Daniel's Calendar Decoded: From the Elephantine Papyri

Daniel's Calendar Decoded: From the Elephantine Papyri

by Randall Sawyer


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This study touches upon the 2300-day and seventy-week time prophecies of Daniel in harmony with the day-year principle, but we cannot appreciate the full power of this amazing man's prophecy until we discover how the prophets reckoned time. Did they use the Babylonian calendar, or did they use a separate, Jewish calendar?

Fortunately, God buried clues to solve this mystery in the parched sands of Elephantine Island between the banks of the Nile River: In 1893, the Egyptologist, Charles Edwin Wilbour stumbled upon seventeen papyrus documents, written in Imperial Aramaic, each bearing both a Jewish and a synchronous Egyptian date.

So dust off your high school math as we brush away the sands of time from these ancient Egyptian artifacts in search of Daniel's calendar.

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