Dangerously Inked

Dangerously Inked

by Eden Bradley
4.3 3

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Dangerously Inked 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Pam519 More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Finn, a Dominant and BDSM club owner from Atlanta by way of Australia, and Roisin (Rosie) Gallagher, a submissive and tattoo artist from New Orleans. They meet at The Bastille, New Orleans' famous BDSM club, when Finn's friend, Mick, introduces them on New Year's Eve. While there is immediate chemistry between the two, Rosie is no pushover. She's independent, fiery, feisty, and more than a little defiant. She has a history, and it's not easy for her to give in to her submissive side. Yet it's what she craves, needs, desires and she can't live without it. She's captivated by Finn. Even as they meet and she feels a strong attraction to him, she resists. It's just her nature. But New Year's Eve with Finn may just be the hottest, sexiest, most intense night of BDSM play she's ever experienced! Finn, too, has a history. And he doesn't do relationships. He's in New Orleans because his life's boring. Even his internet security business and club in Georgia no longer hold his interest. Mick has offered him a job, and he's seriously considering it. It would give him a new start, a fresh focus. What he never counted on was Rosie, and the effect she has on him. One night...they shared one night. Sure, it was a night of the most intensely pleasurable and memorable BDSM play either ever experienced. But that's ALL it was. Rosie's a true artist. Her work is brilliant. The first morning at work after New Year's Eve at the club, as Rosie's getting ready for her day, she turns to find her first customer is none other than Finn. Shocked, and more than a little dismayed, Rosie puts on her best game face. Finn had no idea that Rosie Gallagher, the famous New Orleans tattoo artist was Roisin from The Bastille, and he's just as stunned as Rosie. From here, Ms. Bradley takes the reader on a romantic, yet incredibly realistic, journey through the world of BDSM as seen through the eyes of Finn and Rosie. Ms. Bradley has been an active participant in the BDSM lifestyle for many years and the details and knowledge of that lifestyle as portrayed in her novels are incredibly accurate. Ms. Bradley has the ability to craft real, believable, and relatable characters that the reader becomes invested in. I felt I was living in the story with the characters and was completely riveted from the first page to the last. One final comment. This is an ADULT book containing explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this type of book, then PLEASE carefully consider your purchase before buying it. PLEASE DON'T BUY ANY BOOK YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY AND THEN LEAVE A POOR REVIEW OF THE BOOK AS IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works very hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the subject matter before buying the book, you're doing not only yourself, but the author, an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finn and Rosie were so great together. They enjoyed the same things and both were fearful of putting themselves out there. Watching these two come to grips with their feelings and how they shared them was something to read about.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this as part of the Midnight Ink Anthology - Rosie's story - Not a BDSM whipping fan but this one got me. I fell in love with Finn!  I guess it just depends on how it is written. Very sexy. Will definitely read more of this author.