up to though, I did find her very judgemental of Drew, and focussed on her career more than what was right for Chloe in the circumstances. Drew isn’t in a great place, and has let himself go a bit recently, but she acts as if he’s a raging alcoholic and has been like it for years, instead of a man facing the loss of his career and struggling to know what to do next. On that note although they lived far away his family were very close, I’d have thought he’d have talked things over more with them but? Ah well...maybe some other reasons, pride perhaps. Sara, poor Sara, facing what happens to too many young people. Her wanting to die at home, but then when it came to it the hospice proved a better fit resonated with me. Last year my lovely husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer just ten days before he died. We wanted him at home, but its not like the adverts, not always suitable, and we sadly took him to a hospice for his last two days. They were wonderful and though he was in a coma for most of it they allowed me to stay 24 hrs round, and treated him with so much dignity that I didn’t feel I’d failed him by being unable to cope at home. Sara and her family had a similar experience and that came over so, so well in the book, and felt very real to me. I hate when death is glossed over and dealt with in a way that gives false expectation, here it was very real but peaceful, exactly how it should be. I didn’t really feel the romance between Drew and Peyton, they were sexually attracted, there was certainly lots of lust but more? Maybe from Drew’s side, he liked and respected Peyton, but she was very quick to judge and dismiss him, and very watchful over his actions as a father, not helping him but standing back when he was learning a new way of life to him. I felt she could have helped more, offered more support and less criticism. Still, it’d be a different book then ;-) Like I said at the start, the hockey connection is thin, there’s no hockey action, matches, teammates etc and for me the romance was so-so. Its a good story overall though, felt very real and I enjoyed reading it. just not a five star re-reader. Stars: Four, an enjoyable novel, with very real characters and situations. ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness this book!!! I have read several of Kelly Jamieson's books and loved them. They are usually really good and extra sizzling. But this one is in a league all its own. This one had me in tears, seriously streaming down my face. This story is filled with so much emotion. It is just simply beautiful! Peyton, Sara, and Chloe just grabbed my heart and did not let it go. Add in a hunky man who is damaged and vulnerable, but wanting to do right by his daughter. I do not even have the words to describe how much gnus story touched me. So many loves...sisterly, mother/daughter, aunt/niece, father/daughter, and friends/lovers. So if you read this, which you should, have your tissues handy. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
Heartwarmingly sweet and touching. Drew and Peyton’s story will pull at your heartstrings while reminding you that life should be lived to the fullest. This romantic and tender story about a forlon retired NHL star who unexpectedly meets the daughter he didn’t know he had and the woman who’s taken over her care was so very easy to love. There was such a vulnerability in the developing relationship between these people who meet under sad circumstances, but their bond feels absolutely right. Ever since he was forced to retire due to a bad knee, Drew Sellers has lost his way and feels completely unprepared and unfit to meet the almost twelve year old daughter he just recently found out he had. But not only will the loving and protective Aunt Peyton hear none of his self-pity, she’ll also cause him to want to be a better and deserving man of both woman and girl. Peyton Watt was all about her career, or she used to be until her sister’s health requires her to move temporarily from NY to Chicago to take care of both her sister and her nice. To make matters worse, her niece’s gorgeous but very unemployed father seems to be drowning in drinks. But after spending some time with him, she gets to see the caring and good man buried under all that self-pity. Can they overcome all the obstacles life throws at them? This story will inch its way into your heart with its tear-evoking plot and wonderfully developed characters. Drew, Peyton and the young Chloe feel real with their sad plight and need to embrace life; and because they felt so genuine their story stuck me even more and I found myself cheering for them wholeheartedly. Peyton and Drew are unexpectedly thrown together by life altering circumstances and while they work to build a relationship revolving around Chloe they’re forced to deal with their careers or lack there of, grief, denial, anger juxtaposed with happiness, acceptance, attraction and love. Dancing in the Rain had me captivated from start to finish. Drew was very much down on life engaging in destructive behaviors. Peyton never saw having family in her life. He has a very interesting wake up call. She has to re-think her priorities. They’re forced to get to know one another, rely on each other, they had to figure out the strong attraction between them and even though they seamlessly fit in each other’s lives, they had difficult choices to make. I loved watching Drew figure out his life and how to be a parent and I very much enjoyed their delicious slow burn romance. Having read several of Kelly Jamieson’s hockey books, it was came as a wonderful surprise that this book was different from the rest. This is my favorite Kelly Jamieson book. It is heartfelt and emotional, highlighting the importance of living life to its fullest. Dancing in the Rain is a standalone contemporary romance by Kelly Jamieson. It’s a sexy, poignant and sweet love story written from both points of view with a happy ending.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
dancing in the rain was an unexpected surprise. deeply emotional and sweet and so, so sad. drew sellers is reeling from his forced retirement from the world of nhl hockey. when a girl he barely remembers from college stops by to let him know that he has a twelve year old daughter and that she's dying, his first thought is that this is a scam. but when paternity tests confirm that sara watt is not lying he realizes that he needs to make changes in his life. peyton watt, sara's sister, is trying to juggle it all. her sister's death. a busy and demanding career. her future guardianship of her niece. and now getting to know her sister's baby daddy. even worse, every time she sees drew she tingles with awareness. and it is simply the most inconvenient thing. everything in her life is a mess. drew is a mess. how can any of this work. the romance is a slow burn, which makes sense because what is happening around them is so heavy and big. sara's death isn't dragged out, but if you've known anyone die too young from cancer and know about hospice and palliative care, it's incredibly hard to read about because it's definitely portrayed honestly and realistically. i cried for these characters but i also cried for people i have known and lost in this same manner. so it's great timing that things between drew and peyton heat up after sara's death. because you need a distraction from the sadness as much as they do. dancing in the rain also does a wonderful job with chloe, drew and sara's daughter. the way the book allows her relationship with drew to develop is wonderful. and yet it doesn't shy away from showing her grief or her age-appropriate brattiness. all of the characters here are fully drawn, except maybe sara who seems to be the catalyst for so many events that occur in the novel, but always remains a cipher. you never really know what she is thinking or feeling. we don't spend time in her head, only in peyton and drew's so this makes sense. this is their story after all. but sara is an integral part of it, and i just find it interesting that in some ways she remains a mystery. i don't think it's a bad thing either. there's no reason to spend more time in sara's head. it's probably a sad and hard place to be. she dies. and it's unfair and it sucks and that's how life is. we get to see peyton and drew and chloe work through their grief. sara's death affects them all in different ways, but how they come together and find love and acceptance with each other is really a beautiful thing. in the end, as sad as some moments of this book are, it's a book about hope and love and life, pretty much exactly what a romance novel should be. **dancing in the rain will publish on april 11, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing group (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.
RosieP7116 More than 1 year ago
Kelly Jamieson is know now for her amazing ability to combine hockey and romance. But what happens when you take the "hockey" out of the equation? Can she still deliver? I've been a fan of Kelly's for a few years now. I've read every one of her sport she romance novels and not just read them, but devoured them. So when I heard she was releasing a new book, I immediately looked into it. And I'll be honest, I wasn't skeptical. I mean a RETIRED hockey player? And a single parent dying of cancer... A sister forced to take I think all on, & a pre-teen with all that going on? Could Kelly really deliver her typical "honest and hot; sporty and sexy" with all of that? The answer is a resounding yes! He's a "forced to retire" hockey player who just wants to be a part of the only crowd he said ever really known. She's dealing with watching her big sister waste away from cancer. He live s in Chicago; she's based in New York. There's a lot pushing them away from one another. But then there's the heat that draws them in. I like how Kelly doesn't ever really "complete" a character. She allows them to grow and develop. Even at the end, you see the changes in all of the characters, but you aren't looking at a cookie cutter guy and girl set. None of this: they hadn't issues, they resolved all their issues stuff. She shows that love and trust are important to helping you discover who you are and who you can be. But there's always somewhere you can keep growing. Dancing in the rain is one of those fun clichés that they like to print on canvases and sell at Hobby lobby. But don't let that full or deter you. This story is anything but a cliché. If your email looking for a couple who could easily throw in the towel but fight so they know--at the very end of it all--they did all they could do for anyone they care s about.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful love story. It’s not only about the love between a man and a woman, but about the love of a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a father. I normally try to stay away from anything related to fatal illness as it can take me to a bad place. Amazingly enough, this story has so much love in it that I never got totally lost in the sadness. It actually led me to remember that devastating illness and loss can often times bring out the very best in people. Dancing in the Rain is a perfect example of that. My heart ached for all the characters in this book. They are each struggling to deal with either their current loss – Drew and his career, or their future loss – Peyton and Chloe and the illness of their loved one. What shines through is that the care, love and support they give to each other can help to bring definition into a life unfulfilled. This is a fast paced read and despite the heavy angst that it holds, it still had plenty of fun banter, laughter filled scenes and all the steamy goodness this author is known for. I loved every moment of Mark and Peyton’s journey to overcome so many obstacles on the way to their happy ending. Dual POV No other woman/other man drama ARC provided for honest review
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
Kelly Jamieson’s DANCING IN THE RAIN is an incredible heartfelt read. NHL star, Drew Sellers, is forced to retire due to a knee injury. He discovers he has a twelve-year-old daughter, a result of a one-night-stand in college. Then he reluctantly finds himself attracted to his daughter’s aunt, Payton Watt. This contemporary romance takes place in Chicago and New York. I adored DANCING IN THE RAIN. The story was genuine and profound. I love how everyone grew and seems to learn from each other. My heart went out to Sara; she was a good mother to Chloe and sister to Payton. She is a strong heroine with wonderful values. Chloe is an amazing girl. I love that she fights for what she believes in. My heart broke for her loss. I was glad Drew came into her life. Peyton is a wonderful sister and aunt. She is a determined business woman who ends up reevaluating her priorities. She is smart and determined. Drew is a great guy. He has a difficult time with having to retire early and having gone through a divorce. He understandably goes through an identity crisis. Sara, Chloe, and Payton seem to come into his life at the right time. He grows tremendously throughout this story. Drew and Payton have amazing chemistry. It is understandable why they are reluctant to get together. They are an amazing couple. Kelly Jamieson did an astounding job with DANCING IN THE RAIN. It had me laughing and crying. I was invested in the characters. I enjoyed the plot. The story dealt with hard issues and had worthy life lessons. The ending was perfect. I loved this story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Dancing in the Rain by Kelly Jamieson.......Wow, Another fantastic book by this fabulous author. This story has all the feels and is beautifully written. I loved watching the story unfold for Drew and Peyton. Kelly Jamieson is an amazing storyteller, I have loved all of her books. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Heartwarming and Charming! This story was emotional, heartwarming and so full of compassion, devotion, strength, family and love. Stressing the importance of living every moment with no regrets, loving passionately and taking the time to truly enjoy life with the ones you love. Drew Sellers is an ex-NHL star who is floundering in his post hockey life. Forced to retire due to a knee injury, divorced, he has been doing a lot of stupid risky things lately. But when Sara an old one night stand finds him, his world is rocked when he finds out that he has a eleven year old daughter, named Chloe. Meeting his daughter gives him hope, but meeting her Aunt Peyton sets his blood on fire. Now he must get his act together to prove to all of them that he is worthy of their love. "Love was the biggest risk of all....but it was all that mattered." Well written with a plot that was a gripping and riveting roller coaster of emotion. It had me laughing, crying and breathlessly happy at the end. The characters were well developed and lovable, the strength they showed as well as the love and affection that they have for one another was inspiring and made this story real and unforgettable. Loved it! Highly Recommended! Thank you to NetGalley and Loveswept for providing a copy in exchange for a voluntary and honest review.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Heartwarming and Charming! This story was emotional, heartwarming and so full of compassion, devotion, strength, family and love. Stressing the importance of living every moment with no regrets, loving passionately and taking the time to truly enjoy life with the ones you love. Drew Sellers is an ex-NHL star who is floundering in his post hockey life. Forced to retire due to a knee injury, divorced, he has been doing a lot of stupid risky things lately. But when Sara an old one night stand finds him, his world is rocked when he finds out that he has a eleven year old daughter, named Chloe. Meeting his daughter gives him hope, but meeting her Aunt Peyton sets his blood on fire. Now he must get his act together to prove to all of them that he is worthy of their love. "Love was the biggest risk of all....but it was all that mattered." Well written with a plot that was a gripping and riveting roller coaster of emotion. It had me laughing, crying and breathlessly happy at the end. The characters were well developed and lovable, the strength they showed as well as the love and affection that they have for one another was inspiring and made this story real and unforgettable. Loved it! Highly Recommended! Thank you to NetGalley and Loveswept for providing a copy in exchange for a voluntary and honest review.
1flyerphan More than 1 year ago
I have had the hardest time writing this review. There is so much I want to say about this book, that it would take a book to do it. I absolutely loved it!!! Kelly Jamieson has out done herself with this one! They say through tragedy comes triumph. I think every character in his book proves that to be true. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I swooned... Kelly hit the full gamut of emotions with this one. She blended love, loss and life perfectly. She addressed several controversial topics and did so in such a positive way. And she gives us two love stories for the price of one! We got to see Drew fall in love with his daughter, Chloe. A completely new spin on the "surprise you have a kid you didn't know about" story. Drew also finds the love of his life, Peyton, in a very unconventional way. And Kelly gave us the greatest first kiss ever! I'm not sure I've ever had the feels like I did reading that scene. Each character faced different obstacles and showed amazing strength to overcome them. Kelly gave us some strong women in this book, and a man with shoulders broad enough to help them carry the load when became too heavy. It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty. ~Dalai Lama *ARC provided for an honest review
singneon More than 1 year ago
Wow, this author does it again! Very engaging, will need tissues for this one. Even though I knew what was coming it still hit me like a brick. Such a heartfelt read, it was a tad odd at first to think that Peyton was hooking up with her sister's ex-lover but with other more important circumstances it didn't bother me & I actually feel like it was the best opinion. I'm glad there wasn't an overload of drama to take away from the real-life struggle this family endured. Very well-rounded romance story and I really enjoyed reading how Drew & Peyton's story comes together.
micharch More than 1 year ago
Drew and Peyton meet under unusual circumstances. He has just found out he has an almost 12-year-old daughter with her sister, who is dying of cancer. Sara finds Drew and informs him of his daughter, that she is dying and that, if he would like, she would like him to meet and get to know his daughter, Chloe. Peyton is in town from NYC where she lives after receiving a call from Chloe that Sara is getting worse and needs help. Peyton leaves at the drop of a hat, flies to Boston and sets about trying to comfort Chloe and be there for her sister. Drew is a newly retired hockey player and is struggling with what to do with his life. He knows he needs to find a purpose but is not making any moves forward. I did like how he owned his life and made strides to do better. Peyton was pretty condescending and rude at times to the point of being downright b*tchy. It was uncalled for at times and she was in no position at times to be making the demands and the comments to the man who was the biological father of Chloe. The situation created tension and Sara did not help matters when she decided to send Peyton out with Drew and Chloe as a chaperone, even when they were in her house. Drew had a right to be there, to get to know his daughter and to insist on having visitation and custody. Peyton was named the legal guardian by Sara in her Will and she took that to mean she had full and sole say in what happened to Chloe. That is not how real life works and the father (Drew) had more rights than either Sara or Peyton wanted to give him. I liked how he fought to get informed of what his rights were. I liked he wanted to fight for Chloe and how he went toe to toe with Peyton in order to let her know he was not just going to let her decide his and Chloe's fate. Peyton was pretty selfish at points and thought she was the better choice for Chloe and that was that. Drew was just going to have to go along with her plan because she felt she had all the say and he had no rights. She felt Drew was trying to take Chloe away from her, but in the end she was trying to take Chloe away from Drew and didn't own that very much. You will have to read the book to see how it all plays out but I did like this book and found Drew to be a stand-up guy when it counted. I am grateful to have received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
MiekeReads More than 1 year ago
This book deals with a very sad subject matter. Basically, you might want to avoid reading Dancing In the Rain if you have had a love one die from cancer or a prolonged illness. Despite the heartbreaking situation in Dancing in the Rain, the book was not completely overshadowed by tragedy. Our heroine Peyton is a dynamic women doing her best to stay strong in the face of adversity for herself and for her niece. The hero, Drew, is struggling with his own disappointments in life but mans up when pressed by challenges to do so. I found their relationship sweet and believable and I defiantly wanted them to find happiness together. Peyton's niece Chloe was also well written. Chloe is young, not quite 12 for most of the story, but she is smart and mature, even as she struggles with her family tragedy like any child would. I wouldn't call Dancing in the Rain a fun book, but I did enjoy reading about Drew and Peyton's journey together and felt that it was a well written and believable book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance and doesn't mind going through a few Kleenex as they read. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.