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3.7 14
by Poppet

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Wild Wolf Publishing
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Darkroom 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
MamaElk More than 1 year ago
** spoiler alert ** Poppet took me on a journey into the mind of a man who truly believes that the things he does are rational and necessary. It is so easy to hate Vengeance, but I found myself liking his alter ego, and that aggravated me :/. As for the female mc, I liked her, sympathized with her, felt her fear, her pain, and wanted to scream at her about who Vengeance was! As for Victor, it didn't take long to hate him again. Towards the end he showed some redeeming qualities, but I don't think that anything could redeem him completely. Sometimes a person can just go to far. The original ending left me stunned beyond belief. As for the alternate ending, I was blown away. It gave me what I was hoping for all along, but I believe it was the most painful thing of all for Shauna to deal with. This was a scary and uncomfortable read, though very enjoyable. What made Darkroom scary, was the fact that it or something like this can happen, and does happen. We meet people everyday, and as we all know, they are not always who they seem to be. Sometimes, when we are lucky, we find out quickly. Other times,we are not so lucky, and it takes years, or even decades. I can't wait to read more of Poppets work. Darkroom will be in my mind for a long time to come. Well done!
treetx More than 1 year ago
Poppet has shown a deep and dark story of emotional dependence, and what twisted minds will justify to keep what they want. This girl was originally scarred from childhood. This led her into an adult life without a safe sense of being which left her completely open and vulnerable for a sick, twisted man to control and warp her even more. The twists and turns that Poppet plays throughout this book is like a conductor with a symphony. The development of each and every detail is perfectly timed, given the perfect amount of emphasis and brings you back down. I love Poppet's books because I never know what emotion it will be playing upon at any given moment!! Great job.
Simon_Swift More than 1 year ago
A very Darkroom Darkroom is an incredible rollercoaster journey of such power and intensity that it leaves you breathless. Classically it could be described as a psychological thriller, but this does not do justice to the multi-layered, complex plot that Poppet has so expertly woven. At first it appears a simple tale of good versus evil, the good being the young, carefree and spirited young woman, Shauna, and the evil, depraved, sociopath, Victor or Vengeance. It opens with Shauna captive to the wicked Vengeance, who it appears is on a mission from God to cleanse this 'dirty angel'. The wearing of jeans is deemed a sin worthy of the most cruel and graphic violence and sexual manipulation. On her release, Shauna is shunned by all her nearest and dearest, and put down as delusional. She runs away to South Africa and soon continues her carefree lifestyle of before, only to once again suffer at the hands of Vengeance. A one-night stand is blown up outside her apartment; another supposedly commits suicide, leading to her best friend cutting her out of her life. Every aspect of her life is coloured by the hand of Vengeance, who justifies his actions as the duty from a higher authority. When it appears Shauna can suffer no more, we are introduced to her neighbour, Victor, and at times the narrative dips into romance, but it is always laced with a good dose of horror. Of course Victor is really Vengeance and continues to manipulate every area of her life, using his Darkroom to monitor her every move. When she steps out of line, he again dons the attire of Vengeance and subjects her to such a violent abusive attack, that she comes close to death. What the author does so expertly is switch the POV and put you right in the mind of the protagonists. I found myself almost pantomime-like shouting out 'NO!' at times as we are privy to the most intimate thoughts of Shauna and Victor / Vengeance. Upon realising the severity of his attack on Shauna, I thought briefly Victor was going to change, see the error of his ways and realise he really loved her. I am sure that this was the intention of the author, before throwing you completely off with wicked twist after wicked twist. Towards the end of the novel, you do find out more about Victor / Vengeance and this is where the constant quotations from the bible resonate most. We find out very early on that he is an avenging angel, a Jesus-like chosen one, with an omniscient Father, but it is when his disciples appear (Peter and Seth being two) that a lot of the pieces suddenly slot into place. Not since the epic Moby Dick with Captain Ahab's biblical tussle, has a novel used references to the bible so powerfully. I actually found myself digging out a copy and researching the phrases used. As earlier reviews have warned, Darkroom is in places not an easy book to read - the violence is unwavering and the imagery is incredibly dark. But you must, you absolutely must, because it is an exhilarating ride and the pages turn effortlessly. I found myself thinking I had worked out the ending, only to be thrown off course by an ingenious twist or turn, which makes you read on. Thought provoking is not even close to what Darkroom is. It is as close to an 'unputdownable' book as I have read! When I did the reach the end, I found myself out of breath. The adrenaline was truly flowing, I had become so engaged and involved with the characters. At times I actually rooted for Victor, as the lines between good and e
Angelfirewithwings More than 1 year ago
Darkroom By Poppet I am not going to review this book in the same manner I have others. With others, I choose my words carefully with poise and precision. With Darkroom, I am just going to write down the way it made me feel while reading it, the different emotions that went through me. I feel this is the only way I can do justice to this work by Poppet. I am not going to give a lot away about the contents of the book because I want the reader to go on the roller coaster ride I took from the very beginning. Darkroom is not for the weak hearted and is one hundred percent for adults. It is a very dark read with a villain I have never encountered in any other book I have read. While the character Victor is a vicious sadist, that 'does the will and work of God', and is called Vengeance, that results in torture and certain death for his female victims, until he comes across an 'angel' named Shauna. He becomes a nightmare in her life, popping up whenever he feels she needs to be 'disciplined' to the point of insanity. And in order to make her love him, so he can have her completely in her real life, he has to find a way to be Victor, her savor that rescues her from Vengeance. This book only took me two days to read. I could not put it down. It stirred up a lot of different emotions in me. On one hand I wanted to hate Victor so much, and I did for the pain he inflicted on Shauna as Vengeance, but yet after the torture was over, he was Victor who nursed her back to health. I feel he truly came to love Shauna and I felt good that they were a couple. Poppet has shown great brilliance in Darkroom. She knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. She knows how to put the reader into the story, allowing him/her to feel what the characters are feeling and experiencing. She knows how to bring out the worst fears and nightmares the reader could ever have. This book is not for the squeamish because it is very violent, graphic, sexual, and just plain DARK. I feel Poppet has done what she has set out to do and that is to scare the crap out of whomever dares to pick it up to read. So, reader beware! For me, I loved it! My genre is usually paranormal/fantasy but i totally enjoyed it! It also takes the reader on a adrenaline rush, not knowing what the next page or paragraph holds. You think the story is going in one direction, and predictable, when !wham! you get smacked in the face with a turn you never seen coming. I actually found myself talking to myself while reading this book. And when I can do that, then it is a fantastic piece of work! I also feel she is giving the reader lead way to interpret what Victor/Vengeance is and why he is the way he is. And I will not reveal anything close to the end. Let it be a surprise, a disappointment, a tragedy, justice, whatever you see it to be. Poppet, you have outdone yourself, and I look forward to more of your work. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. I recommend it one hundred percent and I can say with assurance, anyone who picks it up to read it, will not regret it! I give Darkroom Five Stars ***** Reviewed By Nora Barteau
SuperReaderChick 7 months ago
The writing in Darkroom felt almost poetic to me right from the beginning and the first few chapters left me feeling very heady. I very much enjoy books that are able to get into my head in such ways, so I was eager to continue reading. Through Poppet's words and descriptions, I felt as if I sat in the darkness alongside Shauna. I was completely pulled under by this story. There was a mysterious air surrounding Vengeance and it gave me feelings of fear and apprehension as the story progressed. The shifts between characters messed with my head a bit, and I was constantly wondering if Vengeance and Victor are one in the same. The words were constantly making me unsure. At the end of Chapter 20, it became obvious that there were bigger things happening behind the scenes and the watcher was actually being watched. I didn't know what to trust in this book and felt as if I were always looking over my shoulder. It was incredible how Victor was able to manipulate her any which way he chose. As Shauna talked to Victor while struggling to piece together information, I was so afraid for her. Chapter 35 had my head spinning with all the possibilities as some interesting information came to light. Shauna's thoughts and emotions were often all over the place. At times she would have a fleeting glimpse of a thought that Victor was not all that he appeared, but then it would be gone just as quickly as it came. Her mental state throughout made me feel off-kilter as well. I loved how Poppet had created a story that had my mind all twisted up over and over again. The ending was crazy enough, but the chapter with the alternate ending really had me freaking out. I need more and I need it now.
Shelly65 More than 1 year ago
Fifty shaded of what the hell is going on. I decided to read this after reading (and liking) Djinn, but this is a hot mess that feels like a high school sophomore attempting to write something "mature". I gave up after about the 10th reference to "my dirty angel". Ugh.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If your general thought process and outlook on life are easily and heavily influenced by what you read, then this might not be a book for you. I always read the reviews before I buy the book and since I've read other Poppet books and never regretted it, I thought to myself 'It can't be that bad.' Crap, I was wrong. Poppet has the ability to submerge you into the life of the characters in the realistic world she creates. So me thinking I could make it out of this story unscathed was sheer stupidity on my part. The dynamtic domino effect of dysfunctional mental and moral conflict is overwhelming. I felt like I too was being tortured along with the Shauna, the main female character. I related to her in many ways personality wise and did not envy her even in her happiest moments, since her perfect life with Victor is all a lie. Ignorance is bliss. I think I would have been better off not reading Victor's point of view and being as blissfully unaware as Shauna. Being able to read a mind as twisted as his was uncomfortable and made me want to throw up and question my place in the world. The way he and his brotherhood viewed women was unsettling and made me hope that not all men think like this and strive for the dominace and destruction of the opposite gender. This book in one word is HEAVY. Everyhing in this book is heavy. I feel like my brain has gained ten pounds with the ammount this book makes me think. Whether this review makes you want to read this book way more, heyy its your brain at risk. Haha. I don't regret reading this book, but I regret not being prepared for it.
Catpurrson More than 1 year ago
I've liked other work by this author, but this one not so much. I think the story was pretty intense. The girl irrated me. Silly, yes! But for me it was a distraction.
KillerSmile More than 1 year ago
This book had two brilliant twists at the end. The entire story is gruesome and disturbing which is just what I expect from a good horror.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tamara-Nicole More than 1 year ago
The female character is this story was the weakest most pathetic girl i have ever read about. She was so stupid she disgusted me. She was a continous victim and kept herself as such. Naive guillable no common sense. Youve been kidnapped amd tortured a few time but you go to bed leaving your sliding glass door open and unlocked? U blindly trust a man who always tells you what to do after being attacked several more times including once in front of you-he doesnt bother to even try and protect you and u decide to marry him? Wheres your self defense training? Ur guns? Ur attack dogs? Ur mace? Something and anything to protect yourself? Spineless. This book was 700 pages of suspense , frustration, disgust and unbelieveableness well written for a price of one dollar. And i want my dollar back lol. And do i even mention the tattoo scene and the fact that shes walking around wearing jewelry her tomentor/rapist made her wear because her new boyfriends likes them and gets pissed if she removes them? How sick in the head was this girl! smh i wanted her to die because then atleast she would have some peace and the constant manipulation would stop. I coulda bought another book with my dollar. Too bad.
JETaylor More than 1 year ago
Folks, Darkroom is not for the faint of heart, however, if you can stomach the harsh scenes, the tension, and the visceral reactions, you will be enthralled by this book. I do have to say this book caused me to shirk my family, writing and editing duties - successfully pulling me in. My only problem with it was the ending - which I won't spoil here. I didn't feel the story wrapped up with Vengeance getting his due - but then again, perhaps that's just me and my craving for justice. Even so, it was a compelling read and as I said, if you like a serious edge of your seat book, this will take you on a wild ride.