Dark Matter

Dark Matter

by Erik Warsaw



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Dark Matter by Erik Warsaw

This is a book on theoretical physics.

Theoretical, meaning exploring a theory, exploring an explanation thought up by someone that explains something. It's a best guess based on observed data and personal interpretations of what that data means and the results of experiments to help conform that explanation.

Physics, meaning physical science. Simple. The study of all physical things and phenomenon. From the biggest, to the smallest, and even all your day-to-day stuff.

So theoretical physics is just discussing theories and explanations to how all of nature physically works. What causes what, why something happens, and such like that.

In science, everything is considered a theory. Everything. Nothing is written in stone. And no matter how solid of a theory something is, it is still a theory.

What is gravity? Have you ever really considered it? How it effects you?

Some of the greatest minds ever to have lived spent years of their lives trying to understand and explain gravity. Yet their picture remains incomplete, until now.

Before proceeding into the solutions, you must view the very generalized outline of the existing problems we are currently encountering with our comprehension of the universe as a whole. Because despite all the knowledge we have discovered and compiled in physical science, the vast majority of the phenomenon we observe in the universe remains a mystery to us.

Erik Warsaw understands the simplest answers often hold the truth. Gravity is not some exotic force exerted from other dimensions or some mystery to remain unsolved. Even those unfamiliar with science will understand the simple truth found in the pages of Dark Matter. From the Big Bang to the present, rediscover your universe!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781625108630
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Publication date: 08/13/2013
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface 9

The Current Universe and All Its Troubles 13

Two Common Forces 27

The True Universe 31

Dynamic Fractals 59

Light: 65

A General Understanding 65

The Ether 67

Vacuum 81

Zero Viscosity 83

NTV and NTA 87

Vortex Element Sifting 89

Vortex Element Sifting's Further Effects 97

Color as a Tool 101

The Winding Problem 105

Mercury's Orbit 107

Fast Galaxies 115

Extragalactic Jets 117

Static Medium 121

The History of Gravity 125

QGD and the Graviton 129

General Relativity Vs. Ether Theory 131

Black Holes: The Myth 143

Theodore Kaluza 145

Thermodynamics 147

Wind in Waves 151

Dark Flow 153

Asteroid Belt Alternative 155

Binary Stars 157

Atmosphere Reflection 161

An Observation of Our Common Particles 165

To Catch a Photon 167

Perpetual Particle Charge 169

Consequences of the Nonexistence of Zero Charge 173

Photons 175

Charge Theory 181

Internal Nucleon Structure 187

Particle Clotting 189

Nuclear Mass Defect 195

The Hunt for the Elusive Antineutrino 197

General Medium Dynamics 199

Magnetic Theory 205

Battery 211

The Double-Slit Experiment 215

Wave Sync 225

Energy-Matter 231

Medium Genealogy 241

Positive or Negative Charge: The Final Unification 251

Nucleon Transitions 267

Exploring Particle Relativity 275

Conclusion 287

Appendix 1 Comprehension 289

Appendix 2 Conveying Knowledge 291

Appendix 3 The Long Bang 293

Appendix 4 The Big Bounce 295

Appendix 5 The Grand Picture 299

Glossary 301

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