Dark Innocence: The Star-Seer's Prophecy (a Fantasy Novel of the Healing Journey) Book One

Dark Innocence: The Star-Seer's Prophecy (a Fantasy Novel of the Healing Journey) Book One

by Rahima Warren


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"Star-cursed, twin-souled, knowing only evil, pain and ice, the dark innocent is our salvation." -From the Star-Seer's Prophecy Long ago an ancient, peaceful land was blessed and guided by the Goddess. Then, an all-powerful sorcerer called the Soul-Drinker conquered the land, banished the Goddess, and turned Her sacred Temple into a dark maze of suffering and evil. Keeping himself alive for six generations through orgies of human sacrifice, the Soul-Drinker has cowed the people, and is draining the very essence of life and spirit from the land. The Circle, a dedicated group working covertly to end his horrific reign, is led by Rajani, a Warrior-Mage oath-bound to ensure that the Star-Seer's Prophecy is fulfilled. The Prophecy foretells that the only one who can destroy the Soul-Drinker, bring back the Goddess, and restore the sacred balance of the earthly and divine realms is the "twin-souled dark innocent." But that dark innocent is an unlikely savior: Kyr, a youth born and raised as a slave of the Soul-Drinker, who blindly carries out the sorcerer's brutal commands. How can an abject slave overcome the Soul-Drinker's unbreachable sorcerous defenses? Even more impossible, how can he overcome his vicious upbringing, and become a man of courage and compassion who is willing to fulfill the demands of the Prophecy? In Book One of this trilogy: Dark Innocence, Kyr begins an astonishing and arduous journey beyond the darkness that is all he has ever known. For anyone who loves the power of myth and a deep, riveting story well told... who yearns for a better world through the difficult, rewarding work of inner transformation... who has known suffering and darkness, and seeks to live in the light-this deeply affecting fantasy novel will be an intimate companion on the journey to wholeness, a guide to healing seemingly unforgiveable transgressions.

"Dark Innocence can take its place amongst Tolkien and the best of science fiction writers such as Ursula LeGuin. It is a well-sustained, exciting and suspenseful narrative written in a lucid and powerful style... most people will find in the story a journey towards redemption which will touch on their own." Review by Harris Smart, author, editor, producer, published July 2012 in the e-zine "Contents."

"A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel. Take a deep breath and approach this wild ride with an open mind... You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you. Highly recommended!" -Jodie Forrest; author, The Ascendant, and The Rhymer and the Ravens (historical fantasy trilogy) "Engrossing, entertaining, and inspiring." -George Taylor, MFT; author, Talking with Our Brothers "Potent, magical, and unforgettable. A call to awaken, to face the unfaceable, and to find the heart of humanity." -Robin Winn, MFT "A can't-put-it-down, page-turning adventure story! I can't imagine how any reader cannot come away deeply and personally transformed." -Chris Zydel, MA; founder, Creative Juices Arts "Like eating thick, dark chocolate-deep, rich, dense-and very hard to put down!" -Ivana Marshall, MS, Counselor

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ISBN-13: 9780981627830
Publisher: Rahima Warren
Publication date: 09/22/2011
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

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