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DARK PSYCHOLOGY SECRETS: Use Covert Persuasion and The Art of Reading People to Influence Anyone Through Undetected Mind Control, NLP and Brainwashing Stop Being Manipulated and Learn to Foresee Human Behavior

DARK PSYCHOLOGY SECRETS: Use Covert Persuasion and The Art of Reading People to Influence Anyone Through Undetected Mind Control, NLP and Brainwashing Stop Being Manipulated and Learn to Foresee Human Behavior



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I want to be hard but sincere with you,

Reality doesn't exist, do you know why?

Because if you do not become aware of how the dark behavioral psychology applied by informed people can manipulate and persuade your mind, you will become their puppet and will be able to use and condition your decisions.

Do you want to know how a persuasion can turn into a darker form of manipulation?

Are you interested in finding out how mind control works and how to spot the first signs before it becomes dangerous?

Keep reading....

Positive psychology has thrived for centuries on notions and teachings that extend from the good elements of what it means to be human.

It is the study of the strengths in humans that allow itself as a species to survive, and zeroes in on aspects of living such as experiences of love, work, and play.

How a person maintains the balance of their expectations, their mental health, their relationships, their work life, are all studied within this ever-growing and popular field of the art. Behavior and thoughts involved within the cultivation of a life lived well center around, you guessed it, the positively valence ideas.

Positive psychology has been praised for its fresh take on human behavior and cognitions as most of psychology has focused on the negative attributions of what it means to be human. Abnormal psychology focuses on pathological disorders, behaviorism looks at reactive patterns, and psychoanalysis seeks out subconscious reasoning to comprehend our thoughts and actions. But a new and emerging form of psychology is making splash around the world, and is being noted as somewhere in between the extremes of positive psychology and abnormal psychology-dark psychology.

This book is going to introduce you to to this new field of study that thrives upon draining the positive out of the previously understood negative aspects of human behavior. Psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism, and other categorizations of personality and behavior will be discussed and shown a mirror to our own true motivations.

This book is not going to convince you of the positive aspects of being a serial killer, but more so make a list of all the portions of a psychopathic personality that we can cherry pick from and feel inspired by-minus that actual murdering part.

MK Ultra, mind control techniques, and various methods of influence will be described in ways that you can positively benefit from.

Learn about the subtle ways that other people communicate with you, and how you can communicate back to them.

Learn about the history of dark personalities, and reflect upon the good parts that you can add your own ethical spin to.

Take advantage of a new way of thinking and behaving that will greatly benefit you in your work life, love life, and all around cultivation of self-actualization.

Personality is not all about black and white; there are many grey bits in between that we as decent human beings can all learn from.

This book is going to derive the positive notions of previously understood dark personalities and shine a light on them for your own benefit. If you are looking for ways to read people better, to alter your way of thinking, and to systematically improve your life in all corners

This book is for you. Learn what it means to truly thrive and no longer limit yourself to a close-minded, singular way of thinking.

Do not be afraid of what is going to come out of the dark-it may be your best chance at guiding a fresh, enlightened pathway.

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Pages: 166
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