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Dark Deaths: Selected Horror Fiction

Dark Deaths: Selected Horror Fiction

by William Cook


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Macabre psychological horror fiction

William Cook's second collection of macabre stories, Dark Deaths: Selected Horror Fiction, deals with horror found in the real and the imagined. In this diverse collection, the reader can expect anything from blood-thirsty aliens, a satanic locomotive, possessed dolls and that most monstrous species of human - the serial killer. Dark Deaths is a complimentary volume to Cook's first collection, Dreams of Thanatos: Collected Macabre Tales. Many of the stories collected in Dark Deaths have previously been published in various anthologies and magazines with five brand-new and previously unpublished tales, written especially for this new collection. Included with the stories are Mr Cook's own macabre illustrations that accompany each tale.

From the preface:

"In Dark Deaths: Selected Horror Fiction, I hope that you find something that resonates with you, the reader. Perhaps one of the stories might make you check the locks on your doors before turning in for the night? Maybe one of the tales in this collection will make you contemplate something you may not have thought about, or wanted to think about, before? You might think twice about keeping the doll that sits in a box in the attic, or take a second look at the guy across the road who sits in his upstairs window watching passersby. Whatever the response, my goal is to get you involved with the story - for you to suspend disbelief, if only for a short while as you read these tales. Be warned, this is a mixed bag - a distillation of stories written over the course of a number of years - whimsical childhood nightmares sit amongst the bloodied remains of serial murderers and revenant spirits. Each story is a dark death, an epitaph of sorts, as I lay them to rest in this collection."
- William Cook
New Zealand. October, 2017.

Contains the following short stories:

Shadows in the Dark
Night Walker
Here Comes the Bride
Dolly Did It
Dream of a Dog
The Moon Came Down
One Way Ticket
Singles' Night
Home Front
A Dream Realized
The Receiver
Anomalous Perigee
The Pale Stranger


Recommended for fans of Stephen King, Adam Nevill, Dean Koontz, Blake Crouch and Joe Hart

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ISBN-13: 9781978191181
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2017
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

William Cook is the author of the popular psychological thriller, 'Blood Related' and editor of 'Fresh Fear: An Anthology of Macabre Horror.' He is also the author of two non-fiction books: 'Gaze Into The Abyss: The Poetry of Jim Morrison' and 'Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Published Authors.' Father to four daughters, William lives in New Zealand with his wife and family. Always seeking to better his life and writing, he strives to produce the best quality books on interesting subjects that will satisfy his growing audience.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers such as James Patterson's Alex Cross novels, James Ellroy's 'Killer on the Road,' or Bret Easton Ellis's 'American Psycho,' take a look at William Cook's 'Blood Related.' Best-selling author of 'The Manitou' and 'Descendant,' Graham Masterton says after reading 'Blood Related' that: "William Cook tells a gruesome story with a sense of authenticity that makes you question with considerable unease if it really is fiction, after all."

Fans of Dan Poynter, Joanna Penn or Derek Murphy should find Cook's 'Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Published Authors' of interest.

Grab a free copy of William's 250 pg collection, 'Dreams of Thanatos.' Sign up now for the VIP newsletter at: (just copy and paste into your browser).

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