The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld Series #2)

The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld Series #2)

by Gena Showalter

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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She has tempted many men… but never found her equal.

Until now.

Though she has lived for centuries, Anya, goddess of anarchy, has never known pleasure. Until Lucien, the incarnation of death—a warrior eternally doomed to take souls to the hereafter. He draws her like no other. And Anya will risk anything to have him.

But when the merciless Lord of the Underworld is ordered by the gods to claim Anya herself, their uncontrollable attraction becomes an anguished pursuit. Now they must defeat the unconquerable forces that control them, before their thirst for one another demands a sacrifice of love beyond imagining.…

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ISBN-13: 9780373775231
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 12/29/2009
Series: Lords of the Underworld Series , #2
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 103,668
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over fifty books, including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld and Angels of the Dark series, and the White Rabbit Chronicles. She writes sizzling paranormal romance, heartwarming contemporary romance, and unputdownable young adult novels, and lives in Oklahoma City with her family and menagerie of dogs. Visit her at

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Anya, goddess of anarchy, daughter of Lawlessness, and dealer of disorder, stood on the edge of a crowded dance floor. All of the dancers were human females, beautiful and nearly naked, chosen specifically by the Lords of the Underworld to provide the night's entertainment. Both vertical and horizontal.

Wisps of smoke cast a dream-fog around them, and pin-pricks of starlight rained from the swirling strobe, illuminating everything inside the darkened nightclub in slow, sweeping circles. From the corner of her eye, she caught a scintillating glimpse of a taut immortal ass pounding forward, back, forward, into an ecstatic female.

My kind of party, she thought with a wicked grin. Not that she'd been invited.

Like anything could have stopped me from coming, though. The Lords of the Underworld were delectable immortal warriors who were possessed by the demon spirits that had once resided inside Pandora's box. And now, with a few rounds of hard liquor and even harder sex, they were saying goodbye to Budapest, the city they'd called home for hundreds of years.

Anya wanted in on the action. With one warrior in particular.

"Part," she whispered, fighting her intrinsic compulsion to shout "Fire" instead and watch as the humans raced away in a panic, screaming hysterically. Let the good times roll.

An erratic pulse of rock music that matched the erratic beat of her heart blasted from the speakers, making it impossible for anyone to hear her. They obeyed, anyway, compelled on a level they probably didn't understand.

A path cleared, slowly…so slowly….

Finally the object of her fascination came into view. Heated breath caught in her lungs, and she shivered. Lucien. Deliciously scarred, irresistibly stoic and possessed by the spirit of Death. Right now he sat at a table in back, expression blank as he stared up at Reyes, his friend and fellow immortal.

What were they saying? If Lucien wanted the keeper of Pain to procure one of those mortal women for him, a false declaration of "fire" would be the least of their worries. Teeth grinding together, Anya tilted her head to the side, zoned in on them while discarding all surrounding noise, and listened.

"—she was right. I checked the satellite photos on Torin's computer. Those temples are rising from the sea." Reyes knocked back the contents of the silver flask he held. "One is in Greece and one is in Rome, and if they continue to rise at such a swift rate, they'll be high enough to explore sometime tomorrow."

"Why do humans not know about them?" Lucien scrubbed his jaw with two strong fingers, a habit of his. "Paris has watched the news stations and there has been nothing. Not even speculation."

Silly boy, she thought, relieved sex was not the night's topic. You know about them only because I wanted you to know. No one else would—or could—see them. She had made sure of that with a sweet little thing called chaos, her strongest source of power, hiding the temples with storms to keep humans away, while at the same time feeding the Lords enough information to draw them the hell out of Buda.

She wanted Lucien out of Buda and off his game. Just for a little while. A disconcerted man was easier to control.

Reyes sighed. "Perhaps the new gods are responsible. Most days I am sure they hate us and long to destroy us, simply for being half-demon."

Lucien's expression remained blank. "Does not matter who is responsible. We will travel in the morning as planned. My hands itch to search one of those temples."

Reyes tossed the now-empty flask onto the table. His fingers curled around the top of one of the chairs, his knuckles slowly bleaching of color. "If we're lucky, we'll find that damned box while we're there."

Anya ran her tongue over her teeth. Damned box, aka dimOuniak, aka Pandora's box. Constructed from the bones of the goddess of Oppression, the box was powerful enough to contain demons so vile even hell had not been able to hold them. It was also powerful enough to suck those same demons out of the Lords, their once unwilling hosts. Now these wonderfully aggressive warriors were dependent on the beasts for their survival, and needless to say, they wanted the box for themselves.

Again, Lucien nodded. "Do not think about that now; there'll be time enough for that tomorrow. Go and enjoy the rest of your evening. Do not waste another moment in my boring presence."

Boring? Ha! Anya had never met anyone who excited her more.

Reyes hesitated before ambling off, leaving Lucien alone. None of the human women approached him. Looked at him, yes. Cringed when they saw his scars, sure. But none of them wanted anything to do with him—and that saved their lives.

He's taken, biyatches. "Notice me," Anya commanded softly.

A moment passed. He didn't obey.

Several humans glanced in her direction, heeding her demand, but Lucien's gaze latched on to the empty flask in front of him and remained, becoming a wee bit wistful. Much to her consternation, immortals were immune to her commands. A courtesy of the gods.

"Bastards," she muttered. Any restrictions they could place on her, they did. "Anything to screw with lowly Anarchy."

Anya hadn't been favored during her days on Mount Olympus. The goddesses had never liked her because they assumed she was a replica of her "whore of a mother" and would jump their husbands. Likewise, the gods had never respected her, again because of her mother. The guys had wanted her, though. Well, until she'd killed their precious Captain of the Guard and they'd deemed her too feral.

Idiots. The captain had deserved what she'd done to him. Hell, he'd deserved worse. The little shit had tried to rape her. If he had left her alone, she would have left him alone. But noooo. She didn't regret cutting the black heart out of his chest, didn't regret placing said heart on a pike in front of Aphrodite's temple. Not even a tiny bit. Freedom of choice was precious, and anyone who tried to take hers away would feel the sting of her daggers.

Choice. The word rang inside her mind, bringing her back to the present. What the hell would it take to convince Lucien to choose her?

"Notice me, Lucien. Please."

Once again, he ignored her.

She stomped her foot. For weeks she'd cloaked herself in invisibility, following Lucien, watching, studying. And yes, lusting. He'd had no idea she lurked nearby, even as she willed him to do all sorts of naughty things: strip, pleasure himself… smile. Okay, so the last wasn't naughty. But she'd wanted to see his beautifully flawed face light in humor just as much as she'd wanted to see his naked body glisten with arousal.

Had he granted even that benign request, though? No!

A part of her wished she'd never seen him, that she hadn't allowed Cronus, the new king of the gods, to intrigue her with stories about the Lords a few months ago. Maybe I'm the idiot.

Cronus had just escaped Tartarus, a prison for immortals and a place she knew intimately. He'd imprisoned Zeus and his cohorts there, as well as Anya's parents. When Anya returned for them, Cronus had been waiting for her. He had demanded Anya's greatest treasure. She'd declined—duh— so he'd tried to scare her.

Give me what I want or I'll send the Lords of the Underworld after you. They are demon-possessed, as blood-hungry as starving animals, and they will not hesitate to peel the lovely flesh from your bones. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever.

Far from frightening her, his words had caused excitement to bloom. She'd ended up seeking out the warriors on her own. She'd thought to defeat them and laugh in Cronus's face, a sort of look-what-I-did-to-your-big-scary-demons kind of thing.

One glance at Lucien, though, and she'd become instantly obsessed. She'd forgotten her reasons for being there and had even aided the supposedly malevolent warriors.

It was just that contradictions tantalized her, and Lucien had so very many. He was scarred but not broken, kind but unbending. He was a calm, by-the-book immortal, not blood-hungry as Cronus had claimed. He was possessed by an evil spirit, yet he never deviated from his own personal code of honor. He dealt with death every day, every night, yet he fought to live.


As if that wasn't enough to prick her interest, his flowery fragrance filled her with decadent, wicked thoughts every time she neared him. Why? Any other man who smelled like roses would have made her laugh. With Lucien, her mouth watered for a taste of him and her skin prickled with white-hot awareness, desperate for his touch.

Even now, simply looking at him and imagining that scent wafting to her nose, she had to rub her arms to rid herself of goose bumps. But then she thought about him rubbing her, and the delicious shivers refused to go away.

Gods, he was sexy. He had the freakiest eyes she'd ever seen. One was blue, the other brown, and both swirled with the essence of man and demon. And his scars… All she could think of, dream about, crave, was licking them. They were beautiful, a testament to all the pain and suffering he'd survived.

"Hey, gorgeous. Dance with me," one of the warriors suddenly said at her side.

Paris, she realized, recognizing the promise of sensuality in his voice. He must have finished screwing that human against the wall and was now looking for another bimbo to sate himself on. He'd just have to keep looking. "Go away."

Unaffected by her lack of interest, he grabbed her waist. "You'll like it, I swear."

She brushed him aside with a flick of her wrist. Possessed by Promiscuity, Paris was blessed with pale, almost glittery skin, electric-blue eyes, and a face the angels probably sang hallelujahs over, but he wasn't Lucien and he did nothing for her.

"Keep your hands to yourself," she muttered, "before I cut them off."

He laughed as if she were joking, unaware she'd do that and more. She might deal in petty disorder, but she never uttered a threat she didn't plan to see through. To do so smacked of weakness, and Anya had vowed long ago never to show a single hint of weakness.

Her enemies would love nothing more than to exploit it. Thankfully, Paris didn't reach for her again. "For a kiss," he said huskily, "I'll let you do anything you want to my hands."

"In that case, I'll cut off your cock, too." She didn't like having her ogling interrupted, especially since she rarely had time to indulge. Nowadays, she spent most of her waking hours dodging Cronus. "How's that?"

Paris's laughter intensified and managed to snag Lucien's attention. Lucien's gaze lifted, first landing on Paris, then locking onAnya. Her knees almost buckled. Oh, sweet heaven. Paris was forgotten as she fought to breathe. Did she imagine the fire that suddenly sparked in Lucien's mismatched eyes? Did she imagine the way his nostrils flared in awareness?

Now or never. Licking her lips, never removing her gaze from him, she eased into a sensual bump and grind and made her way toward his table. Halfway, she stopped and motioned for him to join her with a crook of her finger. He stood in front of her a moment later, as if he'd been pulled by an invisible chain, unable to resist.

Up close, he was six-feet-six of muscle and danger. Pure temptation.

Her lips edged into a slow smile. "We meet at last, Flowers." Anya didn't give him time to respond. She ground her left hipbone against the hard juncture between his legs, turning erotically and presenting him with a view of her back. Her ice-blue corset was held together by nothing more than thin ribbons, and she knew her skirt hung so low on her waist that it failed to cover the bands of her thong. Oopsie.

Men, mortal or otherwise, usually melted when they caught a glimpse of something they shouldn't.

Lucien hissed in a breath.

Her smile widened. Ah, sweet progress.

Her unhurried movements were completely at odds with the fast-pounding rock, but she never ceased the slow gyrations of her body as she raised her hands over her head then leisurely ran them through the thick mass of her snow-white hair, down her arms, stroking her own skin but imagining his hands instead. Her nipples hardened.

"Why did you summon me, woman?" His voice was low, yet as disciplined as the warrior himself.

Listening to him speak was more arousing than being touched by another man, and her stomach clenched. "I wanted to dance with you," she said over her shoulder. Bump, bump, slllooow grind. "Is that a crime?"

He didn't hesitate with his answer. "Yes."

"Good. I've always enjoyed breaking the law." A confused pause. Then, "How much did Paris pay you to do this?"

"I get paid? Oh, goodie!" Stepping back, grinning, she brushed her ass against him, arching and swinging as sensually as she was able. Hello, erection. The heat of him nearly liquefied her bones. "What's the currency? Orgasms?"

In her dreams, he always grabbed her and meshed the hard length of his cock into her at this point. In reality, he jumped backward as if she were a bomb about to detonate, creating more hated distance between them.

A sense of loss immediately blanketed her. "No touching," he said. He'd probably done his best to sound calm, but he had sounded on edge. Strained. More tense than arousing.

Her eyes narrowed. All around, people watched their interaction and his rejection of her. This isn't prime time, she projected at them with a scowl. Turn the fuck around.

One by one, the humans obeyed. However, the rest of the Lords closed in on her, staring intently, no doubt curious as to who she was and what she was doing here.

They had to be careful, and she understood that. They were still pursued by Hunters, humans who foolishly believed they could create a utopia of peace and harmony by ridding the world of the Lords and the demons they carried inside them.

Ignore them. You're running out of time, chica. She returned her attention to Lucien by twisting her head to face him without actually turning all the way around. "Where were we?" she asked huskily. She ran a fingertip over the top band of her thong, not stopping until she drew the hot focus of his gaze to the glittery angel wings in the center.

"I was just about to walk away," he choked out.

At his words, her nails elongated into little claws. He still thought to deny her? Seriously?

She'd shown herself to him, even knowing that the gods would be able to pinpoint her exact location—something it was best to avoid since they planned to snuff her out like a mangy animal. She would not leave this club without a reward.

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Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld Series #2) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 464 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gena Showalter continues to make her unique mark in paranormal romance with THE DARKEST KISS, Book #2 in her Lords Of The Underworld series for HQN 'June 2008'. In Budapest, Lucien, the leader of a group of immortal warriors who have all been possessed by a different demon lord for opening Pandora¿s Box centuries ago, humors his men with one last night on the town at a local nightclub before they go in search for the missing Pandora¿s Box. As the keeper of Death, Lucien has eschewed softer emotions, so that he can effectively do his duty -- escort souls to heaven. . . or hell. Anya is the Goddess of Anarchy and cannot help but create chaos where ever she goes, never taking herself seriously. So why the beautiful, mischievous Anya is attracted to the dark, scarred Lucien with the unusual colored eyes 'one brown/one blue' is puzzling even to her. Anya flirts outrageously with Lucien and first convinces him to dance with her and then kiss her. Lucien is totally wary of the sexy Anya, who could have any man she wants, and thinks she must be Bait sent by human Hunters, who want to capture all the warriors to trap their demons back inside the box. When Cronus, the King of the Titans, arrives and catches them together, he orders Lucien to kill Anya or all the Lords will suffer. However, Anya, who possesses a special All-Key that Cronus wants, manages to escape since she has the ability to flash herself anywhere just like Lucien does. Little does Lucien know, Anya is also cursed and is not as wild as she seems. Lucien and Anya combine forces by flashing themselves all over the world to seek four ancient artifacts: the All-seeing Eye, the Cloak of Invisibility, The Cage of Compulsion and the Paring Rod that will assist them in finding Pandora¿s Box and destroying it before Hunters can use it against them. Through terrifically witty verbal repartee they are constantly battling their attraction for each other but soon give in to burning passion. As a bonus to this fantastic primary romance, there is also the brilliant set up for two other Lords love stories: Reyes, Keeper of Pain 'THE DARKEST PLEASURE/June 2008' and Paris, Keeper of Promiscuity '11/09'. THE DARKEST KISS really showcases all of Gena Showalter¿s wonderful writing talents 'endearing, dark, quirky, hot, touching and sexy' into an absolutely phenomenal complex paranormal tale!
JC_Rubio More than 1 year ago
I was totally blown away by Anya and Lucien... I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading this book. The main characters journey of love and hate kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning, turning page after page.
Daronline More than 1 year ago
Seriously, who couldn't like a romance about the not so minor kleptomaniac goddess of anarchy getting with the up-tight and boring demon of death? It's got all the right things I look for in a book like this-good characters,amazing back story, a quick-paced plot, and an awesome romantic pairing--and was completely disappointed to see it come to an end. :( So, obviously, I loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the first book that I read by Gena a few years back and I fell in love with the world she created and her writing stlye. I loved every moment of it. If you had to choose which one to read from her, this one is the one to choose. I can picture all of it in my head perfectly without even thinking about it.
ReadingVixen67 More than 1 year ago
Anya is SUCH a tease in this book! LOL She and Death make a very interesting pair; loved it!
kep More than 1 year ago
I so loved the first book with Maddox and Ashlyn and when I started this book I immediately started to dislike the heroine. Anya was a constant tease, enjoyed lying and stealing, had an over confident attitude and could be really sassy at times. Half way through the book I was hating her and thought the book would end with me very disappointed. Well, that was rather foolish of me. Now that I have finished the book, I can say that the last half of the book changed my opinion. I admit I did not enjoy the first 200 pages but after that, the plot got thicker and more exciting. Anya was finally able to open up to Lucien. Lucien showed more emotion towards her which seemed to settle down some of Anya's not so good behaviors that so bugged me. I liked when her friend William enters the story. They're relationship was fun to read. Especially with Lucien been all protective of her. It made me laugh a little. After that I was hooked. So for those of you who start to read the story and find yourself not liking Anya, I say be patient and don't give up. Remember her character is a minor goddess and goddess characters tend to have a bit of an attitude. You never know by the end of the book, you may find that she has finally grown on you and will admit to liking her. I do now. PS the back stories with Paris and Reyes fuel to the book. Adding excitement and anticipation for the next books. Comment | Permalink
cmikel More than 1 year ago
This book/series is so wonderful!! I will buy more of her books from here on out!!
1angelbaby13 More than 1 year ago
Okay, I loved this book. I could put it down a little more then the other two books but this one was still great. It still gets five stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After reading the first one, HAD to read this one, and was not disappointed!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed this book, as well as all the other Lords of the Underworld books. The story is so very unusual both exicting and sensual at times. Many different turns so it was hard to see exactly how things would end. The characters are all so very different opening up so many different possibilities for future books. Loved it and can't wait for the next in the series.
fairypenguin on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The first book in this series, The Darkest Night, was average. I continued with this, the second book, in hopes that the series would improve--and I was much rewarded. The background and circumstances already having been established, Showalter is able to deliver a much more compelling love story. Lucian is the keeper of the Demon Death, and is forced to escort the souls of the dead to either heaven or hell. He is commanded by the Titan king Cronus to kill the goddess of Anarchy, Anya. Anya has been stalking Lucian for some time by this point, finding herself fascinated by him. Her past is marked by a curse and a secret gift from her father, making her existence treacherous and complicated. But her attraction for Lucian, and his for her, quickly overshadows all of that. Lucian is a fascinating, complex, sexy character. The theme of Death is equally fascinating. Anya is the exact opposite of the typical fainting,helpless, virginal heroine. She is pushy, destructive, and fun. Their love story is hot and romantic. The biggest problem with this book, like The Darkest Night, is pacing. The plot is well thought out but drags in some places, particularly at the beginning, then skips ahead rapidly as if in a hurry to finish. To me this is likely an issue of poor outlining on the authors part. It does not detract much from the romance, but it makes the tension level awkward. I recommend this book to anyone who read the first--whether you liked it or not--because it is a huge improvement on the Lord of the Underworld universe.
Kilina on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought this sequel was much better then the first book The Darkest Night. There is an exciting plot where the characters are on the search for Pandora¿s Box. Lucien has been ordered to kill the Goddess Anya and his struggle with being attracted to her is really explosive.A lot of people found Anya to be annoying, but I thought all her better qualities really outweighed her faults with the in your face dialogue. She¿s bold and unapologetic about her sexuality and selfishness. She is strong all on her own and able to take care of herself. When she knows she¿s fallen in love with Lucien, her devotion and fierce protectiveness of him was really touching. I loved their arguments and fighting, very well written.This book had the feel of a real love story that the other one lacked. They are able to maintain their personal dark sides of Death and Anarchy. The characters kept being just as strong and capable even when they began to love each other. Anya was able to trust Lucien with her freedom and he learns to accept that she can love him with his scars. There was a progression in their relationship and a real connection that the first couple didn¿t have.I liked the characters and the plot but this book still had a big flaw that aggravated me when I was trying to enjoy. There is repetition in this book all over the place. The scenes when the main characters act on their attraction all sound exactly the same. They may be in different settings but there are so many that none of them sound original. By the time they finally seal the deal, instead of being really intense like it should have been, it was boring cause I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again.
bookworm_naida on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
After reading The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, Book 1), I knew I wanted to continue reading Gena Showalter's Darkest Night Series. The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Book 2) takes right off where The Darkest Night left off. In the Lords of the Underworld series, a group of immortal men live have been cursed to house demons for eternity. They opened Pandora's Box and now have to live with demons inside themselves. In The Darkest Kiss, Lucien, is the Keeper of Death.As soon as Anya, goddess of Anarchy, finds the Lords of the Underworld, she falls in love with Lucien. She keeps herself hidden, and basically begins to stalk Lucien, following his every move. When she makes herself known to him, Lucien is weary of her. Hunters are always on the lookout for the immortals, wanting to kill them, especially the Lords of the Underworld. But once Lucien realizes Anya is not a hunter, he still wonders why she wants him. He is badly scarred and all the brothers consider him to be 'the ugly one'. But Anya won't give up that easy, she knows she wants Lucien and sets out to seduce him. Lucien has been ordered by the gods to kill Anya, but he can't bring himself to do it. As the Lords of the Underworld travel distant locations in search of an ancient relic, Anya and Lucien pair up. Anya does everything she can to seduce him.I enjoyed The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Book 2) . Lucien and Anya are great characters and the chemistry between the two is hot. I liked that Anya is a strong woman, she doesn't take 'no' for an answer and can take care of herself. Lucien is a great hero. This is a fun series. I'll be reading book three. If you like paranormal romance, Alpha males and a fun and sexy plot, you may want to give this series a try. The love scenes were done really well.The one thing I didn't like about this book was that towards the end, there was too much involved. The plot kept jumping from Anya and Lucien to a few of the other Lords. I felt like that made the book longer than it needed to be. But all in all, this was an enjoyable read
amf0001 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the second of a series and the first book was clearly referred to, but despite not having read it, I could still follow along. Anya a not so minor goddess of Anarchy, has been following the Lords of the Underworld, and has developed a small case of sexual obsession for their leader, Lucien, who carried the demon Death. Lucien is as tortured a soul you could ask for, a man whose careless act (opening Pandora's box) unleashed demons who took host in his and his comrades bodies, and who then feel in love with a mortal woman, only to refuse to kill her when she fell ill, and hten watch her die painfullly. So he disfigured himself and hasn't had sex since (over a thousand years) Anya has her own issues to deal with and still they sparkle and attract each other. The sexual tension is good and the light hearted feel works. I'll read the next in the series.
jjmachshev on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My, my, my. I don't know how I'm going to wait another month for the final book in this trilogy by Gena Showalter. I really enjoyed the first book "The Darkest Night" (see my review), but I just loved "The Darkest Kiss". And the hunk on the cover...whew, hold on to your hats ladies, cause he's one steaming hunk of manhood, er demonhood?He is Death. Since he was the leader of his men and released the demons from the box, it's only fitting that the demon he houses is Death. His job is to ferry the souls to heaven or hell, but allowed entrance to neither. He marked himself with a poisoned blade to remind himself never to love; loving means having to escort that soul and once was more than enough.She is Anarchy, a minor goddess. OK, OK Anya, NOT that minor! She's not quite sure why she's so attracted to Death, but his scars draw her as does his demon. Two bad boys for the price of one!! She is as irreverent as he is solemn and neither can fight the unholy pull they have to one another.I absolutely devoured this book! What began with the first book in the series becomes deeper, more complex, and more intriguing. If the final book comes anywhere close to the first two, then all three of these will be in a place of honor on my keeper shelf!!
The_Book_Queen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Lucien: dark, sexy, and tormented.. Sounds like the perfect man, right ladies? Oh, wait, one more thing... He's the Keeper of Death, the demon. But no worries-- he's still delicious and dangerously wicked! And the demon? If you're the lucky women who will be his soul mate, aka Anya, then the demon will even purr for you during certain.. intimate moments. Really, based on that little bit of information alone, who wouldn't want to read this story, or Showalter's other Lords of the Underworld Series? This book, like always, has wit and adventure, suspense and myth, hard, hot, steamy sex and heart-wrenching teary moments. A perfect combination, flawlessly combined by Showalter, that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more from these sexy, tormented alpha male/demon warriors, labeled Lords of the Underworld. 4.5/5 STARS! Yet another great read by Showalter, this time adding in a new element-- gods and demons to the already smokin' hot romances! I swear, everytime I pick up one of her books they just keep getting, impossible as it may seem, better and better! A definite 'most read' for any romance lover! I can't wait for Paris' story though.... We got a glimace of his fated mate in this book *In a veeeery hot scene, of course!*, but then Showalter turned an unexpected corner in the story and I'm not sure how his book will turn out... Always a good thing, I guess, leaving the readers wondering, waiting for the next book! :)
onyx95 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Finding the ancient relics should be the only thing on Lucien¿s mind, but Anya the `Minor¿ Goddess of Anarchy would not let him or his demon Death think straight. Ever since he had first smelled her while she helped his friends Maddox and Ashlyn break one of the Gods terrible curses, Lucien could always tell if she was around. Anya was powerful enough to be able to be invisible, ¿flash¿ from point to point and she held a key that allowed her to get out of anything. When Lucien had been ordered by the Gods to take Anya¿s life, he knew he could not and was hoping he could find some way to deal, make a trade with the Gods to keep her alive and with him. Though he had told Anya about his orders, she could not seem to stay away. Almost baiting him to strike her down, she began to toy with him and his demon, whether to anger or arouse Anya was a torment that Lucien and Death wanted to have around. I had a difficult time with this one, I adore Lucien and Death, the control and understanding that they seem to share is a wonderful combination. The character had been in the first book, so I had already enjoyed them. Anya, was an annoying little brat that got on my nerves. She was not my favorite character of this book. I felt Lucien deserved so much better, how about that, a demon deserves better than a goddess. The best part was near the end when she was finally honest with Lucien about her curse. The extra tidbits about the rest of the warriors and their demons are few and far between, I missed Maddox, Keeper of Violence. The bits about Reyes, Keeper of Pain were good but since I believe the 3rd book is about him and Danika, the information probably could have waited. I am eager to see how Paris, Keeper of Promiscuity is handled in the next book considering what all happened to him at the hands of the Hunter. And the same for poor Aeron, Keeper of Wrath. I felt a lot of these warriors and demons should have played more of a part, I missed them and hope to find them again in the next book.
MisfitRhi on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I wanted to love this book. I really did. As the second in a series where the first didn't impress me I was hoping it was just a fluke. But once again I just didn't quite fall in love with the Lords of the Underworld. The Darkest Kiss is Lucien, Keeper of Death's, story. When we left off with The Darkest Night, Anya, the mysterious goddess, had told the Lords of two temples rising from the sea. These temples might hold the answers to where Pandora's box, the prison from which their demons came, is hiding. Naturally, both the Lords and the Hunters want to find the box. If the Hunters find it, they can use it to suck the demons from the Lords, putting them back in the box killing the Lords. And there is no way that's going to happen if the Lords have anything to say about it. Lucien's demon isn't remotely so vocal as Maddox's has been. Death barely stirs other than to collect souls, Lucien is very in control as he sets off to search the temples. Then Anya, a pixie-esque demi-goddess who smells like strawberries, thrusts her way into his world and won't give him a moment's peace. She dresses like a tart and she talks like she's been around the block and changed the tires a few times. She's tough but cute and she wants Lucien for some reason. They fuss and they fight and they share some kisses and then we find out she can never "go all the way" with a guy (sorry if that's too spoilery for anyone) because she's been cursed to be eternally bound to the first one to have her. To make matters worse she's pissed off Cronus, the new king of the gods, so he commands the Keeper of Death to kill her and bring him Anya's body. Lucien struggles with this because he likes Anya enough not to kill her, but with his fellow Lords in danger of Cronus' wrath he can't let her live. What can be done to thwart Cronus and save Anya? It's not that this story was bad. It wasn't. And I adore Gena, she's a sweety when she visits the pararnormal romance forums here! I think this series just isn't for me. It's very similar to other series out there and it has potential to be great, I love the premise and I think the Lords are all interesting figures (Gideon, Keeper of Lies!!!). Where I get stalled up is in the lack of chemistry I feel between the Lords and their potential mates. So far the only one that I felt an interest in was the subplot relating to Paris in this book. The attempt to bring in some subplot to this one was it's redeeming grace for me, so I'm gonna keep readng the series. It's just not a personal favorite. I have one more tiny beef with this book I have to mention though... beautiful cover... but no scars! Lucien is supposed to have lots of visible scars, and as a woman who totally appreciates scars I was a bit dissapointed at the smooth chested cover. Keep up the good work Gena!
jmaloney17 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I like this series for the most part. A couple of the books were not as good as the others, but overall, well worth the read. Suspensful.
blingtastic on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
2nd installment in the series; great tortured hero..unfortunately the heroine was a little silly.
SunnySD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The goddess of Anarchy has sharp tongue, a penchant for strawberry lollipops, sticky fingers that have nothing to do with sugary candy. Oh, and a yen for Lucien, the immortal warrior possessed by the demon Death. Lucky, lucky Lucien.On the trail of the second of the artifacts necessary for success in their quest for Pandora's Box, Lucien and Anya will have to come to terms with each other if they want to survive.Quick, clever, non-stop fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Some parts kind of dragged but overall a pretty good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the way Lucien and Anya are so different yet work so well together. The writing makes the story come alive!
Samantha1020 More than 1 year ago
Summary from Goodreads: "Though she has lived for centuries, Anya, goddess of Anarchy, has never known pleasure. Until Lucien, the incarnation of death--a warrior eternally doomed to take souls to the hereafter. He draws her like no other. And Anya will risk anything to have him. But when the merciless Lord of the Underworld is ordered by the gods to claim Anya herself, their uncontrollable attraction becomes an anguished pursuit. Now they must defeat the unconquerable forces that control them, before their thirst for one another demands a sacrifice of love beyond imagining..." My Thoughts: These books! I just can't seem to get enough of these books and these fallen warriors! After finishing The Darkest Night I was super pumped to read this one and I wasn't disappointed. Basically when I go to read book three I need to make sure that I have nothing planned because I am completely useless while reading these. I spent an entire Saturday afternoon curled up in a chair finishing this book- it was completely worth it! This book was just as readable as the first book and just as hard to put down. I find myself so completely sucked into these books from the very beginning page. The author is just that good! What I loved about this second book is that we are learning more about the world that these warriors used to be a part of. A world filled with gods and goddesses and artifacts with magical properties. It is all so unique and interesting and fun to read about. Plus, it is all very dark and intriguing as well which is something that I am just a sucker for in world building. Anya and Lucien's relationship was just as hot as I had hoped that it would be which makes it all the more fun to read about. With this book, Anya has a curse that really affected her ability to have a relationship with a man (I don't want to say more and spoil it so I will leave it at that). This curse was something that Lucien and Anya were forced to deal with but I really loved the way that it was handled. I also enjoyed that we learned more about some of the other warriors and the demons that they are dealing with. The bonus scenes in this book were when we got to see Ashlyn and Maddox a bit more although the focus wasn't on them at all. I just loved their happy ever after so it was great to see it continue on in this book. My only complaint with this book was the ending. After all that build up for the first 3/4ths of the book I felt like the ending didn't quite live up to my expectations. It just wasn't as intense as I expected it to be. It was good and I wasn't upset with it by any means but it just felt a bit flat in comparison to the rest of the book. If that is my only complaint though....well, I can live with that! Overall, I have become a huge fan of this series thanks to these two books. I am so eager to continue on with this series and get my hands on book three. I'm thinking though that I will need books three and four nearby though so I can continue on this paranormal romance binge. These books are so steamy and such page turners. I can't emphasize that enough! I am loving my time in this world and am so very excited to continue on. Highly recommended to romance and paranormal romance fans! Bottom Line: Another great read that left me pining for more! I love this series! Disclosure: I received both of these books thanks to the publisher as part of a TLC Book Tour.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
Mythology, demonology, and sheer paranormal fantasy all combine here for a very enjoyable whole.  The world in which she sets her tale is well developed and very easy to picture.  The plot itself was simultaneously straightforward and complex.  As a reader I could guess the general gist of how the story would progress but yet I hadn’t unravelled it all until a few pages before the end. The intricately crafted characters that Showalter introduces to her readers are a pleasure to get to know.  Lucian and Anya make a striking pair.  The battles of wits and wills throughout the novel were quite entertaining.  I love the way that Lucien speaks, as if even through his antiquated speech patterns he’s pushing people away.  The hunters also had me intrigued.  In general they are a mass of stereotypical fanatics, but every once in a while someone says or does something that really makes you question the mob mentality that they seem to hold.   As a whole this was an intriguing read.  It was a great addition to the series and a unique read for those who enjoy the genre.