A Dangerous Return: A Novel

A Dangerous Return: A Novel

by Rique Johnson

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ISBN-13: 9781439122594
Publisher: Strebor Books
Publication date: 10/19/2010
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 541,504
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Rique Johnson is the author of Love&Justice, Whispers from a Troubled Heart, Every Woman's Man and A Dangerous Return.

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Chapter One

Monique bathed in the hot sun topless. This piece of paradise was the last stop on their vacationing tour before returning to Virginia City. They had spent two weeks respectively in Aruba, Barbados, Saint Thomas, Bermuda and concluded their extended vacation in Puerto Rico. She and Jason lay on beach towels tanning their bodies that had beads of sweat rolling down their oiled skin. They in-dulged themselves on the bow of a rented yacht that ironically was named "Monique's Pleasure," anchored in the Caribbean Sea. It was a one hundred- ten-foot yacht that had every amenity imaginable. They had sailed to a secluded cove off the main Puerto Rican island for their own private sanctuary on the water.

"Honey, does it get any better than this?" Monique asked with her eyes closed.

"Nothing can be better than quality time with the one you love," Jason responded.

Monique turned her eyes away from the sun, toward Jason and opened them slowly as if he were a Christmas present that she hardly believed she had received.

"I love you too...even before the riches, but I can't complain about being spoiled beyond my wildest dreams."

"Yes, early retirement never felt so good. Are you ready to get back to the real world?"


"Yes, life as we knew it will be different when we get back."

"Waking at home at our leisure will be a wonderful thing."

Jason opened his eyes, turned his head toward her and discovered Monique in a heavenly gaze.

"Why such a passionate look?" Jason asked.

"I don't know. I think it's the magic of the moment combined with how the sun's rays are tantalizing my nipples," Monique confessed.


"It's like my body's warmth is being charged from the heat coming through my nipples."

"Do you want to take another dip in the water to cool off?"

"No, I'm okay. The heat makes me feel rather nasty."

"Nasty good or nasty bad?"

Monique smiled. Jason sat up, reached to his left and filled his glass with more Mimosa. He took two decent-sized swallows, followed by a huge one, then fell to his knees and lowered his lips onto one of her nipples. They are hot, Jason thought.

"That's refreshing," Monique responded.

"Think it will help you cool off?" Jason asked.

Before Monique could respond, Jason used his tongue to swirl a piece of ice around her hardened nipple.

"Yes, but your method warms me in delightful ways," Monique panted.

Jason switched to the other nipple and probed it until the remaining ice dissolved.

"What do you think you're doing, Mister?" Monique asked excited by Jason's actions.

"I'm cooling you off," Jason teased.

"Not like that you aren't."

"Okay, okay. Have more Mimosa."

"Thank you...nasty person."

Monique picked up her empty glass, leaned back on the towel and rested on one elbow as she extended the glass for a refill of the satisfying beverage. The cold drink that met her flesh felt even colder because the raging sun baked her skin oven-hot. Monique screamed. She believed that her man had lost his ever-loving mind. She sat up quickly, momentarily overtaken by the sudden chill that invaded her skin. Jason moved the cold liquid stream from her stomach and poured onto her hidden desire, where Monique now experienced two uniquely different forms of wetness.

He tilted the pitcher upside-down; the ice cubes tumbled down like tiny glaciers crashing onto her tightened stomach muscles. Jason lifted her bikini bottom fabric and placed two rectangular ice cubes under the garment. He strategically placed one cube against her lower lips and made sure that the bikini bottom held it in place. Monique screamed from the excitement and pleasure of Jason's playfulness.

"I don't believe you," Monique announced. "What if I did you like this someday?"

"That would be fun, but not today. Today my only mission is to serve you."

"Jason," Monique moaned as his lips closed over the ice cube through the garment.

The ice was like liquid hydrogen on her as it would be on a man, thus a means to prolong her orgasm. Monique's clitoris popped up as if the tune for the Jack-in-the-Box had just ended. Jason sucked on the ice cube for a long while as he alternated the pinching of Monique's nipples. This prompted the cube to move to Monique's toy surprise.

"I feel like it's going to pop off," Monique moaned in deep passion.

"What does?" Jason asked as he paused to nibble on her inner thigh.

Monique refused to solidify Jason's rhetorical question. She couldn't answer if she wanted to; she was too far gone to formulate a reasonable answer. Jason's mouth was heaven to Monique's passion and the pleasure pain received from the alternating nipple pinches, all but helped Monique lose her mind. The ice yielded to the constant warmth of Jason's mouth and Monique's increased body temperature. Jason sensed by the feel of it on his tongue that her clitoris had softened and his soft warm tongue had produced greater, sultrier battle cries from Monique.

Jason didn't know if it was the gentle rocking of the yacht, the ultraviolet rays that constantly bathed her skin, or his wondrous instrument, but he couldn't remember a time when Monique's hips had bucked so wildly. He slid a finger between her pleasure haven and the garment, curled his finger and pulled it to the side, then dove back into her flesh with his hungry mouth. Oddly, the strangest thought materialized in his mind, Now that's old school.

Monique's passionate moans were more sensual and erotic than he had ever known. Like a computer building a microchip, Jason danced his tongue around, in and out of her womanhood in a poetic fashion. It was lyrical. These lyrics performed as a current and ignited the electrical circuitry that took information back to her orgasmic processor. Monique suddenly slapped both hands on the bow, rose to a sitting position and watched Jason perform his magic. The visual of her being pleased provided the last piece of information Monique's processor needed. Monique bellowed in a gigantic climax that started with the words, "Damn you, Jason" and ended with a descent in volume series of "Oh, oh, oh's."

Monique pushed away from him at the shoulders to escape Jason's overbearing mouth. Jason wiped most of the natural juices from his face on Monique's inner thigh, and then finished the rest with a portion of the beach towel.

"Had enough?" Jason joked.

"Man, if you don't get that weapon from me, I'll scream."

"My weapon as inŠ?"

"Dangerous," Monique interrupted. "That tongue of yours. Honey, I'm too sensitive, you need to allow a girl time to regain composure?" Monique asked with a demand disguised as a question.

"Not a problem."

Jason excused himself, returned with two more dry oversized towels and placed them in an area near Monique.

"So what are you going to do with those?" Monique asked after noticing that Jason was still aroused.

"Well," Jason replied. "This particular weapon will disengage once I lie back down and relax."

"I see," Monique commented playfully. "One of us once stated that a hard-on was a terrible thing to waste."

"Would that one of us happen to be you?"

"I don't remember," she lied.

Monique kneeled next to Jason, placed both hands at his waist and pulled at his swim trunks.

"What are you doing, Ms. Sensitive?"

"Trying not to be wasteful."

"You're so bad."

"Actually my love, this is going to be good...now raise your damn hips," Monique stated forcefully.

"Yes Ma'am," Jason stated.

After the garment was removed, Monique took a note from Jason.

"We're going to tan him for a moment," Monique stated before she dashed away with the empty pitcher.

In the short time that Monique was gone, Jason found himself enjoying the sunrays on his manhood. He touched it as if he was checking to see if it had cooked sufficiently. Interesting, he thought.

No sooner than the thought faded from his memory, Monique's hand squeezed his tool as if she was extracting gel from a tube. The move startled him partly because his eyes were closed while he listened to the waves splashing against the yacht, but mostly because Monique's hand was cold. Prior to her seizing Jason's tool, her hand was submerged in the pitcher with water and ice.

Monique placed her other hand in the cold water and simultaneously lowered her mouth onto him. She did this before her previously chilled hand had time to warm completely. Her hot sensual mouth elevated Jason's erotic state. He closed his eyes and felt the sun's rays try to penetrate through his eyelids. Monique had been in her position far too many times for Jason to remember, but this time, her mouth felt as soothing as the first taste of warm apple pie.

She gauged Jason's mounting excitement by the slow movement of his hips. Suddenly Monique stopped and gave him a taste of the first sensation by stroking him with the cold hand from the bucket. Another adrenaline rush consumed Jason, but when she placed a couple of ice cubes against his genitals, Jason would swear that his blood had frozen. The warmth of her mouth teased him again. Jason bathed in the sensation that was almost heavenly. He was speechless and completely inundated by her spell. The movement of a soft pleasing tongue coupled with chilled genitals couldn't be put into words. Monique continued the hot-cold treatment until her hands couldn't withstand another dunk into the freezing water. Then, she spent a long time showing great patience enjoying her throbbing tool. Jason, on the other hand, had subdued his release for the past few minutes. If he relaxed, an explosion grander than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima would occur.

"What do you want?" Monique asked in a sultry voice.

Jason didn't respond to her inquiry. She asked the question again, immediately after her mouth left his hardness.

"I want..." Jason panted, but continued to hold his orgasm.

Monique stood tall above him, removed the hindering clothing and straddled her joy backward in the reverse cowboy maneuver. Her cushiony haven accepted Jason slowly, willingly and uninhibited. Her hands were at the side for support as if Jason's manliness had penetrated too deeply for that position.

Jason pulled one of her arms behind her back, then the other. Monique gasped as her body fully accepted him. She wanted to scream, but she remained motionless in order to adjust to the pleasure pressure that filled her. Jason used his pinky fingernail to trace an imaginary line from between her shoulder blades, down to the center of the small of Monique's back. Monique responded with a small hip movement. Jason retraced the line once more and a similar response came from Monique. Jason traced the same line so many times that a red trail became visible on her sun-baked skin. It burned to touch, yet it aided in the sensation that Jason's manhood was giving her. However, during the process, Monique's hip movements had quickened and become a rhythmic motion that she wasn't aware of.

She wanted to buck wildly through the orgasm that swept her. Instead she oddly leaned forward and was awed that Jason's manliness extended deeper into her. She squeezed her internal muscles hard for a count of three before releasing and executing the move again. Her reward was a series of "mini-gasms," her word for the quick ending yet pleasing orgasms. Monique noted that with each squeeze of her muscles, Jason's tool throbbed uncontrollably. Moments after she held and released the last of her mini-ones, Jason's juices filled her, perfectly timed as though their act had been rehearsed one thousand times. Jason moaned pleasurably. His passion cry was different than most. It was filled with more exuberance and delight. Jason's wondrous sounds thrilled Monique's ears.

Monique wasn't finished. She squeezed, held it tight and slowly lifted as if she was removing him from within her. She released the muscle control just as Jason was exiting her, and then slammed herself back down deeply onto his tool. She squeezed, held the muscle control tight and began to lift her body from him.

"Uncle," Jason announced as he slapped her butt with one of his hands.

"What was that?" Monique chuckled. "You're quitting?" she asked almost in laughter.

"Just for the moment," Jason panted.

Their bodies were sweaty, aided by the sun that seemed all their own, but primarily from the secretions of the act itself. She was pleased; her man was pleased. All was good. She lay backward, her back against his hairy chest and felt a sting from the trail that Jason made on her back. Yet, she marveled in the sensation of their union as Jason's arms draped around her in a soothing embrace.

"Could it be that the Jason Jerrard was vocal when he came?" Monique joked.

Jason smiled before replying, "Not me, never."

"Today, my Dear, you were loud. I loved it."

The rebuttal concerning the amount of noise Jason had made continued for a small moment and concluded with Monique stating to Jason that she and the fish knew the real truth. They lay connected in the embrace for what seemed like hours, each being satisfied with the solitude.

Copyright © 2007 by Rique Johnson

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