Dangerous Tidings

Dangerous Tidings

by Dana Mentink

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Coast Guard rescue swimmer Brent Mitchell wants only one gift for Christmas: to find his sister. When he discovers that her disappearance is tangled with the death of private eye Bruce Gallagher, he joins forces with Bruce's daughter Donna to investigate. Grieving Donna is as tough as the determined military man…and both will stop at nothing to find the truth. But the duo soon discovers that a murdered father and a missing sister merely top a looming pyramid of secrets on Coronado Island. Deadly secrets. These unlikely partners have vowed to stick together until their most important case is closed—but they may pay with their lives.

Pacific Coast Private Eyes: Sisters Fighting Crime

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ISBN-13: 9780373447053
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/03/2015
Series: Pacific Coast Private Eyes
Edition description: Original
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Dana Mentink is a national bestselling author. She has been honored to win two Carol Awards, a Holt Medallion, and a Reviewer's Choice award. She's authored more than thirty novels to date for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense and Harlequin Heartwarming. Dana loves feedback from her readers. Contact her at www.danamentink.com

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Dark shadows drifted across the tiny office window. Even the lights strung along the ferryboat across the way could not chase away Donna Gallagher's tickle of unease as she gazed out at San Diego Bay. Rain beaded on the glass, a winter storm. The vessel was already crowded in spite of the weather. In the upcoming three weeks, the number of visitors would swell as eager Christmas shoppers came over from the mainland and overnight guests arrived for the Hotel del Coronado's holiday festival. Twinkling white lights, ice-skating, fireworks and hot cocoa. The perfect Christmas in the beautiful island town of Coronado.

Every year since she could remember, her father, Bruce, had accompanied Donna, her three sisters and their mother to the festival. Every year, until now.

The pain in her chest started up again and tears pricked her eyelids. In the corner of the office stood a small pine tree, decorated with handmade ornaments. Each daughter had taken great pains to craft the perfect ornament for their father's office tree, except two years ago when Donna hadn't made one. The unfairness of it burned in her. This year, she was fully recovered and ready to make up for lost time. It was the holiday that would finally erase her disastrous rebellion, bury it firmly under a pile of happy memories.

The Gallaghers were all healthy, Candace finally on her feet after her husband's death in Afghanistan five years prior and Donna recovered from the crash, physically, anyway.

She had not yet put the finishing touches on her wooden cable car, a remembrance of their trip to San Francisco, where she'd turned back to God and decided to start living again, thanks to her father. But now it was too late. Christmas held no joy for Donna this year, and she wondered if it ever would again.

Besides the grief, something dark and frightening poked at her instincts. Bruce, her father, her hero, had been murdered, she was certain of it. All around her, on every inch of floor and the sleek wooden tabletop, lay stacks of files that she'd extracted from the cabinet. The answer to his death lay inside, she was positive. Wind rattled the office windows. She jumped.

She could not shake the sensation that someone was watching her, waiting to make sure she didn't find her answers. Paranoia? Exhaustion? Her sisters would probably say both. They thought she was in denial, her imagination exacerbated by grief and stress. And guilt, her heart added. There was no murder, they insisted, just an accident.

And her impulse to sift through her father's cases and play the part of a private investigator, as he had been?

A ludicrous attempt to take control of her grief. She was a veterinarian, after all, not a detective. But ever since she'd started looking through Bruce Gallagher's paperwork, there had been hints of danger.

Nerves, she told herself. The vehicle that appeared in her rearview mirror too often, the repeated hang-up phone calls on the office line. She looked out onto the darkened street. A truck drove slowly along, pulling to the curb outside. Was it the same truck she'd imagined was following her? Heart thudding, she stood behind the screen of the curtain, watching. A soft glow from inside, the flicker from a cigarette. Who would stop for a smoke here? Stomach tight, she watched.

One long minute and the vehicle drove away. The breath whooshed out of her. Paranoid, Donna.

She picked up her father's most recent file from the "active" tray on his desk. The neat label, Mitchell, P., rang a bell deep down in her memory. Mitchell, P. Her memory supplied the full name. Pauline Mitchell.

It was not Pauline's face that sprang into her mind but the face of Radar, her German shepherd. Something ticked up deep in Donna's stomach. She'd treated Radar a month earlier, and when she'd called to check on the dog's improvement a few days later, there had been no answer and no return of her messages.

Inside the file there was only one sheet of paper, adorned with her father's nearly microscopic handwriting.

Her eyes wandered to the small picture on the desk— Bruce, in his marine dress uniform, arm slung rakishly around his wife, JeanBeth. What had her father's interest been in Pauline Mitchell? She must have been a client, but as far as Donna had known, they'd never met.

The office phone rang, shattering the silence and jolting her nerves. Too late for a business call. She blinked hard and went to switch off the ringer.

But what if it was the hospital calling about Sarah? Her youngest sister was stable now, the doctors assured her. Safe after being pried from behind the wheel in the crash that had killed their father.

She reached to pick it up, stopping in uncertainty until the message kicked in. "Pacific Coast Investigations. Please leave a number and I'll return your call." Her father's voice on the recording nearly took the knees from under her. There was the obligatory beep and then a long pause. Could she hear breathing on the other end of the line? She was not certain. The caller ID was unfamiliar. Wrong number?

She picked it up. "Hello? Who is this?"

Silence. There was someone on the line, she was sure. The same person who'd called and hung up a dozen times. "I said, who is this?"


A creak from the hallway brought her to her feet.

"Calm down, already," she chided herself.

It was Marco, no doubt, her father's business partner and a longtime family friend. He had a key and came and went as he pleased. She heaved out a sigh. Now nearly forty, Marco was a former Navy boxing world champion, and she did not have to worry about her safety while he was around. Marco loved her and her three sisters as if they were his own kin, even if her relationship with Marco had been downright prickly at times. He was grieving the loss of Bruce Gallagher, too.

She picked up the file again and the paper slipped out and fell to the floor. She bent over to retrieve it. A shadow flitted through her peripheral vision.

She froze.

Her paranoia again?

Or was someone else there in the empty office? It was her imagination, she decided, until she heard the creak of a floorboard.

Brent Mitchell finally felt his muscles loosen. The run had eased the nervous energy that cascaded through him. Even though the coast guard doctor had firmly cautioned him to take things slow during his recovery, Brent figured the four-mile jog fit the bill, since he'd normally run six. The rain didn't slow him down. Instead, it washed the Southern California air so clean it almost hurt to breathe it.

Another ten to twelve days of leave from his job to rest from a concussion might as well have been an eternity, and a short run seemed like a better option than going slowly insane. Besides, he could not lose a twist in his gut, that same sensation that he'd gotten just before the last time he'd dropped from a helicopter into a heaving ocean. Something wasn't quite right. He checked his phone again. No messages.

There were plenty of reasons why his sister, Pauline, might have split town for a while, leaving calls unanswered. She could be mad at him, which he richly deserved. He was probably in the running for the "worst brother of the year" award. Still, he felt a niggle in his gut. Pauline had a temper, but she was also quick to forgive and this period of radio silence had lasted longer than usual. He'd even gone so far as to let himself into her house, but found nothing out of place. Still, the uneasiness continued, so he'd snatched up an address tacked to her bulletin board and followed it to the front walkway of a neatly tended little building on Coronado Island at eleven thirty on a crisp December night.

His cell phone vibrated. "Brent Mitchell."

No answer at first. "Where…where is she?"

He stiffened. "Who are you looking for?"

The breath on the other end was short, panicky. Click. Disconnect.

Brent stared at the phone. Wrong number? Or someone who was also looking for his sister? He pushed Redial and waited. Endless ringing. No answer.

Focus on the now, he told himself, though his nerves were firing like a rifle volley. Follow up on that call later.

Of course the business he'd sought out was closed, dark, except for dim light that shone through the shutters upstairs. Nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe for the beat-up truck parked in front. Not a neighborhood for trashy vehicles.

He headed up the walkway to read the lettering on the front window just as a big man with a crew cut stepped out from the shadows.

"Help you?"

His arms were muscled, damp with sweat, as if he, too, had been out for a run. He kept his hands loose, slightly away from his body, alert. Coronado Island was home to North Island Naval Air Station and across the water from Brent's own coast guard base. The area was thick with military types. This guy could be anyone from a navy SEAL to a petty officer. Brent figured the guy was too old to be petty officer, and, since it was just plain stupid to antagonize a navy SEAL, he tried for a friendly tone. Brent could be a smart-mouth, but he didn't have a death wish. "Just out for a run."

"In the rain?"

"That's the best time to run. The tourists are all inside." He shot a look at the darkened building. "What kind of business is this?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Brent raised an eyebrow. "Why shouldn't I?"

"You're trespassing." The man eased forward a little.

Brent tensed but did not back down. If it was going to come down to something physical, he wouldn't run from it. "Public place."

"Private property."

The obstinate mule inside him kicked to life. "You don't own this sidewalk and it's an innocent enough question. Don't see why you've got your back up about it."

The guy looked him up and down. "You're persistent.


"Coast guard."

A slight derogatory smile. "Puddle jumper, huh?" Brent answered through gritted teeth. "Rescue swimmer."

He humphed, but there was a slight relaxing in the posture. "Knew a coastie swimmer."


"Got my buddy out of a jam after Katrina hit. You work that mess?"

"Fifteen saves in one night." Including a three-day-old infant whose panicked father had shoved the baby into Brent's arms while they were in a rescue basket at 150 feet in the air and Brent was struggling to operate the hoist. His fingers tensed automatically with the memory. That fragile life in his hands. All on him whether the child lived or died.

They stayed silent a moment.

Brent jutted his chin. "You military?"


"Swabbie, huh?"

No smile this time.

"I worked Katrina, too. Helped out building Camp Lucky. Know it?"

Brent nodded. It was the makeshift facility built by the military to collect the animals rescued from the hurricane. "We pulled out a golden retriever who ended up there. There were plenty we couldn't get." Plenty of helpless lives all around him then. They'd lost people and animals alike. It stuck in his craw.

The big man shook his head and Brent saw that he, too, understood about rescues gone bad. Losses that neither one of them would admit to.

"Wanted to take all those animals home with me."

Something squeezed tight inside Brent. Pauline had said the same thing after the Loma Prieta quake when she'd helped with rescue efforts and come home with Radar. He straightened. "Brent Mitchell."


"You always this hostile to passersby?"

"We've had some trouble."

"Do tell."

Marco remained silent, no doubt weighing how much to confide. The sensation in Brent's gut kicked up a notch. Trouble seemed to be going around.

Where is she? The desperate voice stuck in his mind. "That your ride there?" Marco gestured to the truck parked at the curb.

"Nope. Came on foot."

"Got to go check something out." Marco turned, stopping to throw a comment over his shoulder. "We're a private investigation business. Now get lost, Coastie." He took off at a brisk walk toward the building.

Private investigation? Why had Pauline been interested in such a service?

Where is she?

He mulled it over for a minute. Good sense would dictate that a guy with a concussion, confronted by a burly navy type, should turn around and go home. Then again, normal men with common sense would not dive into the heart of a raging ocean in high winds to snatch up a victim moments away from death. Pauline always said he had a decided lack of good sense.

Semper Paratus was the coast guard motto.

Always Ready.

"Ready or not," he said under his breath as he followed.

Donna whirled around so fast she upset the empty water pitcher she'd left on the table. It clattered to the floor but did not break. She ignored it, still tingling with fear over what she'd thought she'd seen out of the corner of her eye behind the bank of file cabinets. The creak of the floor had not repeated itself. Her eyes were playing tricks. Must be.

The cell phone shook in her hands as her finger hovered on the buttons to call 911. Breath in her throat, she tiptoed toward the cabinets. She crept slowly until she got within a step of the cabinet's edge, then quickly poked her head around, ready to summon help.

No one. She heaved out a breath. There was no one there in the office, save one silly, frightened, grief-stricken twenty-seven-year-old woman.

Her sisters were right. Her mountain of sorrow and regret was causing her to imagine things. She retrieved the pitcher and walked it back to the conference room, the file folder tucked under her arm. She settled into a chair at the side. The head of the table would always be her father's spot. Her throat thickened. Had it really been only two weeks since he was sitting there, strong and solid, thumbing through files and drinking the ultra-strong coffee he enjoyed? Only two weeks of anguish and grief so strong she'd had to take a leave from her veterinary practice? The Gallagher family had spent endless hours listening to the detailed police findings. It was an accident that took their father's Lexus over the guardrail and down a rocky slope along Highway 1. Days had been spent wondering whether Sarah would recover and watching their mother remain at Sarah's bedside, deep in prayer.

Suppose they were right and it had been an accident. Sarah, the driver, had been rear ended, causing the Gallagher's car to plunge over the side. The other driver had not stopped. Maybe Sarah would regain her memory of the accident and confirm that it had been nothing more than a horrible, tragic mistake.

But something did not feel right—she had the feeling she got sometimes when a dog's symptoms told one story but her gut supplied another. Odd that the driver had not stopped to call for help.

Before his death, her normally cheerful father had been preoccupied, working late hours, investigating some case that he had not wanted to discuss.

Or, she thought with a pang of guilt, had they all been too busy to listen? She had her own career, her sister Sarah had a busy life as a surgical nurse, and Candace was grieving over the loss of her marine husband with a child to raise. Most worrying of all was Navy Chaplain Angela, struggling to recover from a devastating tour in Afghanistan.

They'd all been happy that Bruce Gallagher had started up his private investigation service. It gave him purpose, and he'd enjoyed solving cases only for people with military connections. It filled that part of his soul that had never stopped being a marine. Semper Fidelis was not just a motto to her father. He had been faithful to his family and the corps until the last moment of his life. He'd always done the right thing, the difficult thing, even when she'd openly despised him for it.

She opened the file again. She'd removed the folders from the cabinet methodically and this was the only one from the drawer labeled Current that she had not gone through thoroughly. Pauline Mitchell's file. Inside, there was only a list of names.


The others were crammed full of statements, detailed bank information and even photographs, but this one had nothing except a list of names.

3. Darius Fields 2. Jeff Kinsey 1. Brent Mitchell The shadow caught her eye. Her head jerked toward the door. Again, nothing. Only the pounding of her heart, the rasping of her own breath. Then she thought she caught the sound of someone moving along the front walkway. Clutching the file in her hand, she shot to her feet. She'd lock the door to put her mind at ease.

As she pushed the chair out, a man's hand reached from under the table and wrapped around her ankle, the fingers slick with sweat.

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Dangerous Tidings 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
train_lady More than 1 year ago
This is a great book. I'd read two books by Dana Mentink from two multiauthor series, liked her style, and thought I'd try one in a series just by her. Kent is a Coast Guard search and rescue guy whose sister has gone missing. Donna Gallagher is one of four daughters of a PI who was killed in a suspicious car accident. The two discover their "cases" are somehow tied together, and set about to help each other. Of course they soon discover they are attracted to each other, though neither was looking for romance. I loved the characters in this book, and enjoyed the playful banter between them all. The intertwined plots were good, and I didn't figure out the solution until the end. I'm now looking forward to the second book in this series of Pacific Coast Private Eyes.
janesquires More than 1 year ago
Searching for truth as Brent searches for his sister. Donna searches for truth about her father's death. They join together. When you get half way through book have a box of Kleenxs handy. Brent hope to find his sister alive but seems the wind gets knocked out from under him a lot. But at least he has a happy ending. Donna's Dad is murdered and no one believes it but Donna. Then her sisters and Mom join Donna and Brent to get answers. Danger abounds. Lives in danger. A very good story.
J_Augustine More than 1 year ago
Will the past stop a future together? As usual Dana Mentink delivers a tale of heart-stopping danger and romance. I got hooked on her exciting stories awhile back and Dangerous Tidings was the best yet. I quickly came to care about the characters. The hero and heroine are both suffering from guilt over the past, both decisions made and things beyond their control, and both long for the forgiveness they believe they don't deserve. Throw in a mysterious young man, a Christmas gingerbread house making party, a grieving family, an adorable dog with a funny ailment, a cold swim, a killer, and you have the recipe for a perfect afternoon read. Dangerous Tidings is another winner from Dana Mentink, whether you like holiday stories or romantic suspense. ( I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review. All opinions are entirely my own.)
Christa4 More than 1 year ago
Thrilling! “Dangerous Tidings,” by Dana Mentink has suspense around every corner! Donna Gallagher knows that her father’s death was not a mere accident. Someone had intentions of harming private eye, Bruce Gallagher. Brent Mitchell’s sister, Pauline, goes missing. Brent and Donna realize their cases are intertwined and vow to work together to solve this case before it’s too late! Is their faith strong enough to get them through a disastrous time like this? This is definitely a great read and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series!
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
I must say that I haven't read a book authored by Dana Mentink that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed! I'm a slow reader, but once I start one of Dana's suspense novels I'm hooked and can't seem to read fast enough! Dangerous Tidings is another big hit in my estimation. Even with a fairly large cast of characters I didn't miss a thing. Each character is so clearly defined that I was able to relate to each one, feeling that I knew some of them personally. Dangerous Tidings is not only about suspense. Heartbreak, loss, family relationships as well as discord result, but family is the key word. The importance of family is paramount, and relationships throughout this mystery are strong. If you enjoy a suspense story with a great deal of action, chills, thrills and interesting relationships, don't miss this most recent Love Inspired Suspense novel by Dana Mentink. Christmas takes on a whole new realm through this spirited adventure, and faith is ever present! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. All expressed opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Dana Mentink's Dangerous Tidings Better breathe deep and fill your lungs now because you won't be able to catch your breath once you start reading. The author creates a completely riveting storyline which grips the reader holding them mesmerized until the final word. Captivating writing, vivid characters, drama, suspense, danger, intrigue, unpredictable plots, mystery, humor and romance make the story a real page turner. The tension was thick and well-sustained throughout the story. There was an undeniable chemistry between the main characters This is the first book in the new series Pacific Coast Private Eyes. Bruce Gallagher was a private eye until his untimely death. His one daughter, Donna feels that it was more than a random accident. She takes a leave of absence from her veterinarian practice to investigate. Her sisters think it is was an accident. Brent Mitchell is a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. He is looking for his sister, Pauline, who has gone missing. After a rocky start, Donna and Brent find it necessary to work together to discover the truth of these related problems. The story is set on the beautiful Coronado Island, Ca. A small town with many cultural and historic roots. A great intriguing story!!! Thank you to the author for the book. My opinion is my own.
mom2jandz More than 1 year ago
This was the first book I have read by Dana Mentink. I was very pleased with the writing and it really kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Loved the book!! I was given a copy of this book for my honest review of the book.
AnnE42 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. This is one of those stories that pulled me in from the first pages and kept me reading to see what was going to happen next. Donna Gallagher is trying to prove that her father's death wasn't an accident and Brent Mitchell is searching for his missing sister. When they realize the cases are related and begin to work together things begin to happen that result in a page turner that wouldn't let me put it down. This is wonderful combination of faith, romance and suspense that I definitely recommend. I certainly will be looking for the next book in the series.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Dana Mentink, but it won't be my last. She writes a very tight mystery with good characters and a great plot. The spiritual theme was very good as well. I was quite impressed and look forward to reading more by this author. *I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are true and my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dangerous Tidings is the first book in the new Pacific Coast Private Eyes series by Dana Mentink. As I can say about all her other books as well, you will not be disappointed! I was hooked from chapter one! Brent and Donna are brought together in a search for Brent's missing sister and Donna's investigation of her father's death. They grow closer as they search for answers and are thrown into dangerous situations that will keep the reader on the edge of her seat. As I have come to expect from Dana's books, readers always get thrilling suspenseful stories with just the right amount of romance. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*
susanmsj More than 1 year ago
This book had danger, excitement, and a lot of emotion. The mystery was wonderful and I kept changing my mind about what happened until the end. I loved the interaction between the characters and had to read around my tears at the end. I would definitely recommend this book. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
This is such a great book! I had a hard time putting it down! The suspense kept me turning the pages faster and faster. I loved the characters and the storyline. Brent, who is a Coast Guard rescue swimmer is desperate to find his missing sister. Donna just discovered her private eye father was murdered! Brent and Donna find out that the two "cases" are related and join forces to solve them. That doesn't mean that things go well! Right from the get-go, they are in danger and continue until the end of the book! It's that danger and suspense that will keep you turning those pages as I did! Donna's family is not happy that she is investigating....Donna is a veterinarian, for heaven's sake! One of her sisters is still in the hospital from the car crash that killed their father! Eventually, Donna's family rally around her and help out with the investigation. I enjoyed Donna's sisters but I really loved Brent's sister, Pauline's friend, Harvey! He was great. Pauline's dog, Radar, added a fun element too! This was a very engaging story and I recommend it.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Dangerous Tidings looks to be the beginning of a new series titled Pacific Coast Private Eyes. I am definitely excited at this possibility, because the author has set up a great cast of characters in this first book to build on. These sisters have so much going on in their lives and lots of baggage that will need dealing with…perfect material for future stories! Donna and Brent are the main characters in this book. Although they both pull back from the possibility of a relationship at times during the story, the pull to become involved does still move in a pretty swift path. These are characters that I connected with immediately. I especially felt for Brent in this book with the guilt he has carried for years about the death of someone close to him. This story was fast-paced and action-packed, with lots of romantic tension. The mystery of who was behind all that had happened to Donna’s father and Brent’s sister kept me guessing right to the very end. The author had quite a few twists and turns and plenty of shady characters to wonder about. Dangerous Tidings was a fast and exciting suspense. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
Dangerous Tidings By: Dana Mentink Dangerous Tidings is a Pacific Private Eyes book. I really loved Dangerous Tidings , it is a Love Inspired Suspense and action filled which will keep you on the edge of you seat and keep you turning those pages to see what is going to happen next. Dana Mentink starts off with action and has you hooked right from the start . When you start reading you do not want to put it down till the end. Donna wants to find out who killed her father, Bruce Gallagher, a private eye. She will do what she has to , even if it means putting her life on the line. Brent Mitchell wants to find his sister who is missing. Brent is a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer and a very good one. These two vow to stick together and find some answers, which could very well put their lives on the line. Will they find their answers? I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review, which I have given.
MntwinsSP More than 1 year ago
This book had my attention right from the beginning. Dana Mentink did a great job with keeping the story moving and had a great amount of suspense. It was really hard to put this book down. I highly recommend this book, especially for mystery/suspense book lovers out there. You won't regret buying this book. I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Sue1 More than 1 year ago
What really happened to Coast Guard rescue swimmer Brent Mitchell's sister and veterinarian Donna Gallagher's father? Private Eye, Bruce Gallagher died in a car accident. But was it an accident? Is Pauline Mitchell's disappearance related? Two families grieve at Christmas time, but Donna and Brent are determined to unravel the secrets that will reveal the truth. They vow to work together as co-investigators until the mysteries are solved. They don't count on the deep feelings developing between them or the threats to their own lives. As usual, Dana Mentink has crafted a fast-paced novel of romance and suspense. As you read Dangerous Tidings, you will find yourself attempting to fit the puzzle pieces together along with Donna and Brent. You will find yourself breathless with your heart pounding as you turn just one more page and then just one more page... Dana's books are always well-written and descriptive. Characters are well developed and totally believable. Underlying currents of romance and faith will touch your heart and soul. What better time than the holidays to get lost in a book? So sit back, forget the hustle and bustle of the season and enjoy! You won't be disappointed. Thanks, Dana. You've done it again--another five-star novel!! Susan Simpson, Author
diannashuford More than 1 year ago
How can her father’s death be linked to his sister’s murder? Donna, who still grieves for her father, and Brent, determined to find his sister, finally team up to solve the murder/disappearance in which they find themselves embroiled. Drawn to each other as they face off against an unknown enemy, Donna and Brent make the perfect team you’ll be rooting for till the end as they are confronted by deadly odds. This is a page turner that captured me until I reached the last page. I don’t want to give too many details and spoil the ending, but you definitely don’t want to miss this story. This is my new favorite Dana Mentik novel!
TrixiO More than 1 year ago
Dana plunks us right into the middle of the action from the opening scene where Donna begins to investigate her dad’s death! Imagine middle of the night, going through paperwork in Bruce’s dimly lit office, and Donna imagining shadows & noises. That’s enough to get your heart racing, as it sure did mine! Enter Brent, who visits the last known address of a business where his sister Pauline was at, when he notices something’s amiss. Marco, the security guard & ex-military man, won’t let Brent enter the building. When he goes to investigate a suspicious truck parked, Brent follows only to discover a struggle inside the building. Between him & Marco they rescue Donna from what could have been a more fatal outcome. Thus begins their investigation together of her dad and his sister. What’s the connection & how did they know each other? There are many twists and turns here and I never did fully figure out who did it until the end! The suspense kept me awake late into the night, wanting to race through the pages to find out what happened next! And in the midst of it all, you can see a budding romance develop! Donna vows to stay with Brent until the case is closed, no matter what the outcome may be. Add to it, her three sisters also trying to come to grips with their dad’s death. For the sake of Tracy, the daughter of one of the sisters, they try to keep the festivities of Christmas as normal as possible. It was heart-wrenching watching this family go through the first holiday without a loved one. I found more than once my heart ached for them and had tears shimmering in my eyes! It’s truly hard to write a short review on this book when there are so many more elements to the story! Great character development, gripping emotions, edge of your seat suspense, and layered somewhere in-between a sweet romance! You don’t want to miss this one! I’m looking forward to her next Pacific Coast Private Eye book and learning about the other sisters and maybe revisiting the ones I met in “Dangerous Tidings”. What a thrill ride! **I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review, which I have given here. Thank you Dana for a most riveting ride & a story soon not forgotten. Well done!**