The Daniel Fast: Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body

The Daniel Fast: Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body

by Susan Gregory
4.3 34

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Daniel Fast 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Noelle_T More than 1 year ago
I just got my copy of this book a few days ago and it is more than I ever expected. Susan goes into great depth about fasting and especially the Daniel Fast. She teaches straight from the Bible and backs all her information up with Scripture. The first thing I learned is that I had been doing the Daniel Fast all wrong thinking I could eat only a few foods! But Susan's teaching clearly showed me what I could and couln't eat on this partial fast and then backed up with the well-researched biblical background. I also learned about the true definition of fasting and the different types of fasting ... and that the Daniel Fast is a partial fast! Very informative. The recipes, meal plans, mealing planning worksheet, menus and how to prepare lots of meals at one time to make the Daniel Fast easier makes this book worth its weight in gold. I am so excited that I can't wait to follow her plan for preparing a week's meals on the same day and making the whole event a time of prayer, too! With all that, Susan is quick to bring everything back to the Word of God and how the most important part of the Daniel Fast is to engage with our Father. Her teaching about the Spirit, Soul and Body is amazing and totally helped me understand who I am in Christ. Do you think I like this book? I could go on and on! But let me sum this up by saying that I am so excited about my Daniel Fast now . . . and feel completely prepared for it. I was worried about how I would be able to do this as a working mother and wife. Now I get it! I see how it's all possible and a good experience rather than a burden. I recommend this book to anyone who goes on the Daniel Fast. Great for men or women! Oh, one more thing, the devotional in the back it lovely. The ones I've read so far brought tears to my eyes!
4HisGloryEM More than 1 year ago
Fasting is a Christian discipline that is rarely talked about in the Christian church, so I found the book, The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory, to be refreshing and enlightening. It focuses on eating only pulse foods and vegetables and fruits that come from seeds and staying away from meat, sweets and wine. She goes into great details of how your body will benefit from this healthy eating plan. Then she starts with Day 1 and goes through day 21 of the fast along with the scriptures.The thing that I liked about this book is that not only is there a section on fasting, but it also explains in great detail what the Daniel fast is and what it isn't. Susan is helping many people with this book and I know it will help you too!
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
The Daniel Fast Blogger ( Gregory has written a book about the Daniel Fast. As a person who has practiced the Daniel fast for several years, at the beginning of each year, I was interested in reading this book, to gain more insight into the Daniel Fast. One huge plus about the website and this book is that Susan includes a extensive group of recipes to be using during the Daniel Fast. She also lists some sample menus, a menu planning worksheet and my favorite part of the book is a 21 day Daniel Fast Devotional. This book is a great tool for Daniel fast participants. I just wanted to share something I particularly enjoyed from the book, and that was the five steps for a successful Daniel Fast (found in Chapter 5 of the book) Pray, Plan, Prepare, Participate, and Praise and Process. Definitely a book for participants of the Daniel Fast to read, the book closes with common questions asked about the Daniel Fast. 263pages, $13.99 US 4 stars. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
The_JoJo_Adventure More than 1 year ago
The best thing about this book is that it not only covers the spiritual reasons for the fast but prepares you in all the ways that are necessary to get the most out of the experience. Susan's meal planning and recipies are based on her years of experience and passion about the fast and I appreciated not having to invent things on my own to stay the course. I will be giving these as Christmas presents next year to everyone I know who wants to start the new year off right, whether they are spiritual or not. It is a great resource either way!
A_Writers_Pen More than 1 year ago
I've fasted in the past but normally of a more extreme version where I abstain from all food and drink except for water. When I first reqested this book from Tyndale House Publishers for review I was curious how this could possibly be considered a fast. The recipes seemed too good and the fast seemed too easy. However, I have to honestly say I felt this fast was even more difficult than a water only fast because there are so many choices to make and it's a more extended period of fasting. However, I came away from this fast truly with a renewed body and a strengthened soul, just like the cover stated. If you're curious about the Daniel Fast, check out Susan Gregory's blog at, or just search google for "the Daniel Fast Blogger".
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
"Sometimes you are so hungry that the only way you can be fed is to fast." Susan Gregory. In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled." Daniel 10:2-3 Are you hungry for more of God in your life? Discover why millions of men and women throughout the world are rediscovering the ancient discipline of fasting - and, as a result, are encountering God in amazing ways. In the book, The Daniel Fast, Susan Gregory will teach you: 1. Fasting in a safe and healthy way 2. Following the 21-day plan to physical and spiritual health (adaptable for a fast of any length) 3. Creating healthy meals using Daniel Fast foods 4. Participating in a group fast with your church, family or friends. 5. Learning how to hear from God and discover His purpose for your life Included in this book are recipes and devotionals for each day of the 21- day fast, and a FAQ section for those seeking quick answers. In beginning the Daniel Fast you are combining the Biblical fasts of Daniel with drawing closer to God through reading and studying of the Bible and prayer. In addition to the information you will find in the book, there is also a blog by the author at to further assist you in learning the principles of fasting. I firmly believe that there are times in our lives where prayer just isn't enough to answer the difficulties we are facing in our lives. Fasting is one of those mysteries that are discussed in the Bible but not much is really know in relation to what should we be doing, how should we be eating, how long can you do this and what should our expectations be in our relationship with God by completing a fast. If you have ever wanted to study this same fast that Daniel completed, I would highly recommend this book to you. You can obtain this book at Tyndale House Publishers. List Price: 13.99 ISBN: 978-1-4143-3413-4 Binding: Softcover Release: January 2010 I received a complimentary copy of the Daniel Fast from Tyndale House Publishers to review. Yet before you begin any eating plan, you should consult your physician first.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Powerful guide to transform our minds and bodies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been looking for a book about the Daniel Fast. I have always wanted to participate in this fast but I never had the base knowledge on how to do it. This book provides excellent recipes, the knowledge and a small devotional as you go through the 21 day fast. Definitely a must read for anyone who is looking for info that is practical about the Daniel fast.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
God is so good!! Thanks for the work Susan!
quilldancer More than 1 year ago
In The Daniel Fast, Susan Gregory explains the methods and purposes of Biblical fasting -- to renew your mind, body and soul while enriching your relationship with God. The book is amazingly thorough in explaining fasting, it's Biblical roots, how to prepare for a fast, what to expect, and even the difficulties one might encounter. Moreover, the book has over 100 pages of recipes, sample menus, a meal planning work sheet and 21 daily devotionals. I was impressed with the book on many levels. Susan Gregory cites scripture every inch of the way as she leads her reader through the planning and preparing stage. She takes into account the frailties and foibles of real people. She offers plans and contingency plans. And through all of this she is very careful not to become legalistic and even warns her reader about the pitfalls of doing so themselves. I have not followed the Daniel Fast. I don't think I am ready to take that on while we are still in this state of flux between homes, but once we are settled and unpacked, I may just give it a try. And no matter what, I know I am trying out a couple of these recipes. I don't care if they are healthy, they sound down right yummy! Susan Gregory is also known as The Daniel Fast blogger, and can be found on the web. I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Being a diabetic and not being able to fast the old fashion way the book gives me great recipes that are health and taste great
tiggerdaisy More than 1 year ago
The Daniel Fast has always been something that kind of confused me. What is it? What can and can't I have on this fast? Fortunately for me, I've finally found a book (and a website) to help me answer those questions and equip me with the necessary tools to help me succeed in participating in a Daniel Fast. This book is full of great information, recipes, meal plans and a devotional. I simply couldn't put this book down when I first got my hands on it! The bonus for me? The book includes recipes that I will more than likely try to include in my regular diet for healthier eating. Thank you, Susan Gregory! If you want to dig deeper into what the Daniel Fast is and isn't, this book is for you! This book was provided to me for review by Tyndale House Publishers.
David_L More than 1 year ago
I can't say enough good about this book! Susan Gregory truly is the Daniel Fast expert like so many people call her on the Internet. I quickly realized that there is a lot more to fasting than just changing what you eat! Susan gives an indepth and biblically based background about the fast and helps me understand things about my faith that I had never considered. The book also is like having a Daniel Fast Cookbook within a book! Enough recipes for every meal plus snacks. I think my wife will use the meal plans Susan provides . . . and both us will use the tools she gives for preparing for the fast. Susan says in the book that her greatest desire is to help men and women have a successful Daniel Fast. Well, she sure gives everything they (we) need to do just that. I am eager to use the 21-day devotional she added at the end for the book. We begin our fast on January 10th and I really do feel more confident now that I have this book. I recommend it to anyone wanting to do Christian fasting and especially a Daniel Fast.
Yomayra More than 1 year ago
this is a great book. I wanted to a great start for this New Year. I read about Daniel fasting and it look like an excellent choice for me. This book is more than a guide. She used her personal experience to help me understand the importance and the power of fasting and prayer. Excellent Book!
JennieWren More than 1 year ago
For spiritual growth and general health I purchased my copy of The Daniel Fast when it was first published in 2010, and I used it for fasts I did for spiritual reasons. The book was my introduction to the idea of plant-based eating. The support and encouragement Susan Gregory offers is invaluable, both from a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and the spiritual growth that comes with fasting as well as the more pragmatic considerations of food shopping and menu planning. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is considering fasting or changing their diet permanently to support their general health. In 2011, I changed my diet to eating plant-based foods and I still use this book for its great recipes and other information.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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FebRose More than 1 year ago
The first time I went through the Daniel Fast, I basically had one sheet of paper listing scriptures and foods to eat, but this time I wanted more details and found this book. It is very detailed, and very informative. I really enjoy having the scriptures on hand. I do not really use this as a diet, but for my spiritual cleansing, but in the process I did notice how good I feel when I'm following the Fast. I highly recommend this book to anyone that feels the need for a wonderful spiritual renewal and that wants to get back to the natural process of eating that I believe God wants us to follow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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