Dare to Scare (Two of a Kind Diaries Series #31)

Dare to Scare (Two of a Kind Diaries Series #31)

by Ashley &. Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen

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ISBN-13: 9780060093273
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/30/2003
Series: Two of a Kind Diary Ser. , #31
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.14(w) x 7.62(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

First Chapter

Two of a Kind #31: Dare to Scare

Chapter One


Dear Diary,

I thought Friday would never get here. But just as the big countdown to the weekend began, our headmistress, Mrs. Pritchard, did something totally weird. She called us all to the school auditorium for a special assembly.

"Okay," I said as I slid into an empty seat in the crowded auditorium. "Anybody have a clue what this is all about?"

I glanced down the row of seats. My twin sister, Mary-Kate, sat next to me, as usual. Next to her were our friends Cheryl Miller and Elise van Hook and my roommate, Phoebe Cahill.

All of us are First Formers here at the White Oak Academy for Girls -- that means seventh graders everywhere else.

"Well, I don't care," Cheryl said. Her dark brown eyes sparkled as she gave the thumbs-up sign. "As long as we get out of math!"

Cheryl was right, even though I happen to like math. But ever since Mary-Kate and I started boarding school, we've had assembly every other Tuesday. Just like we have Salisbury steak with onions for dinner every other Wednesday. And banana-nut oatmeal every Thursday for breakfast!

"So what do you think, Mary-Kate?" I asked.

My sister slumped in her seat. "No idea," she muttered.

Uh-oh. It wasn't like Mary-Kate to be bummed out on a Friday afternoon. Something was up. "why the grouch-face/ Mary-Kate?" I asked.

Mary-Kate crossed her arms and slumped even lower. Finally she spilled it. "I didn't get the lead in Our Town!" she said. "Valerie Metcalf gets to be Emily. It just isn't fair!"

So that was it. Mary-Kate loves acting in all our school plays and musicals.

"You can't always get the biggest parts, Mary-Kate," Cheryl said. "Mr. Boulderblatt probably wanted to give someone else a chance."

"I know." Mary-Kate sighed. "But I told him that Emily was the only part that was right for me. So he gave the rest of the parts to everyone else."

Big mistake, I thought. Now Mary-Kate has no role at all. No wonder she's bummed.

"It's going to feel really weird not being in the play," Mary-Kate said. "'What am I going to do all semester?"

"You can play softball!" I said, trying to cheer her up. "You love being on the softball team."

"It's almost the end of October, Ashley," sister reminded me. "Softball doesn't start again until spring. That's a long time with nothing fun to do."

Elise leaned over in her seat. "Mary-Kate Cheer up,!" she said. "Halloween is less than two weeks away."

Mary-Kate sat up straight again. "Hey, I love Halloween!" she exclaimed. "Ashley, remember back in Chicago when we dressed up as that two-headed monster?"

"How can I forget?" I shud dered. "I wanted to be a ballerina. But you hid my tutu and tights."

"We did win first prize for scariest Halloween costume," Mary-Kate reminded me. "And best scream."

"Best scream?" Phoebe said. Her blue-framed glasses slipped as she wrinkled her nose.

"Yep. Ashley screamed big-time when she looked in the mirror!" Mary-Kate laughed. Then she leaned over and pretended to whisper: "She's kind of a chicken when it comes to scary stuff."

"Am not!" I frowned and gave Mary-Kate a nudge.

But deep inside I knew she was right.

I have to admit my sister and I are a lot alike in many ways. We both have blond hair and blue eyes.

We both have the same college-professor dad. We both have the same birthday. And we both have the same last name.

But here's where we're different: Mary-Kate likes sports and drama. I like writing, ballet, and shopping. Mary-Kate is good in history. I'm good in math ... and shopping. Mary-Kate loves going to see scary movies. I hate scary movies. I'd rather go -- you guessed it -- shopping!

"So what's the best Halloween costume you ever wore?" Mary-Kate asked the others.

"Last year I dressed up as a hippie from the 1960s," Phoebe answered.

"But that's how you dress every day," Mary-Kate said. Phoebe's side of the closet is stuffed with clothes from antique stores and flea markets.

"Exactly!" Phoebe giggled.

Dana Woletsky turned around in the seat in front of me. She draped her charcoal-colored sweater over the back of her chair. "Try not to kick my sweater, okay, Ashley?" Dana said. "It's a hundred percent cashmere."

I rolled my eyes. As you know, Diary, Dana Woletsky is such a snob. She thinks she has the coolest clothes, the coolest friends, and the coolest table in the dining hall. But she"s not too cool when it comes to me. We're practically enemies!

"Cashmere?" I asked Dana. "Isn't that another word for ... goat?"

"If you must know," Dana said, "this isn't even my sweater. It belongs to, Miranda Hong."

Miranda Hong? The rest of us all looked at one another. Miranda is sixteen -- and the most popular girl in the Fifth Form!

"Why did Miranda lend you her sweater?" I asked.

"I guess she knows cool when she sees it," Dana said, shrugging. She flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder and turned back around in her seat.

"I don't get it," I whispered. "Why does Dana get to hang out with the most popular girl in the Fifth Form? I want to hang out with the older girls!"

"News flash!" Cheryl whispered back. "Dana offered to do Miranda's laundry if she could borrow the sweater."

As I was about to reply, a huge screech filled the room. It was Mrs. Pritchard, tapping the microphone. She always does that to get our attention.

Two of a Kind #31: Dare to Scare. Copyright � by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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