Dark Culture

Dark Culture

by Peter Chisholm


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The place is now between Georgia, Louisiana, and New York. With money and sex being our drive, the adventure begins.

Barbara has been taught by her mother, a woman recognized by status as rich and powerful to gain the world and all the power that comes with it at any cost. Popularity means money, and money is the ruler of this world!
Because of a love she has never experienced before, Barbara must humble her lust for money and learn being average can also be rewarding. She must now decide if this new life is worth having patients and will she reap any thing truly beneficial in the end.
Can this handsome man change her to a woman of virtue? Can His love for God be influenced in her brain?

A war is rumored as the recruitment for battle begins. Her true desire has been torn down by the physicians of the world. She can never have what she truly wants. But that was only what they thought, now things have changed and life begins.
A baby girl is born that was told to her could never happen. She is loving for the first time in her life, and it is quite beautiful and exciting.

Who would have known that the rebel she is could have had the ability to love, really love. Now Barbara battles the demons in her and puts them to rest for now she has found the greatest gift to man, God!!
Now that the greatest love is acquired, what will Satan do? Will her past leave her alone so she can continue with her future?

The very gates of hell is opening and only she can close it. Will she succeed and become a true warrior of the Almighty God? War on earth is coming, but it can be delayed if she takes careful steps into glory.
Satan loves a sinner as much as God, so what will he do to keep man in his forever favor? Or can he without the wrath of God pounding down on him??

God loves Barbara and does not want her to lose her right to serve Him. So a lessons must begin.

Eight years have passed, and Barbara is more in demand than ever. The one she loves and serves has been crucified. The one she thinks love her wants her dead!
Finally she is starting to make sense of her mission. She has achieved the greatest glory. She has found love, the best love.
Satan has lied and continues to do so, that is his purpose. When will she be able to convince the world of his deceit?

A couple who has been caught up in the poisons of the world now struggles for survival.
Barbara loves her husband, but his lack of knowledge forbids him to achieve what can be his.

A gift from the heavens will test their fate and possibly bring the achievement needed for eternal life.

Will Barbara help her husband? How will Jesus help her? Will she get her chance to find glory and destroy who she hates? Will the war end in failure? Do WE have a chance? Do you want to know? Be aware of the company you keep!

Dark Culture. A Peter D Chisholm story.

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ISBN-13: 9781463567248
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2012
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Born in London England, Peter D Chisholm wants you to realize the dark culture most of us voluntarily or involuntarily have programmed in our lives.

Being raised in the church, and being blessed to have a wife that believes in God and wants to learn, Peter knows he will grow closer to God and hope to accomplish everlasting life one glorious day.

Peter wants you to believe with all your heart that Jesus is the answer. What a world if we can only love each other and rid ourselves of the dark culture that governs our lives. His story is one of love and sacrifice.

All the world does not believe in God, but Peter D Chisholm wants the world to know that God believes in them. If we dismiss the wars, murders, and the hate that has so many of us consumed, it would be more than evident even to the toughest unbelievers, that God, a God, a Superior Being has to exist, for this world is too beautiful and perfect to think otherwise.

Peter D Chisholm is not only published as a poet and song writer, but he is the author for previous books WHITEOUT, DELROY, and ANGEL.

He wants you to know although fictional, this story can inspire a spirituality within us that can guide each and every one of us to freedom. A freedom that can lead us into peace and love.
Peter D Chisholm wants you to be cautious of the bad and the good you do.

God is real as the pages of this book. Hope is only a heart beat away. Love yourself and dare to make a difference.

Peter went to York College The City University and became a celebrity writer for the College Newspaper.

Peter started his own Independent Recording Label after many rejections in the music business.

Married with six kids, Peter D Chisholm wants you to think and believe that we are never alone and we are always in the eyeful watch of the heavens.

He plans to write screenplays and hopefully direct movies. Peter feels he has a long and lengthy journey which the battle will be trying and his responsibility will be heavy in his teaching.

He feels the world is not ready for his ideas, but Peter D Chisholm DO NOT care what the world thinks of him, he only hopes his books, songs, and movies will wake up the sleeping world to the reality that exist in which all humankind can benefit.

Know who you are worshiping and do not be drawn into the Dark Culture we already live in, but instead try to find light and be uplifted.

The Lord is always looking at what we do, beware, of the Dark Culture!!

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