Daniel Morgan: Forgotten Revotutionary Hero

Daniel Morgan: Forgotten Revotutionary Hero

by Ronald W. Hamilton


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In a day and age when generals were wealthy, educated,upper class aristocrats; Dan Morgan went from an illiterate, penniless runaway to become a brigadier general and revolutionary war hero. His story is a remarkable tale of America's breaking away from the class structure of Britain's social system as much as it is the story of a forgotten Revolutionary War hero. The American frontier's influence in creating a totally new system is evident. Morgan breaks the mold. Unfortunately, he is almost forgotten by most Americans. This book attempts to re-introduce the reader to America's most able battlefield commander and hero of two of the most critical battles of the Revolution - Saratoga and the Cowpens. It challenges the notion that Benedict Arnold should hold that title, not counting his treason late in the war as many revisionist historians claim. Does the dashing Arnold really deserve this title? The book lets readers decide for themselves.Morgan was the officer militiamen would stand and fight for; unlike other Generals like Gates and even Washington. He rewrites the way an officer should handle his men and designs the most brilliant victory of the war. Using his usual historical fiction style, R. W. Hamilton brings Morgan's character to life in a way non-history buffs can enjoy while staying close to the facts. Come back to an age where wealth and social position dominated and and see how a poor young boy would grow up on a wild frontier and change not only himself but also a nation. In the final chapter the author makes his case for why Morgan has been forgotten. The next time you are in the Rotunda of our nation's capital and watch the people viewing the huge painting by John Trumbull titled, "Burgoyne's Surrender At Saratoga". Ask them if they know who is the man in the white buckskin outfit prominently portrayed in the picture? If they don't know, tell them with pride that he is Daniel Morgan - hero of our war for independence.

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