Dark Passion Play

Dark Passion Play

by Nightwish
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Dark Passion Play

Judging from the way Dark Passion Play starts out, it's understandable to assume that it's some sort of opera aria. But hold tight, dear friends, because from out of nowhere metal guitar riffs come swooping in. That's Nightwish for ya -- a Finnish quintet that had been walking the line between symphonic and metallic for ten years by the time of this 2007 release. The album signals the arrival of new singer Anette Olson (who replaced longtime member Tarja Turunen), but for longtime fans worried that this lineup shuffle may alter the band's sound and direction, there's no reason to fret -- Nightwish are as bombastic and dramatic as ever. Understandably, there are quite a few similarities between symphonic metal and prog metal, and this is certainly the case on such tracks as "Bye Bye Beautiful," which contains a very Dream Theater-esque opening. Elsewhere, "Eva" focuses primarily on the vocal talents of Nightwish's new frontwoman, while the slow-building album opener, "The Poet and the Pendulum," proves to be a neat summary of Nightwish's style. Depending on which side of the metal fence you're on, Dark Passion Play is either a symphonic metal triumph or merely pretentious twaddle.

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Release Date: 10/02/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records
UPC: 0016861798420
catalogNumber: 179842

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nightwish   Primary Artist
Derek Watkins   Trumpet
Tom Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Lance Ellington   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Tony Lewis   Cello
John Barclay   Trumpet,French Horn
Pete Beachill   Trombone
Mark Berrow   Violin
Catherine Bott   Vocals
Nicholas Bucknail   Clarinet
Andrew Busher   Vocals
Heather Cairncross   Vocals
Nollaig Casey   Fiddle
Michael Clarke   Vocals
Yona Dunsford   Vocals
Liz Edwards   Violin
Richard Edwards   Trombone
Andy Findon   Flute,Human Whistle,Soloist
Derek Green   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
John Heley   Cello
Claire Henry   Vocals
Garfield Jackson   Viola
Alison Jiear   Vocals
Skaila Kanga   Harp
Carol Kenyon   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gary Kettel   Percussion
Greg Knowles   Cymbalom
Chris Laurence   Bass,Cello
Martin Loveday   Cello,Soloist
Rita Manning   Violin
Kate Musker   Viola
Chris Pitsillides   Viola
Anthony Pleeth   Cello,Soloist
Johnathan Rees   Violin
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Faye Simpson   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Beverley Skeete   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Soloist
Sonia Slany   Violin
Dave Stewart   Bass Trombone
David Theodore   Oboe,Cor anglais
David Porter Thomas   Vocals
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Allen Walley   Bass,Cello
Ricci P. Washington   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gavyn Wright   Violin,Soloist
Dermot Crehan   Violin
Maurice Murphy   Trumpet
Mary Scully   Bass,Cello
Ben Chappell   Cello
Peter Lale   Viola
Mary Carewe   Vocals
Troy Donockley   Bodhran,uillean pipes,Low Whistle
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Boguslaw Kostecki   Violin
Frank Schaefer   Cello
Jackie Shave   Violin
Bruce White   Viola
Andrew Parker   Viola
David Fuest   Clarinet
David Daniels [cello]   Cello
Stephen Henderson   Percussion
Andrew Crowley   Trumpet,French Horn
Tommy Blaize   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Soloist
Susan Flannery   Vocals
Helen Keen   Flute,Piccolo
Julian Leaper   Violin
Donald McVay   Viola
Anthony Pike   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Janet Ramus   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Lawrence Wallington   Vocals
Michael Dore   Vocals
Michael McMenemy   Violin
Richard Watkins   French Horn
Everton Nelson   Violin
Perry Mason   Violin
James Shearman   Conductor
Rachel Bolt   Viola
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Warren Zielinski   Violin
Sarah Eyden   Vocals
Cherith Milburn-Fryer   Vocals
Simon Preece   Vocals
Andy Wood   Trombone
Simon Fischer   Violin
Steve Williams   Cello
Steve "Syco Steve" Williams   Bass
Eliza Lumley   Vocals
Tuomas Holopainen   Piano,Keyboards
Emppu Vuorinen   Acoustic Guitar
Jukka Nevalainen   Drums
Marco Hietala   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Bass Guitar,Vocals
John Tobin   Choir Master
Bryan Chambers   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Tom Pearce   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gustav Clarkson   Viola
David Stewart   Bass Trombone
Jeremy Avis   Vocals
Gerard Bentall   Vocals
Owen Slade   Tuba
Joanna Forbes   Vocals
Michael White   Vocals
Patrick Lannigan   Bass,Cello
Ann DeRenais   Vocals
Laurence Davies   French Horn
Samantha Shaw   Vocals
Jude Sim   Vocals
Ian Balmain   Trumpet,French Horn
Anne Marie Cullum   Vocals
Timothy Grant   Viola
Rosemary Forbes-Butler   Vocals
Thomas Bowes   Violin
Samuel Burkey   Vocals
Anette Olzon   Vocals
Helen Brookes   Vocals
Guy Elliot   Soprano,Soprano (Vocal)
Senni Eskelinen   Kantele
Bob J. Harms   Vocals
Morag MacKay   Vocals
Helen Meyerhoff   Vocals
Sarah Ryan   Vocals
Catriana Sandison   Vocals
Sara Jane Skeete   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Andrew Tinkler   Vocals
Katie Wilkinson Khoroshunin   Viola
Julie Andrews   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Tom Pigott-Smith   Violin
Christopher Tombling   Violin
James McLeod   Violin
David Woodcock   Violin
Gabrielle Lester   Violin
Caroline Dearnley   Cello
Jonathan Williams   Cello,Vocals
Michael Thompson   French Horn
Jenny O'Grady   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Choir Master
Lindsay Wagstaff   Vocals
Nicki Kennedy   Vocals
Peter Hanson   Violin
Richard Berry   French Horn
Matthew White   Vocals
Steve Trowell   Vocals
Charlie Baker   Vocals
Matthew Hargreaves   Vocals
Helen Parker   Vocals
Jon Thorne   Viola
Steve Morris   Violin

Technical Credits

Andy Findon   Whistle
Jussi Tegelman   Sound Effects,Soundscape
Pip Williams   Director,Orchestration,Orchestral Arrangements,Choir Arrangement
Gavyn Wright   Orchestra Leader
Walt Whitman & the Soul Children   Author
Mikko Karmila   Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Perry Mason   Orchestra Leader
Tuomas Holopainen   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Art Direction,Audio Production
Emppu Vuorinen   Composer
Jukka Nevalainen   Arranger
Marco Hietala   Arranger,Composer
Janne Pitkänen   Artwork
Gina Pitkänen   Artwork
T. Kinnunen   Audio Production

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Dark Passion Play 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
OrionTheCallOfKtulu More than 1 year ago
this new album dark passion play is awesome i have only thing against this album and its the new female singer shes not as good as tarja who was the heart and soul of the band anete brings nothing new to this band shes a terrible singer in my opinon she is
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CliffBurtonReturns More than 1 year ago
amazing from begining to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lishka More than 1 year ago
I love this album. Nightwish is a nice blend of orchestral, and rock music. Very innovative. Love it!!
T_Booth More than 1 year ago
Stop whining about Tarja, she was nothing but a draw back to the band. Anette has an amazing voice, and even better... she's beautiful!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this CD so great! I found this band after getting really into this type of music with a virtual unknown in the US called Within Temptation. I heard about Nightwish and listen to 3 songs and was in love! I bought this CD and I adore it! I love EVERY song! The Poet and the Pendelum is so great! This whole CD is great!
Heavy_Metal_Sushi More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing CD! Amazing group for that matter! I had heard my room mate talking about these guys a while back, and I was just thinking about that recently, and decided that I would go ahead and check something out by them. I wound up getting this album for only about $10, and I must say...it's more than worth even the $10 I spent on it! The music is awesome, and it's lengthy too...over an hour long. It took me more than half hour just to get through 5 songs, and there are 13 total on this album. The group is female-fronted, but also has a male voice and some choir stuff thrown in here and there as well. There are heavier points and lighter points in the album, and there is also some great orchestral and guitar work in this album, and even some operatic moments in it as well, and the whole things fused all together makes up for one kick@$$ listen! If you are into the whole Goth rock scene at all and are not familiar with these guys or just are into checking out cool new & unique artists like me, then definitely check these guys out! I, for one, will be looking into more by these guys!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
when i heard tarja was getting replaced i thought and said to myself its going to be very hard for a person to fill tarjas spot in nightwish anetta was the replacement and im now happy for both tarja and nightwish this album is very differnt from their first 5 studio albums its more well balanced now since tarjas no longer in nightwish this band is just amazing just simply amazing i love both anetta and tarja my favorite songs on this album are bye bye beauitful the islander 7 days of wolves tpatp amaranth all the songs on this album are just amazing this whole band is amazing
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have all of Nightwish's albums and have been a huge fan for years, and when I heard that Tarja was being replaced, I did not think that it was possible. However, Anette has an amazing voice and sounds better with Marco's. Tarja used to overpower him and now it is a more balanced band. Anette haters can go buy Tarja's new album. Favorite songs on DPP: The Poet and the Pendulum, Sahara, Master Passion Greed, 7 Days to the Wolves, The Islander, and Last of the Wilds.
ButterFreeGodzilla4Life More than 1 year ago
anette destroyed this band forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
one very talented band one very amazing album one very awesome new lead singer anetta = amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After listening to the new material and going to a couple of the new concerts IM glady to report that this band still breaks records delivering high quality rocking songs I miss tarja as many of the die hard nightwish fans but Toumas made an outstanding job adjusting to Annete's voice ...LOVE THE MUSIC...not really thrill for the voice but Annettes personality matches the band and having a healthy relationship always helps!...REMEMEBER U CANT NEVER HAVE ALL YOU WANT...NIghtwish's soul is Toumas after all. CHECK TARja's new songs they lack of music and lyrics...maybe someday they will perform together..I HOPE...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the songs but get rid of Anette she does not do the band any favors in my opinion. They should have hired another singer with that had a similar voice like Tarja's.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago