Dante's Gift (A Chicago Christmas)

Dante's Gift (A Chicago Christmas)

by Aubrey Wynne

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Dante's Gift (A Chicago Christmas) by Aubrey Wynne

Kathleen James has put her practical side away for once and looks forward to the perfect romantic evening: an intimate dinner with the man of her dreams—and an engagement ring. She is not prepared to hear that he wants to bring his grandmother back from Italy to live with him.

Dominic Lawrence has planned this marriage proposal for six months. Nothing can go wrong—until his Nonna calls. Now he must interrupt the tenderest night of Katie's life with the news that another woman will be under their roof.

When Antonia's sister dies, she finds herself longing to be back in the states. A wartime bride from the '40s, she knows how precious love can be. Can her own story of an American soldier and a very special collie once again bring two hearts together at Christmas?

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BN ID: 2940152697087
Publisher: Aubrey Wynne
Publication date: 11/09/2015
Series: A Chicago Christmas
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Format: NOOK Book
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Dante's Gift (A Chicago Christmas) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Brencz More than 1 year ago
This is my first read by author Aubrey Wynne but won’t be my last. This was a wonderful story that was well written with a good story line that really kept your interest. The only problem is I need a sequel, I want to know the next chapter in their lives. It’s about a Kathleen James (Katie) who is from a well-to-do family brought up more by servants than her family. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be with a loving family and sharing special family time. She has a great boyfriend, Ken Lawrence, who has been brought up completely different. He was brought up in a very loving family who after losing his parents at a young age was brought up by his grandmother, Nonna. When Ken brings his Nonna back to American, she tells Katie of the love story between her and her husband and their collie Dante. This helps Katie realize what she really wants is life and helps Ken with his own love story. A wonderful story for the upcoming Holiday season.
NicoleUlery More than 1 year ago
This was a lovely story. A young man, Dominic has been planning his proposal down to the minute details for months. When the time comes, he botches the execution, and not in a cute/funny way. He precedes the moment by telling Kate that his great aunt died and he wants his grandmother to move in with him. Kate, instead of taking it in stride, decides that she needs time to figure out if she can deal with his grandmother being in the house, so she puts off answering his proposal. The grandmother comes and shares her story of meeting her true love with the hope to inspire the couple to take that next step. At first, I didn't like Kate. I didn't like her reaction to Dominic's news. If grandma needs help, you help grandma. I thought her self-centered reasons were unwarranted, especially when she had never met the woman. She was basing her feelings on stereotypes and family members from the other side of the family. Dominic was kind in being patient to wait for her answer. While were some good moments between the couple, I would have liked to see more interaction between the two to see why they loved each other. The best part of the story was the WWII romance. It was well woven into the story and had good segues into the storytelling. I felt more connection with Antonia and Ken than I did Dom and Katie. Dante was a cute dog and I loved his reactions to the soldier. Antonia is a darling lady. I'm not much for war stories, but this one really squeezes your heart and will have you tearing up at the special moments. I received an advanced copy from the author for review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dante' Gift is a story about finding your true love. Aubrey Wynne does an outstanding job of telling two love stories. The first love story is current and the second being told in the present about falling in love with a soldier during WWII. Aubrey's writing has you feeling as if you are with the characters in Italy during the war. This book has something for every reader. It has history. It has some drama. It has passion, and last but certainly not least it is about finding your one and only. Dante's Gift caught my attention from the beginning and is absolutely a must read!
evna777 More than 1 year ago
DANTE'S GIFT is probably one of the story that touches your heart in the closest possible way. I started falling in love with this book somewhere along this story, probably when Nico went to Benevento, Italy. The beautiful scene felt like straight out of the movie and I can't help but feel that I'm in a dream. This is a really beautiful story. It gives you warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you believe that love can strive through the hardest time. At first, when I started this book, I feel a tad bit upset that Katie rejected Nico's proposal. I was thinking like why did she do that? But as I gain insight of Katie's childhood I began to understand the way she reacted into some situation. Katie was a kind of woman who have to think through of a situation, but she was a good person. And Dominic was truly perfect for her. I have yet to find a guy like him in the future. He was everything you might want (as a woman). He was understanding and compassionate. His flaw made him even more perfect. They were a perfect blend of each other. And not to mention Dominic's grandmother, Antonio. She was one of the most exceptional character I've ever read. She had her own hardship and her special love story. Her love story was one of the most wholeheart romance that I ever read and it's truly heartwarming. Dante was a collie that was crucial in bringing Antonio and her husband together. I love how Ms. Aubrey put him there. She put a new perspective of wartime. It was not completely darkness. It could be light. I don't like war, but it gave the two hearts a chance to meet each other. There are no words that can accurately describe this book. It is timeless and endless. If you love inspirational romance or any romance book, this is a perfect gift for you. You can give this to your beloved ones and friends. I really recommend this.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
What is there not to love about this audio…it is such a wonderful delightful love story that really reaches in grabbing your heart and twisting it. At first I didn’t care too much for Kathleen she almost seemed a snob. Here is a little old lady that just lost her sister, her only family is her grandson who is going to bring her to live with him…how sweet is that. The woman he wants to marry doesn’t cook and works long hours. This little old lady won’t live but a few more years, she is going to cook and all for you. I understand it means less time for just them but the house is not small I am sure they could make this work with a little work. On Kathleen side the granny is old she doesn’t know how much help she will have to give the old lady, can she get around, what is her temperament like and lord all the hugging and kissing etc . I understood where she was coming from but still I didn’t care for her that is until….. Kathleen’s family isn’t much of a loving family oh they love her no doubt but have always been too busy to give a lot of one on one attention. They aren’t the huggy kisss type. She is the kind of person that lets her action speak for her…who needs words. She really is torn between the quit of not wanting the old lady to come and how she should feel. Once granny steps foot in the USA things take a big turn. Dominic is torn between the two people he loves most in the world, hoping, praying these two women cannot only get along but live under the same roof. His grandmother has always been there for him, even helped raise him, she has been a rock, there is no way he can turn his back on her, no way he will. What about Kathleen who he has asked to marry him with the answer up in the air. She just can’t live without either of these women but it seems they might not be able to live together or get along… Mr. Jordan has fast become one of my favorite narrators he brings so much to the story from his many different character voices. He really puts thought into each character and their emotions bring them to life giving them meaning, showing us how they feel with powerful voices that leave you in no doubt how each one is feeling and what they are going through. You can hear the hurt in each character as they learn to deal with each issue at hand. I really enjoyed each of his character voices you always know who is talking he gives each character power and depth and really brings them to life. There are no background noises, no volume changes and no repeating of words, delivering a delightful smooth clear audio that you get lost in. If any breaks were taken I could not tell. Mr. Jordan’s natural voice is just a wonderful as his character voices. It is a voice you have no trouble listening to as he brings excitement and sorrow to each character that the author writes about. He has me in the palm of his hands from the first minute until the last. What happens next put a wonderful twist on the story as one woman relives her younger years of the war and a soldier who held her heart. Kathleen gets to see a side of love she never knew was there. Granny is a wonderful story teller she not only had Kathleen but me as well spellbound through each word. We really wanted her to go on but she kept us on hold until the next time where she took up where she left off. Her dog was something I just love him. He didn’t trust soldiers that is all but one. War is never easy but when you fall in love with a soldier, he goes off to fight you ne
writermandy1984 More than 1 year ago
Dante’s Gift is a romance short story or novella about Dom and Kathleen who are heading for an engagement when Dom’s grandmother’s sister passes away in Italy and he decides to ask her to come back to Chicago to live with him in her older years. He breaks this news to Kathleen on the same evening that he plans to propose to her creating a crisis situation. Even when Kathleen decides she likes Dom’s grandmother, Antoine, she questions whether she is cut out for his family. Antoine helps her make this decision through sharing her own love story which takes place during World War Two in Italy. This is a very sweet Christmas time story with realistic and interesting characters. The love story between Dom and Kathleen felt real and urgent just as the love story between Ken and Antoine felt nostalgic and romantic and they melt together beautifully. The ending was beautiful and might require a tissue or two. Antoine easily became my favorite character as a story teller and because of her easy manner in blending relationships with everyone together. Her easy going personality and desire to form a relationship with Kathleen make her easy to love. I would have liked to have seen the conflict with Kathleen’s work play out a little further in the book. The author did an excellent job of setting it up but never mentioned it again. Although Kathleen is under plenty of stress it would have created more tension for her to have insane meetings she needed to attend coupled with spending time with Dom and Antoine and perhaps creating more tangible ways for her to create boundaries and decide what was important for her. This is a perfect read for the holidays when everything is a little chaotic and short chapters allow a few minutes to enjoy some nostalgia and heartwarming romance. The author has also included a recipe to try and some resources to check out the places in Italy she talks about as well as how the war affected that area which she researched to make her story more plausible for the time and situation surrounding Italy in her story which readers will enjoy.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Dominic had secretly worked six months putting together an expensive and perfect dinner, to propose to Katie. On the day before the dinner though, his grandmother called to let him know that her sister had died, and then detailed the funeral arrangements. Dominic knew his Nonna had no further reason to stay in Italy and at eighty-eight years old, she did not need to live alone. There was no question about it, he would bring Nonna to Chicago to live with him. He told Katie of his plans before proposing, but she takes the news hard. How can she compete with Dominic’s Nonna? Katie finally decides to give it time, for her and Nonna to get to know each other, and then revisit the proposal. What a nice love story this was. I wasn’t so sure about Katie at first. She seemed so introverted and maybe even a little selfish. Dominic and his Nonna had a perfect relationship. Being a typical Italian family, I could understand Katie’s hesitation. I love family togetherness, but I think even I would have been intimidated. The best parts of the book would have to be Nonna’s remembering and retelling of her own love story. Her storytelling skills brought it to life.
MimiJazman More than 1 year ago
Dantes Gift by Aubrey Wynne is the first book in Chicago Christmas series. It revolves around Dom and Katie, a successful and loving couple that suddenly has one problem, Doms grandmother. I rarely could get across such a beautiful but a very short read. The book is beautifully written and the story is simple but meaningful. I finished it all in one seating. This book is a very light read as I could only find one complication in the story yet the plot of the book is strong and I really like it. The story transitions between the present and the past and I like that both timeline are not confusing at all. The author includes details from the war, what the Italian family traditions are and few details of Italy; makes the story complete and relatable. As for characterisation, Katies character grow a lot during the story development while Doms character is strong and consistent throughout the entire book. He is determine of taking care of Antonia even it means he may have to lose Katie in the meantime. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who would like a light read; a romantic and funny story.
Bailey Morse More than 1 year ago
This book was hard to get into at first. Main character Kathleen James is reluctant to marry the love of her life because his grandmother is coming from Italy to live with him. The grandmother is very old and living alone after her sister dies it is the right thing for Dom to do, taking her in and helping her. Kathleen is scared that Dom's grandmother won't like her and she isn't sure she wants to start her new married life with another woman in her house. By the middle of the book I was hooked on Dom's grandmother's love story with her late husband Ken. This book tells two amazing love stories Kathleen and Dom and Dom's Grandmother Antonia and Ken. This book made me laugh and cry. The relationships are real and dynamic and the plot is engaging and well thought out. Author Aubrey Wynne does an amazing job of painting a picture with her words so you can almost see the each setting in your minds eye. I can't wait to read the rest of this series! Bailey Morse
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Dante's Gift is my first book by Aubrey Wynne and what a nice surprise. This is a fairly short read, perfect for those with limited time for reading. Dante's Gift is also a clean read that any age group can read, no cussing or explicit sex. Ms Wynne has delivered a contemporary romance and has managed to weave a WWII romance into the story and it works very well. Hats off to Ms Wynne. Katie and Dom's story is a sweet read with a little drama and humor. The characters are totally lovable and my favorite part of the book. I enjoyed reading Dante's Gift and look forward to reading more from Aubrey Wynne in the future. Dante's Gift is book 1 of the Chicago Christmas Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I purchased a copy of this book at a book signing.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Dante's Gift is a wonderfully poignant holiday romantic tale that intertwines two love stories: the present day story of Katie and Dominic set in Chicago, with the historical story of Dominic's grandparent's Antonia and Ken set in Italy during WWII. Author Aubrey Wynne weaves a lovely romantic tale that transports the reader to present day Chicago where Katie struggles to commit to her relationship with boyfriend Dominic, who is ready to propose to her. When Dominic brings his grandmother Antonia from Italy to live to with him in Chicago, Katie is charmed by Dominic's sweet Nonna when she recounts how she met and fell in love with her young American soldier in WWII Italy, and about a lovable collie named Dante. I loved reading this enchanting holiday romance story, the intertwining of the past with the present easily keeps the reader engaged as both love stories unfold. There is something about holiday romance stories that tugs at my heart and stirs my soul, so as I read Antonia and Ken's wartime love story, I couldn't help but smile as I imagined the lovely elderly Italian lady telling it to an unsure young American woman on the cusp of her own true love story. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I loved the addition and role that the lovable collie Dante played in the story, it was an added sweetness that simply left a smile on my face. Dante's Gift is a beautifully written holiday themed romance story about true love and all that it encompasses. Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review.
WishEnd More than 1 year ago
DANTE'S GIFT was such a sweet, nostalgic, story! There were flashbacks from Dominic's grandmother to when she first fell in love, lovely moments of food and family, sweet moments between Dominic and Kathleen, friendship, and a memorable happily-ever-after ending. The characters were likeable (even Kathleen who I wanted to shake a little since she's so afraid of making the leap) and created some laughs and some romantic sighs. I loved Kathleen's friend who livened things up. I also loved the way the dog played a role. An enjoyable story from beginning to end and an author that I will definitely be following. Content: Clean Source: I received a complimentary copy through ebooksforreview.com, which did not affect my review in any way.
lilacqueen75 More than 1 year ago
(4.5 Stars) Katie is ready for an engagement ring from her Italian boyfriend and is thrown for a loop when he announces that he's going to Italy for his great-aunt's funeral and to bring his Nonna (grandma) home. It's not just that we share a name, but I could kind of relate to Katie's feelings on the matter. She wasn't close to her parents growing up and Dominic has a very tight relationship with his Nonna. The fear of not being good enough, being replaced, and being placed in a situation she knows nothing about is very prominent. I feel a little squiggly when placed in those unknown situations too. Antonia (Nonna) is nothing like what Kate expects. It's through her own love story, set in WWII, that Katie really comes to know and understand her. I'll always have a tender place in my heart for stories that take place during WWII, since my grandpa served in the war and it was shortly after when all of my grandparents met and fell in love. I loved those tender moments of learning both history and life lessons, and the parallels between both Antonia's and Katie's stories is very charming. Content: some mild language; mild romance and some innuendo. Clean! *I received a copy through ebooks for review in exchange for an honest review*
momisreading More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful Christmas story! Really, it’s two love stories in one. Just before Dominic proposes to Katie, he tells her that he is inviting his Nonna to live with him. Katie’s not sure how she feels about another woman living with them, and needs time to think. Dominic hopes that meeting Nonna will help alleviate Katie’s worries. It made sense that Katie would have concerns, but her reaction seemed way over the top. Fleeing and completely breaking down when you find out? Really? And so many of the possible problems she listed were based on stereotypes. I did think it was good for her to come to terms with Nonna living there before accepting Dom’s proposal. If she couldn’t, she wasn’t the right girl for Dom! I really admired his love for Nonna. When he heard she would be alone, his decision to invite her into his home was immediate. What a great grandson! I absolutely loved Nonna!! What a sweet love story she and Ken had. Their story was my favorite part of the book! I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
NHP More than 1 year ago
Dante’s Gift by Aubrey Wynne is a generational love story. In contemporary times Katie and Dom have issues to solve before they become engaged. One of them involves Dom’s grandmother, who resides in Italy. Katie has grown up an only child in a cold environment. Dom comes from a large family background, creating one of their differences. He wants to bring his grandmother to Chicago to live, and Katie’s not sure if she agrees. The story unfolds with Dom asking Katie to marry him. She’s in the restaurant bathroom, talking to herself then a girlfriend. She’s unsure what to do. This was the only problem I had with the story. A man has pulled out all the stops to ask his girl to marry him, and she’s fretting about his grandmother in the bathroom. Sure, I understand there would be issues, but I don’t know the couple. I wish I had seen them in happier times and got to know them before this scene. It took a while to warm up to Katie. After the story unfolds, a reader can’t help getting swept up in the grandmother’s story. She is a WWII bride, meeting a U.S. soldier in Italy. Ms. Wynne is at her best when she writes historical fiction. She sets the stage, having done her research. I don’t want to give much away, but hearing the grandmother’s story can change a questioning heart. Dom is the boyfriend everyone wishes for, patient and understanding, wanting to make things better. He treats his grandmother with kindness and respect. I have a feeling if Katie said no to the proposal, grandma would still end up living in Chicago. And who is Dante? A dog, of course. He plays a large part in the story and will bring a tear to your eye. Dante’s Gift is a short read, great for those evening hours.
WinnieL More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by Aubrey Wynne and I really enjoyed it. This is a sweet story which comprises of two pairs of lovers and I love how Aubrey brings us back to the time during the World War 2 where the young Italian Antonia falls in love with an American soldier i.e. Dom's grandfather. And I really love how Dante, the collie brought the pair of lovers together. And not forgetting the story of Dom and Katie. This is a really beautiful love story that will touch everyone's heart and brings tears to your eyes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Aubrey mixes the present with the past in this book and actually seems to take you with her. The story starts in Chicago with lovers Dominic and Katie, and the descriptions of the city are beautifully done.Dominic has been planning his proposal down to the minute details for months but, when the time comes, he screws, and not in a cute or funny way. He starts by telling Kate that his great aunt died and he wants his grandmother to move in with him. Kate, decides that she needs time to figure out if she can deal with his grandmother being in the house, so she puts off answering his proposal. The grandmother comes and shares her story of meeting her true love with the hope to inspire the couple to take that next step. The part of the story I liked the best was the WWII romance. It was well woven into the story and had good segues into the storytelling. I felt more connection with Antonia and Ken than I did Dominic and Katie. Dante was a cute dog and I loved his reactions to the soldier. I'm not much for war stories, but this one really gets your heart and had me tearing up at the special moments. I loved how Dante had the ring box attached to his collar. I truly loved this book!!!! This is a must read book!!!!
Jamilsmother More than 1 year ago
Dantes Gift (A Chicago Christmas Book) By Aubrey Wynne The Author does a wonderful job with laying out the story line with this book. The story is guaranteed to warm your heart. Dominic and Katie felt like family. Dominic had spent six months, planning and keeping secrets so that he could ask Katie to marry him. However, the day before the scheduled dinner, he was notified of a death in his family. The part of the story where Dominic tells Katie he wanted to bring his grandmother to Chicago to live with him made me sad. Family first. But it was almost as if Katie was jealous of his grandmother. This part of the story made Katie appear self-centered. I would have liked to see a little more interaction between the couple, to allow me to see how and why they love each other. Even though I am not a fan of war stories I did enjoy the special moments of this book. I am not sure I would recommend this book to others, as I found it to be just okay. There are other books in this installation and I am toying with the idea of reading another in hopes to get some clarity.