Darken the Stars

Darken the Stars

by Amy A. Bartol


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ISBN-13: 9781503947429
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 09/08/2015
Series: Kricket Series , #3
Pages: 282
Sales rank: 387,593
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

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Darken the Stars 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
I’m having trouble putting this review to paper. I have so much I want to express but I just can’t seem to find the proper words so…… here goes. After finishing DtS I will sum this up as it is Kricket’s story and hers alone. It’s not about her & Trey or even her and Kyon. There was not one thing in this story that I expected and at the end of the day it was refreshing. All I could think about while reading was that this could NOT be the last book. While Kricket may have made peace with her relationships with the two men in her life and found a place where she wants to be, myself as a reader I have not and you know what? It may not be an ideal ending for most but I applaud Ms. Bartol for writing it the way she did. I’m sure it could’ve been very easy to give readers what they “wanted” but it wouldn’t have been true to the author or to Kricket. This will definitely be a book that stays with me for a long time.
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
Darken the Stars is the third and final book in this series, and I, like all of the other fans of this series are left saying "What?" I loved how Kricket, who had been terrified of Kyon in the previous books, see's his faults, but comes to care for him anyway. Ok, if you've read my previous reviews for Under Different Stars and Sea of Stars, you know that Kyon has been cast as the evil character. But, as with all great storytellers, this author gave us some insight into why he was so crazy, and also why Kricket was so important to him. When Kyon gains control of Kricket, he could have raped her, or forced his will on her. Both things that he had threatened her with previously, but when he actually had her, he was patient, he gave her freedom (within reason), and he kept her interest by teaching her things like how to swim, and how to drive, so that she would not have any weaknesses, if anything were to happen to him. Don't get me wrong, he was a psychopath, but he had his reasons, and Kricket was never at risk from him. As I found out more about his background, he became a sympathetic character, and I actually found him much more interesting than her previous beau, Trey. This novel has all of the political machinations of the previous book, but we are also given a real villain to root against, and the pairing of Kricket and Kyon is the last move in this extremely well wrought chess game. I don't usually read anything other than a synopsis before writing my review because I don't want anyone else's opinion to sway my thoughts on the book. However, the ending of this book was such a surprise, and was not as conclusive as I thought it would be that I went on the author's website to see if this was really the last book. I saw a ton of comments from readers pleading for a fourth installment in this series. I want to raise my voice and plead with the majority. Please write another book! Please give your readers the conclusion they need to let Kricket go quietly into the night.
BooksbyNightMommybyDay More than 1 year ago
**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review** 4 ½ stars! Now that Kyon Ensin of the Alameeda Brotherhood has finally gotten his ultimate prize and desire – the Priestesses Kricket Hollowell – he’ll stop at nothing to protect her and make her his in every sense of the word. But Kricket’s heart is still with Trey Allairis, the Rafe soldier that saved her from Earth and from the other Alameedans that would use her for her gift of prophecy. Kyon has taken Kricket to his own private island to get to know her better so when they are “joined” or married, she will be willing to submit to his will completely. At first, Kricket is bound and determined that Kyon is the jerk she first met on Earth – and that all he wants to do is control her every move. But as they get to know each other better, they form an alliance of sorts with the common enemy being none other than Kyon’s own father, Excelsior Ensin – the Chancellor of the Alameeda Brotherhood. As their bond grows, Kricket begins to realize that Kyon may be the only one that is able to truly able to keep her safe from the Chancellor’s evil grasp. Also, through her out of body prophecy experiences, Kricket learns that her father, Pan Hollowell whom she thought had been dead since she was a little girl, is actually alive and well and leading a rebellion against the Alameedans – and he let anything or anyone, not even his own daughter, get in his way. And as Kricket slowly drifts her affections toward Kyon and away from Trey, she cements her decision to fight in the war alongside Kyon, for the good of herself and her stone heart. But when the war shows up on Kyon’s doorstep, Kricket must make a choice – Trey or Kyon, Ethar or Earth…when it comes to the war inside Kricket, there is never any easy choice, except to always protect herself. Oh how I had mixed feelings about this book…I wanted to hate Kricket for betraying Trey like she does, but then Kyon starts really showing Kricket how he feels – not just for her ability but genuinely about HER. But when all is said and done throughout each book, the underlying fact is that Kricket is a fighter and a survivor – she overcomes every obstacle and roadblock that stands in her way, whether it’s an entire fleet of warriors or an overzealous dictator. These stories are about a strong young lady that overcomes in the face of diversity and hardship – and while I truly hope this is not the end of the series (I think I would still be really sad with this ending for Kricket!), I can say that Ms. Bartol has given us readers a strong and resilient character and story that will at times warm your heart or have you on the verge of tears at others. Here’s to hoping Kricket still has some stories left to tell!
MzRia More than 1 year ago
Everyone Knows There Must Be a Great Sacrifice For Peace   Bucket of tears. Buckets and buckets of tears. What an epic read that was!! The Author has weaved pure magic into the pages of this book! Darken the Stars is my favorite of this series. I honestly hope it isn’t the last. If you are reading this review YOU MUST add the first two and if you have read them and are on the fence regarding this one…I say what are you waiting for? DO it! Bartol takes the reader through several ups and downs. I really really really hope there is another book in the making because this was just to perfect of a read to not have complete resolution of all story lines. I will be stalking watching for a possible next book.   The Story, GAH!!! This one was so good! It picks up right after Sea of Stars and is so full of amazing detail and knowledge of Ethar. Kyon has been searching for Kricket for years he was sent with a very calculated mission, but upon meeting Kricket he knew they were destined to be together. Through an exchange Kricket finds out exactly who her family really is. Sadly they aren’t what they should be and Kricket finds herself more alone than ever. Being near Kyon should make her sick but there is something about him she comes to know him better than anyone else. Piercing his fierce heart there isn’t anything he would not do for her and the reader can feel the passion and love within every caress. While Kricket is with Kyon war rages on and the house of Rafe is near complete demise. The brotherhood continues their deprive plans and at the helm Kyon’s father. He is Kricket’s number one threat but Kyon will stand by her defending her from the world. Secretly another group of outcasts plan to fulfill the prophecy on their terms using Kricket for their own elevation in power and then discarding of her as though she were nothing more than a useful tool turned to trash. Kricket has always been a powerful survivor and she fights for those she loves. We watch her willingly make sacrifices and difficult decisions because she knows that is the right path.   The Characters, Kricket is more powerful than before. Drawing strength from her heart she will continue to show everyone she will not be caged or controlled. We get to see major development as she begins to maneuver through this world with confidence. Her intelligence and forthwith all are key in the days to come and situations she has to outwit. She proves herself time and time again as a fighter and my heart broke for her paper heart more times than I can count. She is truly everything and more in what a beautiful of heart and mind character should be. Kyon, his involvement with Kricket was like a dream to me. I’ve never disliked him, I’ve actually always liked him for Kricket and in this installment we really get to see how much they are meant to be together. Though Kyon is a bit unhinged I’ve always felt like there is more to him than he’s shown. I can happily say we see a different side of him. The side that is born of the love and connection he has with Kricket. I truly hope we get to see more of Kyon with Kricket and dare I say end up with her by his side. Trey, sigh this is a hard one for me…Kricket has always loved Trey from the very beginning but things have changed so much and there has been so much betrayal that I don’t want to see these two together. Where Kyon has relentlessly pursued Kricket and did everything for her and gave her everything just to know her. Trey just sits back to
JK1515 More than 1 year ago
This author is AMAZING! I love everything she has written, and this installment of the Kricket series is just as great. I loved the romance in Darken the Stars. The author stepped up the stakes and the romance intwined in this third book, Darken the Stars. I was so dead set on who I was rooting for, but the tables have turned and I find myself rooting for another. The political intrigue just gets move involved and I loved reading about all the twists that cropped up. I had no clue how the story was going to pan out, and it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end! The ending was absolutely perfect, provided we get another installment. I need more Kricket! Darken the Stars gets five glittery stars for another fantastic read by Amy Bartol.
BFF_K_BFF_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
I'm not sure how to write a review for a book that concludes (?) a series that I have dearly loved in a manner in which I'm still coming to terms. I'm a HUGE fan of Amy A. Bartol. I think she's an absolute genius and her creation of worlds beyond my wildest imagination is exceptional. Darken the Stars blew me away, hence the rare 6-Rating! If you've been following Amy Bartol or any of the social media hype surrounding this book, you will know that it has left many in a state of great unrest. The ending is not what many (including me) had hoped for these beloved characters. While the conclusion to this story left me sobbing and bleeding; it's honestly better than the worst case scenarios that ran through my head before and during my reading. The ending is better than the countless horrific outcomes I had envisioned where all my favorite characters in the series, including Kricket, die unspeakably horrible deaths. This ending is NOT what I had expected or hoped for but, in retrospect, I can't imagine being satisfied with something different at this point. Kricket has a life on her own terms. She belongs to no one and is controlled by no one. She also knows the truth about who she is and what her abilities allow her to do. Kricket has true friendships and a true understanding of who she is, how brilliant she is and how many people love her to the point that they will kill for her. It is sometimes easy to forget, but this series is about Kricket. This series is about her journey, her discoveries, her fights for love and acceptance and life as she chooses. All of the other characters and plots exist to highlight and develop Kricket. Darken the Stars emphasizes all of the amazing complexities and nuances of Kricket's character; she has proven herself over and over again. Throughout this series, it has been no secret that I LOVE Trey (still do.) He's been one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends. I also had a strong dislike for Kyon. I have spouted in several forums on social media my dislike for Kyon and the assertion that I would never, could never like this character......When I'm wrong, I'll say I'm wrong. After Darken the Stars, I see Kyon differently. I valiantly fought against liking him but, through this book, I understand him so clearly. I understand Kricket's feelings for him and his feelings for her. It is a testament to Amy Bartol's storytelling to take a character that was so despised and completely redeem and endear him to the reader. This character exploration alone makes Darken the Stars worth reading! This book has always been billed as the final installment in the Kricket series. If it ends today, I can live with the conclusion. I will imagine in my head countless continuations for my favorite characters as the story will continue to play out in ways I envision. However, if we raise our voices together - rant, rave and beg, maybe the publisher #47North would consider a continuation to Kricket's story. Like so many others, I'm just not ready for this story to end. If you have read the first two books in the Kricket series, you absolutely MUST read Darken the Stars. If you haven't started the series, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is. This series is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorites! An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review. This book received a 6-Rating, the highest possible, on the BFF Book Blog.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars!! ” I don’t want to be a star, caged by the night. I won’t be hung up in the sky for others to decide how high I can soar. No one gets to do that but me. I can’t be someone’s possession. I won’t be owned. My heart has grown fiercer; I want wildflowers without worms. I want love, but on my own terms.” Darken The Stars picks up right where the last book left off. Kyon has finally got what he always wanted; possession of Kricket. However, Kricket doesn’t want anything to do with Kyon. She wants to live her life the way that she wants; on her own terms. But fate has it own plans. Kricket will find herself wondering exactly who she can trust. Everyone wants Kricket for their own agenda, but Kricket doesn’t want to be anyone’s pawn. Will Kricket be able to control her own destiny and change the future before it’s too late? Darken The Stars was such a fantastic read. It was well written and captivating. I loved getting lost in the characters and in this world that Amy Bartol has created. This book had me asking so many questions. I didn’t know who to trust or who’s side was the right side. There were so many great twists and truths that were revealed. My only complaint was the ending. Don’t get me wrong, the ending was great. However, it was a little too open-ended for my liking. I really wanted some more resolution. I wanted to know what happened next. I wasn’t quiet ready to say goodbye to Kricket and friends yet. Darken The Stars will take you on one heck of a ride. This book has it all; from action to romance to great fantasy elements. I enjoyed every second of this book. I am sad to see these characters go, but who knows, maybe there will be another story further down the road…..One can always hope :) *I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*