Database Reengineering and Interoperability

Database Reengineering and Interoperability


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Modern computing management systems and application programs are often de­ signed as open systems. In an open environment, the users' application programs serving similar purposes, though possibly implemented using different hardware or software tech­ nologies, can interact easily and properly with one other. But, it is a big challenge in research and development to provide the means for integrating these technologies and reengineering the new or existing management systems so as to make all of the relevant components interoperable. In case of databases, because of the variety in data models and theory, the interoper­ ability and reengineering issues become even more complex and crucial, especially for companies heavily involved in data management. With the rapid advances in networking and database modeling technology, old issues may have to be reinvestigated and new issues come up constantly. It is our hope that this year's workshop, the sixth in a series of annual events, can provide a timely forum for database researchers and practitioners to share their recent experience and results in various aspects of this fast -developing field. This series of workshops has been organized by the Hong Kong Computer Society and financially supported by many local industrial and business companies. This year, the Cooperative Research Centre for Open Systems Technology, located in the Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong, has joined the organization team and the list of financial sponsors.

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Reengineering: An Objectoriented Model for Data, Knowledge and System Reengineering (S.M. Huang et al.). Uturn Methodology: A Database Reengineering Methodology Based on the Entity -Structure- Relationship Data Model (I.K. Jeong, D.K. Baik). The Management Perspective of Database Reengineering (C. Yau). Reengineering VSAM, IMS, and DL/1 Applications into Relational Databases (R. England). Reengineering Library Data: The Long Way from ADABAS to NIMARC (D. Aebi, R. Largo). Reverse Engineering in a Client'Server Environment Case Studies on Relational Database Design (B. Siu, J. Fong). Eliminating the Impedance Mismatch between Relational Systems and Objectoriented Programming Languages (J. Chen, Q. Huang). Generalization without Reorganization in a Simple Objectoriented DBMS (T. Beldjilali). Interoperability: Semantic Query Transformation: An Approach to Achieve Semantic Interoperability in Heterogeneous Application Domains (N. Bolloju). On Interoperability Verification and Testing of Objectoriented Databases (T.Y. Kuo, T.Y. Cheung). An Objectoriented Approach to Query Interoperability (J. Zhan, W.S. Luk). Building Parameterized Canonical Representations to Achieve Interoperability among Heterogeneous Databases (Y. Chang, L. Raschid). Flexible Transaction Management in an Interoperable Database Environment (W. Yu, F. Eliassen). A Pilot Survey of Database Reengineering for Data Interoperability (I.S.Y. Kwan). Designing Client-Server Applications for Enterprise Database Connectivity (C. Moffatt). Handling Terabyte Databases on Open Systems (T. Banham). Integration: Schema Integration Methodology including Structural Conflict Resolution and Checking Similarity (G. Suzuki, M. Yamamuro). Extensional Issues in Schema Integration (M. GarciaSolaco et al.). Towards Intelligent Integration of Heterogeneous Information Sources (S.B. Navathe, M.J. Donahoo). A Business ProcessDriven Multidatabase Integration Methodology (R.M. Muhlerger, M.E. Orlowska). A Database Integration System and an Example of Its Application (A.E. James). DEE: A Data Exchange Environment (G.N. Benadjaoud, B.T. David). Database Replica Management Strategies in Multidatabase Systems with Mobile Hosts (M. Faiz, A. Zaslavsky). Providing Multidatabase Access: An Association Approach (P. Missier et al.). Index.

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