Dark Fissures (Rick Cahill Series #3)

Dark Fissures (Rick Cahill Series #3)

by Matt Coyle


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Private Investigator Rick Cahill fears the next knock on his door will be a cop holding a warrant for his arrest. For murder. La Jolla Chief of Police Tony Moretti is convinced Rick killed a missing person. No body has been found, but the evidence that’s piling up says murder and it all points to Rick. With Moretti on his tail and the bank about to foreclose on his house, Rick takes a paying case that will stave off the bank, but pits him against Moretti and the La Jolla Police Department.

Brianne Colton, a beautiful country singer, is convinced her estranged husband’s suicide was really murder. Rick is unconvinced, but the mortgage has to be paid. Each new piece of evidence convinces him she’s right. He breaks his number one rule and falls for Brianne even, as he begins to question her motives.

As Moretti cinches the vise tighter, with Rick unable to trust the FBI, evil forces emerge from the shadows who will do anything, including torture and murder, to stop Rick from uncovering the truth.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781608092260
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Publication date: 12/06/2016
Series: Rick Cahill Series , #3
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Best-selling author Matt Coyle is the winner of the Anthony Award, the Benjamin Franklin Silver Award, and the San Diego Book Award. Matt has a degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has worked in the restaurant, golf, and sports collectible businesses. Dark Fissures is the third in his Rick Cahill crime series, following Yesterday’s Echo and Night tremors. Matt lives in San Diego with his yellow Lab, Angus.

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Dark Fissures 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
ronnies4 More than 1 year ago
Another excellent book by Matt Coyle . His "Rick Cahill" is wonderful. Great story, great characters. About 302 pages. Would read #4, but, it's almost $10! Sorry, no way!
booklover- More than 1 year ago
Set in the rich atmosphere of California, Rick Cahill is a down-on-his-luck Private Investigator. Barely able to keep his head up, he takes on a job that will have him second guessing everyone around him. Brianne Colton is absolutely sure that her husband did not kill himself by hanging. She is convinced that he was murdered and she wants Rick to prove it. Unfortunately this is in the jurisdiction of the La Jolla Police, who really want to nail Rick for a missing person, possible homicide. Upon investigating, he finds himself at odds with the police, the FBI, former SEALs and they all want something from him... like an invite to his funeral. This is a rip-roaring, rapid paced, gritty crime thriller complete with memorable characters and surprising twists and turns from the start. Rick has a history with the police ... he used to be one of them. There is a terrific backstory, and although the 3rd in a series, it does well as a stand alone. Be warned ... you will definitely be chomping at the bit to get those first two books to find out why he is the way he is and why he does what he does. Many thanks to the author / Oceanview Publishing / Edelweiss for the digital copy of this riveting novel. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
3no7 More than 1 year ago
“Dark Fissures” is part of Matt Coyle’s Rick Cahill series. While it is not necessary to have read the previous two books in this series, it would be beneficial because prior events and people are an integral part of this novel. The author does provide information about previous events and relationships when needed throughout the book. This helps new readers fill in relevant background, but it really takes the whole book to fit the previous events into the context of the current story. Rick Cahill, former police officer and current persona non grata is in debt. He takes on a “client” to get money or his mortgage payment, and his situation continues to go downhill from there. The action is fast-paced with the beach, cars, guns, and bad people at every turn. The characters are believable but distinctive, and the supporting cast is well developed. The problem for Rick Cahill is that there is no clear delineation between the good guys and the bad guys, and his friends and enemies constantly jump back and forth between the two extremes. When it comes right down to it, every action in the past has consequences in the present that must be settled or controlled. Sometimes the result is good, and sometimes not so good. I met Matt Coyle at a book signing, and I loved this book. I have read others in the series, and I admit that once I find a series or author that I like, I read everything from that author and eagerly anticipate the next in the series. This book was no exception; Rick’s story is not finished by a long shot.
19055581 More than 1 year ago
A Ride On A Fast Train Review by Elena E. Smith Leon Russell once sang, “A ride on a fast train won’t buy me no thrill.” I must disagree. I just got off a fast train last night, expertly steered to the depot, when I finished Dark Fissures by Matt Coyle. This is the third Coyle book I’ve read featuring hero Rick Cahill, a guy you hate to love (but you do). Cahill tends to say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, stick his foot in his mouth and more, yet by the end of the book you’re in his court and rooting for the win. Of the three Cahill crime novels, this was the best. When book four comes out, I may have to put off all other activities until I reach the last page. When does the next book come out?
dhaupt More than 1 year ago
Coyle’s latest Rick Cahill novel is a gripping fast-paced, page-turner that will hook readers from page one and not let go until the end. The protagonist is a noir-ish, dark hero who’s a loner, a cynic yet a surprising romantic at heart. The to the point, decisive 1st person narrative works well with the star’s curious, suspicious nature. Plus the author being a native of the area brings an intimate feel to every scene. This keeper shelf must read will appeal to both sexes and all fans of engaging plot driven thrillers. Fans of Michael Connelly and Nelson DeMille will love this! Ex cop, PI Rick Cahill needs a new client to keep the wolves from the door but when that perspective client is the widow of a La Jolla cop who believes her husband’s death was a murder not suicide, he wants to send her packing because his relationship with the La Jolla PD is toxic. Then she tells him more details of her husband, his mistrust of the LJPD chief and his past and he realizes the part of him that demands justice over all has no option but to take her case and the possibility of getting more dirt on La Jolla police chief Tony Moretti is a BIG bonus.
jayfwms More than 1 year ago
This is one of the better books I have read. The plot twists and turns all the way to the end. The characters are very true to life,, and come across as real people. No one is perfect, but several characters present honor and morality to a fine degree. I got so involved, I had to delay my day so I could finish this book. Rick Cahill has just enough rough edges to make him a strong anti-hero. The area of Southern California where the action takes place is beautifully portrayed and provides strong support for the story. The story carries so many different dimensions it is hard to pull a single thread. I can't wait to read it again.
ToddSimpson More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Matt Coyle has done a fabulous job with this very interesting and well put together story. The plot is elaborate and suspenseful, with a diverse range of characters. Private Investigator Rick Cahill hasn’t had a good time of it lately. Now that he’s working for himself and has no clients, he’s three months behind in his mortgage repayments. Plus the La Jolla Chief of Police Tony Moretti has him in his sights, and has his officers making Rick’s life difficult. So when Brianne Colton turns up asking Rick to investigate her ex-husbands supposed suicide, he’s happy to receive the work. Brianne believes that Jim her ex-husband was murdered, and there’s no way he would have killed himself. However with the Loa Jolla Police Department deeming it suicide, and what they think of Rick, he’s going to have his work cut out for him. It seems a bit unreal that an ex-Navy Seal like Jim Colton would allow himself to be murdered. Five days before he died Jim was on the phone to the FBI for 17 minutes, and his mobile phone seems to have disappeared. Then there’s Jim’s previous job to consider when he worked for the “Global Response Staff” who were contracted to the CIA. Jim was working in the Middle East in Benghazi when some important people were killed, and ever since then he hasn’t been himself. The more Rick investigates the more dangerous things become. I really enjoyed that this book as it kept me guessing. The story moves along at a good pace, with plenty of things happening, all the way through to a great ending. Well worth a read.