Dark & Dirty, Forced Ogre Breeding (Reluctant Monster Gangbang)

Dark & Dirty, Forced Ogre Breeding (Reluctant Monster Gangbang)

by Odessa Piper

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Dark & Dirty, Forced Ogre Breeding (Reluctant Monster Gangbang) by Odessa Piper


Dirty, savage, rapacious ogres won't take "no" for an answer from Lola, the girl they have abducted. When they show her just how excited they are to have her in their clutches, she finds that "no" might just make the lusty brutes even more excited. Things only get worse when the monster's pheromones make Lola's own body conspire against her. How could a girl hope to resist?

Will the ugly ogres and their monstrous manhoods prove to be just the kind of savage lovers Lola has secretly desired her whole life? Do they really want to breed with her? Can ogres even breed with humans? Well, they seem pretty intent on making many, many attempts with Lola...

This filthy tale contains all the nasty descriptions of monstrous lust and monstrous "endowments" to satisfy your dark and dirty desires. Graphic, raunchy, explicit detail of ogres and their insatiable lust awaits inside.

Approx. 6000 words, intended for adults only.


A series of thick chuckles spilled through the air nearby. There was a group of them surrounding her, the blindfold kept Lola from seeing how many. Their laughs were stupid, but even stupid laughs could sound sadistic. They knew they were in charge. They had done this many times before.

�You know what we want, girl. No such thing as ogre women.�

Ogres, confirmed. Lola licked her lips and swallowed. Her hands clenched and that chill spilled across her shoulders and back again.

�Th-there aren�t?�

Lola still couldn�t see with the blindfold on, but she could hear them moving around her. She could hear the sound of heavy breathing, and the sound of something else, something that sounded wet, and sticky. A few of them were grunting with their heavy breaths.

�No ogre women. None.�

Lola swallowed again. A few of them let out breathy chuckles. She licked her lips and tried to keep her cool.

�S-so� you want to ?�

�Haw, now she gets it!�

Lola couldn�t think of a way to protest, all she could do was struggle against her bonds. Her wrists ached and burned as the ropes dug into her skin. Her elbows and shoulders hurt from the strain of pulling against thick bonds.

�You not wanna do sex?� a particularly dumb ogre asked.

�Definitely not!� Lola turned towards the voice and shouted out her protest.

�Well, you ain�t got no choice! We ain�t got no women! How you think ogres make runts?!�

�You don�t make them with me!� Lola shouted.

A big, thick finger tapped on Lola�s head. It was hard and uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. It was definitely insulting, though.

�You stupid or somethin�? You ain�t got no choice, girl. You doin� sex. End of discussion.�

Lola bit her lower lip and winced as she felt the blindfold get tugged off. A few of her hairs went with it. She didn�t want to open her eyes, she didn�t want to see what they were doing to make themselves breathe heavy, to make those wet, sticky noises.

�You doin� sex, for a long time. S�why you worth more alive.�

Lola kept her eyes squeezed shut. A few of the ogre brutes moved around her and tugged at her clothing.

�Get them clothes off her.� one of them ordered.

A few quick tugs tore away her shirt. Thick cotton threads popped and tore, and the cloth was rent away, leaving her bare. The heavy breathing hastened, and a few rumbling laughs of delight spilled through the group that surrounded her.

�Yuh, yuh. Trousers next! Trousers next!�

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Publisher: Odessa Piper
Publication date: 05/08/2013
Series: Dark & Dirty , #1
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