Database Benchmarking: Practical Methods for Oracle & SQL Server

Database Benchmarking: Practical Methods for Oracle & SQL Server


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In an effort to provide foresight as systems grow and resources are stressed, this guidebook explains how one of the major causes of unplanned database outages is the failure to anticipate the effects of growth. The benchmark method detailed enables users to spot areas of pending problems before they cripple the database. This real-world approach ensures the user will be prepared for whatever the future brings to mission-critical databases. Areas explored in this book include knowing the limits of the database, avoiding unplanned outages with capacity planning, and predicting the need for new hardware.



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780977671533
Publisher: Rampant Techpress
Publication date: 04/01/2007
Series: IT In-Focus series
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dr. Bert Scalzo is an architect for Quest Software, has written articles for Linux Journal, Oracle Informant, Oracle Magazine, and is the author of Oracle DBA Guide to Data Warehousing, TOAD Handbook, and Toad Pocket Reference for Oracle. Kevin Kline is the director of technology for SQL Server Solutions at Quest Software and frequently contributes to database technology magazines, Web sites, and discussion forums. He is the author of SQL in a Nutshell and the coauthor of Transact-SQL Programming. Claudia Fernandez is a product manager of SQL Tuning products at Quest Software and has been a presentor at technical conferences on Application Performance Tuning topics. Donald K. Burleson is an Oracle database expert with more than 20 years experience who specializes in creating database architectures for large online databases. A former adjunct professor, he has written 30 books, published more than 100 magazine articles, and serves as editor-in-chief of Rampant TechPress. Mike Ault is a senior technical management consultant and the author of more than 20 Oracle books, including Oracle7 Administration and Management and Exam Cram, and hundreds of articles for national publications.

Table of Contents

Using the Online Code Depot     1
Supplemental Materials     2
Conventions Used in this Book     3
Acknowledgements     4
Preface     5
Introduction to Benchmarking     6
Database Predictive Analysis     6
Database Benchmark Validity     7
The Problems of Adaptive Threshold Forecasting     8
Predictive Modeling in the Real-world     9
Benefit of Predictive Analysis     11
The Transaction Processing Performance Council     12
Benchmarking Bi-modal Databases     13
Capacity Planning & Testing     13
Forecasting the Future     14
Database Benchmarking Myths     15
Learning from Database Benchmarks     15
Conclusion     16
Database Benchmarking     17
Standard Benchmarks     19
Benchmark Components     21
Specifications     21
Details     21
Design Goals     21
Data Points     22
Test Plan     22
Control Togic     23
Repeatability     23
Accurate Statistics     23
Using Benchmark Factory     23
TPC-C     26
TPC-H     31
TPC-E     33
AS3AP & Scalable Hardware     34
Benchmarking with a Custom Workload     35
Conclusion     36
Capacity Planning Analysis     37
Introduction     37
Trend Identification     38
Testing an Architecture     39
System Information     40
Database Objects     41
Details of Materialized View     41
Transaction Details     43
Insert Transaction     44
Select Transaction     44
Phase 1     45
Insert & Select Varying     45
5 Concurrent Selects     50
10 Concurrent Selects     53
12 Concurrent Selects     55
Phase 3: Materialized View with No Partitions     58
Combined Results     62
Combined Results Summary     65
Recommendations     66
Planning Future Hardware & Software Needs     66
Architecture     67
Executive Summary     67
Limitations and Caveats     68
Phase 1: Issues Query Testing     69
Randomization of the Issues Queries     69
Transaction Times for Issues Tests     70
Average Transaction Times     72
Database Activity     74
Operating System Activity     78
Phase 1 Conclusion     81
Maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLA's)     81
Determining SLA Test Queries     82
Ok, here is the SLA and Queries, What Now?     83
Issues with Generating Your Own Scripts     83
The Easy Way     85
Supporting Server & Storage Consolidations     85
Conclusion     89
Stressing the Database     90
Introduction     90
Database Implosion Therapy     91
Hardware Issues in Stress Testing     92
Configuring the Server Environment     94
Stress Testing Specific Workloads     95
Stressing Read-Only Databases (Read-only Implosion)     97
Stressing OLTP Databases (DML Implosion)     100
Stressing Mixed Databases (General Implosion)     103
Stressing Specialized Environments     103
Stressing Distributed Systems     104
Stressing Consolidated Systems     105
Stressing Virtualized Systems     107
Stressing Specific Database Platforms     108
Not all SQL Implementations up to Spec     109
Not all Quer Optimizers Created Equal     111
Conclusion     112
Preparing for Benchmarking     113
Isolate the Benchmark Environment     114
Prepare the Server Operating System     115
Windows     115
Linux     118
Prepare the Database Configuration     120
SQL Server     120
Oracle     123
Concentrate on What and not How     126
Installing Benchmark Factory     127
Conclusion     130
Running the Benchmarks     132
Selecting among Benchmarks     133
Creating Benchmark Jobs     137
Running Benchmark Jobs     142
Monitoring Benchmark Runs     145
Special Oracle RAC Considerations     151
Conclusion     154
Interpreting Benchmark Results     155
Don't Rush to Conclusions     156
An Example on Oracle     156
An Example on Microsoft SQL Server     159
Finding the 'Sweet Spot"     159
When Conclusions are not Self-Evident     164
Correlating Results     165
Real-time versus "Run" Reports     166
Extrapolation & Interpolation     170
Documenting the Final Analysis     173

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