Dare 2 Share: A Field Guide to Sharing Your Faith

Dare 2 Share: A Field Guide to Sharing Your Faith

by Greg Stier

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ISBN-13: 9780998265605
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 08/01/2018
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Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Dare 2 Share Ministries, Inc.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 1-58997-370-4

Chapter One


Doug came from a shattered family in the inner city of Denver where he was raised by his mom. He was reared in a family and a neighborhood where violence, crime, and dysfunction were the norm.

To add to Doug's long list of personal problems, he had a dangerous form of epilepsy. Grand mal seizures were part of the reality he had to live with. On two separate occasions he had such severe seizures that his heart stopped and he nearly died.

Doug also struggled when it came to school. He had a difficult time learning and was a bit slow even when it came to the most basic subjects. Although he tried hard, his best wasn't good enough.

Kids from Doug's school often made fun of him. His epilepsy and learning disabilities made him an easy target. More often than not, Doug responded with his fists. As a result, suspensions from school and trouble with the law followed. Doug was spiraling quickly down a dangerous road of self-destruction.

One day Doug was invited to go to a Christian camp in Florida. He went and the experience changed his life forever. While at this camp he heard speaker after speaker who challenged him to make a difference with his life. They all seemed to be talking straight to him. They confronted him about serving Jesuswith his whole heart. They talked about the need to tell others the good news of Jesus so they could be saved from hopelessness now and hell later.

Doug was listening. Although he had put his faith in Christ as a child, that week Doug dedicated his life to follow Jesus Christ with all of his heart and to share the gospel with everybody he met. His resolution was to keep as many people as possible out of hell.

At 16 years old Doug even didn't own a bike, let alone a car. Doug would walk everywhere to speak to as many people as possible about Jesus. It was not uncommon to see Doug sharing with some person waiting at the bus stop or hitchhiking.

Although Doug wasn't super articulate, he continued to share Jesus with everybody he met. Sometimes he would stumble and stammer his way through the gospel message, but people listened. Doug had a sincerity and way about him that won people over. Although he was just a high school kid, he was determined, kind, painfully honest, and genuinely concerned about the people he talked to.

Doug saved up his money and bought a pretty nice bicycle. He was completely excited by his new mobile means of sharing Jesus with others. He rode his bike everywhere, talking to all sorts of people-in parks, on the street, on sidewalks, and across overpasses.

One day he told me the story of pulling up to a stoplight and noticing a car full of guys next to him, waiting for the red light to turn green. He thought, These guys are going to die and go to hell unless I tell them about Jesus. So he knocked on the passenger-side window. One of the men tentatively rolled the window down, curious about what this teenager wanted. Doug knew that his time was short, so he shared the gospel message as quickly and clearly as he could. But he couldn't get it out fast enough. The light turned green.

"We gotta go!" the driver blurted as he mashed down the gas pedal to drive away. But Doug wouldn't let the opportunity pass by without a fight. Too much was at stake.

"I am going with you!" he yelled as he grabbed on to the car door handle with his left hand and steered his bike with his right while the car accelerated.

These guys were in shock as Doug continued to share the gospel message. At 20 miles per hour Doug was still talking, almost yelling to be heard above the whizzing sound of passing traffic. At 30 miles per hour he was almost finished sharing the gospel. Finally, at 40 miles per hour Doug was done. With one last challenge he screamed, "I hope you all trust in Jesus and receive the gift of eternal life!"

He released his white-knuckled fingers, and his 10-speed whizzed then slowed then wobbled toward the curb.

When Doug told me what had happened I flatly said, "Doug, you're an idiot! You could have died! You could have gotten caught under the car and been run over!"

I will never forget his response to my rebuke. He simply stated, "It would have been worth it. I don't mind dying as long as those guys hear and believe the gospel message. I just don't want to see those guys go to hell."

Doug was one of those teenagers who took his Christianity seriously. He really believed in heaven and hell. It wasn't a sophisticated faith. It was a simple, childlike trust in God.

But Doug really believed it, and to be honest I felt convicted every time I was around him.

Finally, at age 19 Doug graduated from high school and went off to the "real world," but he never graduated from sharing his faith.

Today Doug is a custodian at a high school in Ankeny, Iowa. Every week or so, he calls me. We talk about all sorts of things, like family, friends, life-that sort of stuff. But inevitably we talk about the people that he is currently trying to lead to Christ.

As a custodian in a high school, Doug gets to share his faith in Jesus all the time ... and does!

One day at the Judgment Seat of Christ, Doug's name will be called. On that day I believe thousands will stand and applaud this epileptic, socially challenged, struggling custodian for the impact he made on their lives.

I will be one of them. You see, Doug is my big brother. Growing up together, I watched with awe as he overcame all of his inabilities and disabilities to share Jesus with everyone he could. He refused to be excused. I knew if Doug could overcome his fears and insecurities, then so could I.

And so can you.

That's what this book is all about, to help you refuse to be excused, to give you all the tools, motivation, and resources you need to share Jesus with others.

But it all starts with passion. Without a passion to share your faith you won't bother to learn how; you'll probably quit after the first failed attempt.

It's passion for Jesus and for those who don't know Jesus that gave my brother all the fuel he needed to share. So how do you get this kind of passion?

Read on!


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