Dark of Night (Troubleshooters Series #14)

Dark of Night (Troubleshooters Series #14)

Audiobook(CD - Abridged, 5 CDs, 6 hrs.)

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Dark of Night (Troubleshooters Series #14) by Suzanne Brockmann, Patrick Girard Lawlor, Renee Raudman

For years, operative James Nash has performed ultra-covert “Black Ops” missions for The Agency, but when he decides to walk away from their dirty work, his corrupt bosses aren’t about to let him go. After Nash is nearly assassinated, Troubleshooters team leader Lawrence Decker launches a skillful deception to neutralize the threat and protect his friend. With the FBI’s help, Decker fakes Nash’s death, then brings him to a safe house with his fiancée, Tess Bailey, to recover from his injuries and strategize their next move.

Only a handful of people know that Nash is still alive—and fellow Troubleshooters Dave Malkoff, Sophia Ghaffari, and receptionist Tracy Shapiro aren’t among them. Believing that Nash is dead and that Decker has begun a romantic relationship with Tess, Sophia settles for second best and begins a love affair with Dave, who has adored her for years. But Tracy puts two and two together, discovering the truth about Nash—much to Decker’s dismay.

As passions flare, Decker struggles to keep his scheme afloat, and to keep Nash alive. But when he finds himself targeted for death, the game turns even more perilous, and Sophia, Tracy, and Dave are swept into the deadly play. Under fire and racing to unmask their relentless adversary, the Troubleshooters know that the closer they get, the greater the risks. But sacrifices and consequences come with the territory. Forced to choose between love and loyalty, they are no longer just solving a crime—they’re fighting for survival.

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ISBN-13: 9781423342724
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 01/27/2009
Series: Troubleshooters Series , #14
Edition description: Abridged, 5 CDs, 6 hrs.
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.00(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Since her explosion onto the publishing scene more than ten years ago, Suzanne Brockmann has written more than forty books, and is now widely recognized as one of the leading voices in romantic suspense. Her work has earned her repeated appearances on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists, as well as numerous awards, including Romance Writers of America’s #1 Favorite Book of the Year - three years running in 2000, 2001, and 2002 - two RITA awards, and many Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards. Suzanne Brockmann lives west of Boston with her husband, author Ed Gaffney.


Boston, MA

Date of Birth:



Attended Boston University

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Dark of Night (Troubleshooters Series #14) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 121 reviews.
Gentry More than 1 year ago
Suzanne Brockmann is back with the 14th installment of her popular SEAL/Troubleshooter series. Dark of Night puts closure to the threads and questions that began several books ago with the release of Flashpoint.

For the series reader, there are familiar characters to follow. For the new reader, while Dark of Night is not overly saturated with introspection or description, there is enough that the book can function as a stand-alone read.

The plot in Dark of Night is tightly woven and very fast paced. It follows events and revelations in the relationships of three distinctly different couples (Nash and Tess, Dave and Sophia, Decker and Tracy) who are in different levels of their relationships and facing vastly different issues while confronting the one issue that they all have in common.

All the characters (main and secondary) are deeply involved in the pursuit of the person(s) who have kept fellow Troubleshooter Nash ensnared in very dark ops for The Agency. Here the reader will find echoes of a theme visited often by Suzanne Brockmann; that of the shadowy, out of control intelligence agencies now functioning in the United States and the need to stamp them out.

Balancing out the dark tone of the suspense are well placed, believable lighthearted moments, as well as some sizzling romantic moments, between the couples as they scramble to find the danger before it destroys not only the people they love, but everyone involved in the mission.

The dialog between the characters is well written and believable, as is the involvement and interaction of each character brought into the story. While there are quite a few 'cameo' appearances of past characters, each one has a specific reason and purpose for being brought into the action.

The discovery of the person(s) who were threatening Nash and the Troubleshooters, and the dispatching of said person(s) felt a little rushed, although not enough to lessen the suspense.

This is a book that I found to be a page turning adventure that left me feeling as though each character had found the happily ever after they were due.
Beki More than 1 year ago
I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC of Dark of Night and I LOVED it! This book totally worked for me. I urge all fans of Suz Brockmann to rush out and read this book before drawing any conclusions about it. I truly think it is among the best of the books in the Troubleshooters Series. The action and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and the romance lover in me was totally satisfied. Dark of Night left me feeling very happy and contented with the way everything worked out.
aly9 More than 1 year ago
Not at all what I was hoping for. Felt the characters completely changed on me and very disappointed with the pairings. This is not why I read romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The new couples in Dark of Night may have worked had the characters not all changed their personalities.

Dave is now mini-Decker, Tracy is the smartest person at Troubleshooters, Sophia has lost her spunk, and Decker¿well Decker is the most different of all. Sophia and Decker finally talk to each other, but do not explain why it took them so many years to do so. That aspect was very disappointing. As was the big secret about Decker which was poorly executed and seemed to be in the book simply to shock readers.

On the good side, Jules appears. And one long-standing couple finally gets their act together.

I found it odd Decker and Nash did not have more scenes together.

The action plot is so-so. But the real mystery I found myself asking is ¿who are these people?¿
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the end for me. I cant be locked into anymore series that yank my emotions and dont deliver. Dave/Sophia? - whatever. I really hope Dave takes that mechanic job. Decker/Tracy - smokin but....that's it? I felt really gipped by the time spent on them. I put aside the fact that Tracy became a genius, but I cant let go that I know barely anything about Decker...still. After 5 years. Nash/Tess - sweet but not high on my radar. Jules/Sam/many many others - funny moments but too many filler convos. Decker/Sophia - After 400 plus pages in thier concluding book I still cant figure these two out. Nothing was ever resolved except that they found other people. The past was discussed between them for about a page. If you can put on blinders to the previous books or if you didnt care about them, I'm sure you'll love this book. The plot was pretty good for a romance.
Tracy58 More than 1 year ago
Ms. Brockmann has finally jumped the shark. Poor Kenny got shot. I think just about everyone in her books have now been shot. lol. Too bad Ms. Brockmann didn't put Dave and Decker out of their misery before writing this book. They are the most boring characters. Although probably better than reading about one of her last characters who turned out to be a pedophile. Yeah Izzy!

And the plot line was so convoluted, and ridiculous, it was laughable.

The whole series now seems like a money grab by Ms. Brockmann, with the unending story lines, and far fetched plots. Do yourself a favor.........don't buy this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have loved all of Suzanne's books, but this was the most disappointing. I have put several books into wanting some couples together and am angry they did not end up together. I skipped through a lot of the plot, because I did not care about most of it. I loved seeing Jules, Sam, Alyssa and Ash. They were the best part of the book. I also loved Nash and Tess, but the rest was very disappointing.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lanalucy More than 1 year ago
I will confess to being out of reach of a library for a little over a year, so haven't read any of the last few Troubleshooters books. Thus, I have none of the complaints that many of the one-star reviewers have. Other than the already established couples growing relationship-wise, I'm not attached to "super-couples." Watching soaps in the 80s and 90s cured me of that. lol I was a little confused at the beginning. When I started reading chapter one, it took me a minute to realize that the entire prologue was a dream/escape for Dave. I've been there - had a need to have some elaborate world to go to in order to keep from giving up, so I understood it once I realized that's what it was. However, the segue there was not as smooth as I would have expected. There were several times while reading that I had to click back to the previous chapter or scene with certain characters to refresh my memory on what was happening when I "turned the page." I like the alternating scenes and multiple locations, I just thought some of the transitions were so long that I couldn't keep straight what was happening where. Maybe I'm getting old. I felt the Robin-into-rehab story was a little too pat. Those Troubleshooters are smart enough to have come up with a better story than that to explain Robin's sudden disappearance from a movie shoot. Him needing to withdraw from the public eye happens often enough. Homicidal stalker, perhaps? Severe food poisoning? There was more tell in this book than I thought was necessary, and I inferred that it was there for newcomers to the Troubleshooters series, but some of it could easily have been edited out. Several times, characters explained things to each other for the audience's benefit. I guess if this is the first book you're reading with SEALs or government operatives, you need it, but I thought much of that was also unnecessarily telly rather than showy. On the other hand, I laughed out loud (in a good way) more than a few times while reading Dark of Night. There were at least half a dozen occasions where I wanted to highlight and share something from the book with friends, though I only ended up sharing one. What I found in Dark of Night were characters who took some good, hard looks at themselves and came to some difficult realizations about their personal quirks and their interactions with others. In that respect, this book was a joy to read. Characters I've grown to love begin to behave in ways that are not in keeping with the mask they've presented to others, even to others very close to them, even the mask they presented to themselves. Sometimes one learns things about oneself that are extremely uncomfortable and hard to integrate. I empathized with Decker's struggle. I did feel his acceptance of it, after all that, was a bit rushed, but I guess there's only so much room in a book. I loved that nearly everybody had a chance to step up to the plate and show some wisdom or strength of character. Oddball things from the past would create opportunities to showcase smarts that aren't necessarily visible on the surface. Tracy and Sophia, in particular, have obviously been heavily underestimated by both their teammates and by long-time Troubleshooters readers. Neither is as fragile as others have made her out to be. Near as I can tell, everybody has a Happily Ever After now, though I personally would quite gladly read more about these characters ongoing struggles and growth, even without the main romantic couple thing that has been Brockmann's stock in trade. I'm planning to reread the entire series in one go at some point, and this one will most definitely be included.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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KLBooksAZ More than 1 year ago
Finally, a happy, long-awaited ending for Dave & Sophia! And Tracy & Decker? Who'd have guessed that one? But I liked it! I know she started off as a ditz, but people who work somewhere long enough...do catch on. And she did. Which is why Deck was probably able to find an attraction to Tracy after all this time. <3 Jules & Robin are still two of my favorite characters {Force of Nature was great!}, and Sam's random comments just crack me up...so it was fun having them all holed up together for a while. I enjoy that SB has tons of different characters, and even though as each one experiences several seperate things, in the end they're all true friends!! I like how she has them all coming together for each other. Plus, she mixes things up...not just hot-and-badass people, but also inter-racial, 10 yr. age differences, same sex marriage...she writes LIFE. And she makes me giggle & wiggle each time, too! But if you want a wonderful experience with each book...buy the Audio. Patrick Lawlor is FANTASTIC!!! I have not picked up a book yet...because he makes each story so exciting I have to listen to them all!!! <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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