Dark Time

Dark Time

by Summer Cooper

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I long for the day he says my name — my real name.

But that wish won't come without some punishment...

I long for that day.

The day he finally lays his hands on Emily.

The day he makes sweet love to Emily.

I long for that day, but I'm scared to death too.

He's going to be angry.

He's going to be disappointed.

He's going to resent me.

As long as he stays with me, I don't care!

I'll make it up to him.

I'll show him how much he really means to me.

I'll give him anything he wants.

Even if it's a new contract.

Even if he needs to punish me...

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BN ID: 2940161485217
Publisher: Lovy Books Ltd
Publication date: 05/13/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 92,956
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Besides her love of chocolate, dogs and music… reading and writing is Summer’s number one route to escape from crazy friends, family and the in-laws!

She found her own happily ever after with a martial arts fighter who also happens to be an adorable IT geek! Now, she loves to write about hot alpha males that come with a pretty face and covered in tough-as-nails muscle... who are secretly looking for their true soul mate (shhh…)!

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Dark Time 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
ReneeWill 2 days ago
Dylan & Emily's Lives Together Continue ..... Dylan finds out the truth about Emily's real name & finds out why she didn't disclose this vital piece of info on her true identity. This story centers more on their deepening feelings for each other, without her outside family interference to stir up trouble for them. They're settling down as a couple having a relationship & making things work. Then a letter arrives for Emily and ........ another cliff-hanger! Ugh! Just like an addiction, I must read the next book to find out what's in that letter! I volunteered to read this ARC & leave an honest review.
moohnshine 4 days ago
In this third installment we find Emily and Dylan are faced with the truth. Who is Stephanie really? In our last book, Dylan found out that Stephanie is really Emily, his enemies sister. At first he is angry and says some really hurtful things and so Emily walks away. But will Dylan let her go this time? Dylan still refuses to call what he has with Emily a relationship. So Dylan bears his soul the best way he knew how….another contract. But a different contract of sorts. But how many more contracts will she have to sign to prove to Dylan she is different from than what his damaged soul thinks. With so many things going on in his world, he still thinks in the back of his mind “Is she a spy?” Dylan and Emily work on their screwed up relationship in this book. And just when things seem to be going well for them, another wrench in thrown in the mix to tear them down again. What will happen to our dark and erotic couple? I really enjoy each book as it tells Emily and Dylan’s story. We learn a little more each time about what makes them tick. They are very intriguing and interesting characters. Each with flaws, yet beautiful and kind. What some perceive about them is not always the correct perception. Overall this book does not have quite as much drama as the previous two books, but the fire these two put off in this book will keep you reading. Their chemistry is off the charts. Summer Cooper has really created a different world for these two characters. She writes the dark world of BDSM in such an exhilarating way that it will peek anyone’s curiosity. A world most think about and few ever enter. But with her writing it really draws you into that world and makes you think, wow! Is that really how it’s done? I wonder….. I can’t wait to see where these books end. Each book leaves us with “I wonder what will happen next” scenario. Definitely an addicting read.
lindawilson 5 days ago
A fantastic finale to this series of books from Summer , with all their secrets out in the open Emily and Dylan find a stronger and deeper love , especially for Dylan who thought he was so broken he wouldn't be capable of love , she's learned to stand up for herself , but still they still have moments of self doubt ,even her family have shown her love again and stood by her when Dylan is in the hospital and the truth about his illness comes out , there's twists ,drama ,steamy scenes , and more , I received an arc from BAD BOY UPDATE for an honest review
Anita Hanekom 7 days ago
Dylan considers Emily keeping her family name from him a betrayal, which I can understand but can also understand why she did it but can Dylan? If he can’t he risks losing something infinitely precious. Only, I think he is a bit of a hypocrite as he isn’t exactly secret free himself. This is an intense emotional roller coaster of a book and continues the story flawlessly. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
BossAngel 11 days ago
The fourth part of this series starts just after he found out Stephanie is Emily Thompson. Dylan decides to hear Emily out as to why she hide her true self. Dylan realizes he can't let Emily go so they start a new relationship by the signed contract. Emily moves in with Dylan and she helps him setting up the new resort and their new suite. Dylan's medical problems with his shaking hands that can lead to critical problems are discussed between him and the doctor, but he still hiding his problems from Emily. Why can't he tell her? Emily also has medical problems too which Dylan is "very supportive". The progress of the resort and their feelings are growing deeper toward a stronger bond has them happy until a letter from her brother Trent arrives. What will this can of worms start between them? This very addictive dark romance with it's twist and turns is a very enjoyable read. I volunteer to read and review this ARC.
Jenn2018 11 days ago
Whoa! I am so in love with this series! Emily has come clean to Dylan and told him her secrets, but now that things are so good between them will her divulge his big secret? The twists, turns and passion continue as their story continues to unfold. I can't wait for the next installment!!
Cheryl-S 12 days ago
We are back with Dylan and Emily in the fourth book of this series. Yes, I said Emily. Things are progressing for these two. I’m left with more questions this time around though. What’s up with his illness? What’s up with her migraines that were such a big part of this book? And most of all, what’s going on with his behavior in the special room? And now he doesn’t even think he needs the room anymore? Hmmmm...strange. I’m hoping these questions will be answered in the next book.
Marilynjsmith56 12 days ago
This book starts where the last ended with Dylan finding out that Emily had lied about who she is. He angry but eventually listens as she tells about her family that takes advantage of her. He forgives her and they start forward but he’s keeping things from her. As they are finding that they belong together he has health he’s keeping from her. He has a meeting and runs into Trent her brother and tells his that he dislikes how they treat Emily in his family. This angers Trent and sets out to cause trouble. Will he break them up and will Dylan tell Emily about his health problems? I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
ITAngel 12 days ago
OMG! Summer did a fantastic job. The story pulls you in from the very beginning and has you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what will happen next. It is a rollercoaster ride that you will definitely love. I highly recommend this book. Grab your copy today. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
Kaye_Gunter 12 days ago
SMOOTH FLOWING HOT READ!!! OMG! Talk about totally rocking it. A whirlwind of unexpected events and surprising mishaps keep you flipping page after page. One rollercoaster with all the trials and tribulations that propels those swirling emotions bursting into play front and center. Summer totally nailed this bad boy 100% on point with one dramatic storyline and gripping plot bring this bad boy catapulting to life beautifully. The chemistry between the two main characters is sizzling, smoldering and sexy. The characters are authentic, consistent and realistic with depth and qualities that make it easy to relate. Sparks fly as confusion, mayhem and suspense ensues in epic proportions. Drama, heart pounding, pulse racing, hard hitting wonder that force all the pieces together brilliantly. The scenes were so vividly detailed and descriptive it gives the illusion you were right there in the middle of ground zero with them. Remarkable job Summer, thanks for sharing this little gem with us.
Ana94 12 days ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Summer Cooper is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
All08178 12 days ago
Such An amazing next part of Dylan and Emily’s story. Although I’m not a huge fan of cliff hangers in books i have to say this series was defiantly worth the wait for the next book. It just sucks you into the story. The domination and the love and need to please is so real feeling you just get this rush of emotions. It is a well written book and definitely worth reading this series!!!
LaraMN 12 days ago
Emily and Dylan have come clean and discussed his past and her real identity and worked through it. Everything is going great until her brother comes up again. Will he be able to comfort her after she read his letter? Will she be strong enough to read what he wrote? So intense and emotional you will be captivated to the end. I voluntarily reviewed this ARC.