Dancing the Feminine: Gender & Identity Performances by Indonesian Migrant Women

Dancing the Feminine: Gender & Identity Performances by Indonesian Migrant Women

by Monika Swasti Winarnita


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ISBN-13: 9781845198183
Publisher: Sussex Academic Press
Publication date: 05/03/2016
Series: Asian and Asian American Studies Series
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Monika Swasti Winarnita is a Postdoctoral Fellow of Anthropology at the University of Victoria, BC Canada with affiliation to La Trobe University Australia. Her published work covers Indonesian, Malay and Australian studies, migration, transnational families, diaspora politics, identity, gender, sexuality and cultural performance.

Table of Contents

Preface by Series Editor Mina Roces vii

List of Illustrations ix

Acknowledgements x

Introducing Indonesian Migrant Women Performance 1

Methodology 5

Intersection of Literature: Marriage Migration and Migrant's Cultural Performance 13

Perth, Western Australia: Fieldwork Location among the Migrant Community 16

Research on Indonesian - Australians and their Intercultural Relationships 18

Catcalling Older Dancers who are Performing a Feminine Dance 22

Ethnomusicology of Indonesians in Australia and Indonesian Women Performers 27

1 Politics and Poetics of Authenticity in Cultural Representation 32

Meeting the Housewives' Dance Group at the Indonesian 34

Community Event Literature on Authenticity in the Cultural Performance of Dance 37

Unity in Diversity: An Inauthentic 'Created' Indonesian National Dance 43

Gaining Status through Photos with the Premier of Western Australia 50

2 From Embarrassing to Empowering Performance, Femininity Negotiated in a Duel for Recognition 57

The Indonesian Bazaar 59

Losing Face (Malu) with an 'Amateur' Performance 62

The State as Status 68

Markers of Status through Valued Criteria of Performance 70

3 Ageing Dancers, Diminished Sexuality and Masculine Performance 78

Exploring Transnational Sexualities 79

Devaluing Feminine Performances as Transnational Politics of Culture 81

Masculine Roles: Shaking Up Transnational Gender and Sexuality Ideals 84

Negotiating Transnational Sexuality and Rejecting the Negative Bar Girl Image 89

4 Performing Chinese-Indonesian Belonging in the Diaspora, Transnationally and Translocally 94

Performing Belonging as a Chinese-Indonesian 96

Diasporic Belonging 99

Transnational Belonging 101

Translocal Belonging 102

Gendered Forms of Belonging 104

Why Belong to a Nation as a Persecuted Minority? 107

5 Ritual or Modern Spectacle? How to Represent Exotic Bali to Potential Tourists 110

Ramayana as National Ritual Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day 112

Ramayana as Ritual Out of Place in Australian Multicultural Festival 117

The Three Dancers' Individual Narratives in Creating the Modem Ramayana 120

Conclusion: Moving Together, Audience Participation and Reception at the End of the Show 130

Revelations in the Disjunctives as told through Ethnographic Stories 131

Discourses of femininity, Relation to 'Authenticity' and Audience Expectations 136

Locating the Findings in the Broader Literature 139

Background of Featured Dancers 143

Performance Dates and Venues 149

Glossary 152

Styles 156

Notes 157

Bibliography 164

Index 181

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