Daughter Of The Revolution

Daughter Of The Revolution

by Peter Hargitai

Paperback(New Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780595414444
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/20/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Daughter of the Revolution 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 80 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Daughter of the Revolution" is an amazing story that is simply eye opening. As with the story of any violent revolution, the story of Izabella Barna - a young girl who picks up arms in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet hegemony - is captivating. Although Peter Hargitai was only nine-years-old at the time, his vivid description of the tactics employed by the freedom fighters makes you believe he picked up arms and fully participated. He writes in detail about the use of Molotov cocktails, the bombardment of Soviet military tanks, and the use of Soviet submachine guns. Apart from being interesting, the book is also historically enlightening. One other strong point of the author's is making Izabella a dynamic character. The young girl we meet at the beginning of the story is not the same as the one we are left with at the end. Izabella undergoes a subtle, but undeniable transformation. Her thoughts begin to become more profound, and more concerned with her present situation. Instead of daydreaming about becoming an Olympic champion and romanticizing the revolution, Izabella begins to be more rational and provides truly detailed account of her situation, and most importantly that of others. This signals her increased awareness of the implications of the revolution for her people, and more specifically for her family. Her decision at the end of the novel, which I won't give away, completes her transition into a more mature person and contrasts starkly with the overly romantic schoolgirl at the beginning. Amazing book. A must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Daughter of the Revolution was a riveting story of a young girl, Isabella Barna, fighting for Hungary's freedom in 1965. She was part of the group of Freedom Fighters defending Hungary's streets and defying the AVO. Isabella was also nicknamed "Cheetah" for her fast paced bravery and ceaseless speed, her story is a fictional one...although the book's characters and story line are as real as the revolution itself. Daughter of the Revolution was a hard book to put down and no historical event has ever been as interesting to read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.
Christopher_Pardo More than 1 year ago
Daughter of the Revolution is an amazing coming of age story set during the Hungarian Revolution. The protagonist, Isabella, immediately appealed to me as she wasn¿t a conventional ¿good girl¿ that is portrayed in other coming of age stories. Her father being imprisoned himself for speaking his mind against to Soviets who controlled Hungary had little effect on her actions as she herself spoke up against her Soviet sympathizing school Principal. Already in danger of being expelled, she¿s still as mischievous as ever when she decides to attend the demonstrations with her neighbor. After the traumatic experience of witnessing her mother¿s death, she springs into action to avenger her. Although this one part may have been a bit difficult to believe (I¿d go into detail but I don¿t want to spoil the book), most of the book is pure fact from the Hungarian Revolution. Peter Hargitai has put together an amazing book filled with very powerful details to illustrate what an incredible story the heroine has gone through. Isabella begins the journey very innocent and leaves with the knowledge and ¿street smarts¿ that is usually obtained over years; all of this in just a matter of days. One of the most unbelievable passages in the book was when Sister Agnes has a heart to heart talk with Isabella and shares some of her history; informing the reader of the hardships she has gone through and how the soldiers took advantage of her. The book is an amazing read and is well worth the time; you won¿t want to put the book down until you¿ve finished every last word.
Ana22 More than 1 year ago
Daughter of the Revolution is a historical fiction, portraying the life of a fourteen year old school girl named Izabella Barna during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Young Izabella Barna is forced to grow up overnight after witnessing her mother die in front of her eyes. The book follows Izabella Barna and a group of freedom fighters; Sister Agnes, Sewer Rat, Mustache and Michelangelo, just to name a few, trying their hardest to fight for a free Hungary. Hargitai does wonders in allowing the reader to connect with the cast of young heroes. Every word, every thought, every emotion is felt throughout the book. Before picking up Daughter of the Revolution, I had my doubts. So much so, that I had put off reading it for a few days, but the moment that I opened the book I knew that I was in for one hell of a ride! Peter Hargitai does an excellent job at captivating readers, each page is filled with twists and turns that will blow you away, literally! The Hungarian revolution is not something that is taught in our schools today, but thanks to Hargitai¿s Daughter of the Revolution, we are able to learn about communism and its horrid affects. This book teaches us that there is so much to be thankful for in this country. We choose what we want to learn, we choose who our president will be, and we choose to be anything we want to be. Izabella on the other hand, had to fight for her rights and lose many loved ones along the way. This book is the most entertaining history lesson of all time!
ArnaldoGarc More than 1 year ago
While reading this book (daughter of the revolution) I did not even once wish I was dead. This is a great change of pace from many of the other books I have read throughout my life. At first I expected the book to suffer from severe crapyness, mostly because of the books obscurity and it¿s boring, dark cover. However after reading the book I was shocked to find that it was actually not that bad at all.
The book has a clear, action packet plot mixed in with many colorful characters( spoiler alert everybody dies¿..just kidding a couple of then make it) . The book is very interesting and informational. Plus it also has a possibly inspirational and somewhat important message to offer to its reader.
The story centers on Izabella Barna, nicknamed Cheetah a 14 year old girl, who gets entangled with the Hungarian revolution of 1956 in her city of Budapest while attending protest with the hopes of reuniting with her political prisoner father. She eventually joins the freedom fighter after her mother and her best friend both get killed during separate peaceful protest against the Russian government occupation of Hungary. While with the freedom fighters she engages in risky gorilla style operations against the Russians and their tanks with nothing more than Molotov cocktails and a rifle.
The courage shown by Izabella Barna and many of the other teens who fought during the revolution of 1956 is very inspirational. Its hard to imagine any fourteen year olds today taking up guns and fighting for their countries, not to mention the feat of doing it with no training and against an enemy with superior weaponry. It was truly a brave feat by all who were involved. That does lead me to one thing I did not like about the book, and that is the superhuman characteristics displayed by the main character Izabella Barna. It almost like she is invincible at times. I think she must be a cross bread between Rasputin, John McClane and Rambo, no matter what they throw at her she survives (it must be the palinka), meanwhile everybody else is dying, but this usually happens in any book of these sort with a heroic main character like Izabella. I personally prefer books were the good guy dies and the bad guy wins, but that¿s just my personal taste. Overall however the book was well written and entertaining, it is very simple to read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story about the peoples struggle for freedom and survival.
EricAmbert More than 1 year ago
This book tells the story of a fourteen year old girl in the 1956 Hungarian revolution who was an average school athlete, but overnight became a super war warrior. Once the Hungarian people began to revolt against the communist Russians, this little girl joins the many young to the streets to take back their city of Budapest. The book touches the unjust ways the Hungarian people were treated by the Russian army, secret police and communist government. The freedom fighters as they called them fought for the liberation from communism, the freedom of Hungary, and freedom for its people. The book¿s author Peter Hargitai lived through the Hungarian revolution and based his story on factual and realistic events and realistic characters that accrued between the bloody twelve day battle of the revolution. This book is loaded with drama, adventure, and death that draw its readers to the horrors and terrible things that the Hungarian people had to endure fighting for freedom. Reading this book will teach you to stand up for what you believe in even if it means sacrificing yourself for the good of others. Before I read The Daughter of the Revolution I lacked the knowledge of this major event and now I feel and understand the pride the Hungarian people have for their country. I consider this book a memorial to all the young brave Hungarian freedom fighters that gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country. I recommend this book any reader that enjoys a well written, historically accurate book. Once you pick this book up you will not want to put it down.
Vramo More than 1 year ago
This was the first time I had ever started to read a book with a type of historical aspect too it. So at first I was a little skeptical as to whether it was going to be a book I couldn¿t put down or one of those books that I would have to force myself everyday to read a chapter. However, I was definitely wrong with my skepticism, the book ended up amazing. The Daughter of the Revolution is a book about a 14 year old girl named Izabella Barna who fought in the Hungarian revolution. Now, before reading this book I didn¿t know anything about the Hungarian revolution, but in reading the book I learned a lot about it in an interesting way. The book helps you open your eyes too what was going on in 1956 while also introducing some spectacular characters that really help you to relate to the book. However, what I loved the most about this book is that it made me think¿if I was in Izabella¿s situation how would I react? The book tells you how all the people leading the revolution were all college students and kids like Isabella. It inspires you to stand up in what you believe in and fight for the change you want. At the end of the book, after everything she has done for her country Izabella is put in a very difficult decision¿does she stay in her country or does she leave to America so she can have a chance for a better life? The book was a great read and I hope that everyone gets a chance to read it and see what a heroic life Izabella leads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Daughter of the Revolution is a historical fiction book which tells the story of the 1956 Hungarian revolution through the eyes of the bad ass 14-year-old, Izabella Barna. Izabella Barna goes from average student athlete one day, to machine gun totting communist killing machine the next. She is out there on the battlefield hip-shotting Commis and Molotov cocktailing tanks with expert precision. All this at the tender age of 14, girls her age are usually playing with dolls, not her, she is out there fighting for her country. This group of brave Hungarian rebels kept fighting until the very end for twelve long days in the streets of Budapest to take down the oppressive secret police and the Russian army to bring freedom to their native country, Hungary.
The book, by Peter Hargitai, though historical fiction blends the two perfectly so it seems like everything in the book actually happened and is in the realm of reality. It gives an interesting perspective on what these people went through in this fight. How many 14-year-olds do you know who are willing, or even capable of, of carrying a machine gun and going off to battle against a powerful enemy for their country? Not many correct. The book is just jam-packed with enough action and drama to give the story of the overlooked Hungarian Revolution justice. It is truly a great read, good for just about anyone starting from teenagers to any older history buffs out there.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Before reading this book, I knew absolutely nothing about the Hungarian Revolution. This war is explained through the life of a girl who, once was daughter of her parents, later found herself to be, ¿The Daughter of the Revolution¿. This book shows the real struggles within the war that is not heard of through research. It was written to show how a country that was once ruled by communist parties could not stand against its true Hungarian people. When Hungary could no longer take it, children and all began fighting in this war against the Russians.

Daughter of the Revolution is a novel, part fiction, based on the Hungarian revolution against the Russians. It was an inspirational book about a young outspoken girl, only fourteen years of age, who fought against the Russian military out of revenge and to free her father who was a political prisoner. Everything was taken from; from her mother being killed by an AVO man, to her best friend being murdered, and having to pretend like everything was going to be okay just for her little sister who had severe heart conditions.
I have to say, that the action detailed in the book is so intense that it allows you to picture just how a young girl fought against the military. She was better than most of the older people in the group she fought with. She was as fast as a ¿cheetah¿ and could outrun any who tried. From shooting, to running and killing all those she came across, she had so much anger built up inside and hope in someday finding her father and returning home, that she would do anything to win. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Daughter of the Revolution was a beautifully written book by Peter Hargitai about a young girl named Izabella Barna that fought in the Hungarian Revolution. She was part of what¿s known as the freedom fighters. That group consisted of young fighters that wanted communism to be abolished; Sewer Rat, Sister Agnes, and Michelangelo were also part of the freedom fighters. They fought and killed the Russians. Izabella mainly joined because the freedom fighters had made demands to the Russians and one of them was to free political prisoners. Coincidently, Izabella's father was put in prison because he spoke against the government. In the beginning of the book, she lost her mother in what began as a peaceful protest, which later turned chaotic which lead to the brutal death of Izabella¿s mother. This novel demonstrates a courageous young 14 year old girl who endures plenty of unfortunate events, but none of it stops her from fighting for what she thinks is right. This is the kind of book that is hard to put down. Once you start reading it, it¿s difficult to stop because you¿re rooting for Izabella and the young Hungarian people that fight against the Communists. Peter Hargitai did a wonderful job in writing this book, it opened up my eyes to things I never knew existed. Thanks to this book I¿m aware that a Hungarian Revolution took place. It¿s like an entertaining history lesson and magnificent story all in one. When you read this book you feel connected to the characters. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone; Trust me you won¿t be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dpueb More than 1 year ago
The book Daughter of the Revolution is historical fiction book about a fourteen year old girl named Izabella Barna. Izabella is a rebellious child who gets in trouble at school for fighting against communist propaganda. She later gets swept into a huge political parade in which a group of young Hungarians are demonstrating against the soviet-communist government. One thing turns into another and the peaceful demonstration turns into a fire fight between the Hungarian rebels and the Soviet soldiers, with Izabella caught in the middle of it. The book revolves around Izabella and her encounters with soviet soldiers in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. During her story she slays many soviet soldiers using stolen machine guns and a wide variety of homemade explosives. The book does pull on the heart strings by making the reader sympathize with Izabella and her emotional issues that she deals with during the twelve day ordeal which is the Hungarian Revolution. Peter Hargitai provides an excellent and accurately detailed description of the events that occurred during the Hungarian Revolution and giving each of the characters personalities a sense of realism. The book inspires a sense of patriotism in the reader and also makes them feel a sense of sympathy for the main character and band of rag tag rebels. It is a book that tells of how a small group can rise and have the bravery to fight against an over powering and relentless communist government, even when they are hopelessly outnumbered. The book is honestly a must read for readers who love books about history and the struggle of the common person in those times and it asks, are you willing to die for your country?
JD155 More than 1 year ago
The book Daughter of the Revolution is a very interesting fiction book by Peter Hargitai. But, even though the book is a fictional story many of the characters are actual people that went through the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 including my professor Mr.Hargitai. His direct contact, experiences and memories of the revolution played a huge role in the creation of such a great book. This book really shows you what a person is really made off when it comes time to stand up and defend what you love no matter what, unveiling the true colors of bravery and courage. It is impressive as well as inspiring to read about a 14- year old girl who chooses to pick up a weapon and fight against the Russian army after having witnessed the murder of her mother and obtain a focused mindset towards seeking revenge. From a school girl to a freedom fighter, Izabella became one of the thousands of young adolescents that became freedom fighter and fought courageously in the revolution. This book clearly describes one of the main features of the Hungarian Revolution which reveals that not only grown people cared for their nation but most of the youth who decided to go out and fight. Under extreme conditions and great obstacles, the Hungarian youth stood for what they believed with no discrimination of age or sex, it didn't matter of you were a 14-year old or a 20-year old guy, they would both give it their all, even if it meant death.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Daughter of the Revolution starts off with an ordinary family during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. It tells the story of 14 year old Izabella Barna, ¿Cheetah¿. She goes from learning about Stalin and Marx in the classroom to grabbing a machine gun and killing.
It is a book worth reading. Growing up in today¿s society we don¿t usually hear of a 14 year old standing up for what they believe in, none the less a freedom fighter.
Peter Hargitai does an amazing job showing the point of view of this 14 year old, it is as if he himself was the character. He writes with simplicity so children from all age could read this book. It is a good way to learn about the history of Hungary. He actually places real people as characters to his book, and does awesome job balancing reality and facts within the story.
I personally didn¿t know much about the Hungarian Revolution until I read this book. It does a great job telling the story of what many families were going through during this time of war. It definitely was not a boring book.
I felt like I was Izabella, i felt her pain and all her hope. After reading this book I was actually thankful that I never lived through this time because I wouldn¿t have been so brave as Izabella.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When people are asked if young teens ever really served for the military, most people would say no. Who would have known that it was true for a fourteen year old female to do the job? Before reading Daughter of the Revolution I would have said they never served being so young. I really did not have a clue about the Hungarians standing up against the Soviet Union. Sadly, many teens in 1956 suffering in the Hungary Revolution had to grow up quickly. For some time, teens such as Izabella Barna a fourteen year old girl along with other teens, carried around a gun strapped to them for defense to fight back for their country. In the process, Izabella loses her mother, her best friend, and her father that was placed in prison. During the whole novel, Izabella never gives up a fight to find her father that was placed in the Soviet prison and nonetheless to be free again. Peter Hargitai, describes the Hungary Revolution through a young girl and the situations she had to encounter. In this novel, the Hungarians show much pride, dedication, and determination to gain back what was theirs to begin with. Not only was this young girl blessed with the gift of speed, she was blessed with the gift of loyalty, to never give up and keep up a good fight. Most of the time she risked her life to get the Russians out of Hungary, so it could be back to the old days.Izabella Barna was a freedom fighter, she was a warrior. Another Mulan. This is a heart felt novel and I highly recommend it to others.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Daughter of the Revolution is an incredibly well written historical fiction by Peter Hargitai. It is difficult not to include that the author Peter Hargitai was directly affected by the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 as a child. Peter Hargitai direct involvement in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 allow for his knowledge of the Hungarian Revolution and creativity to create a historical fiction masterpiece. Who would have thought that a Hungarian fourteen year old girl had enough will power to not only carry a submachine gun but use it to kill anybody? I laugh after reading this book, not at actual acts of violence that occurred and factual parts in this book about people being hurt during the Hungarian Revolution but that a fourteen year old girl who went by the alias Cheetah all of a suddenly became a gun ho fighting machine. Izabella Barna went from a regular everyday school girl in Budapest to a freedom fighter. Izabella Barna joined a loosely organized band of freedom fighters after suffering an unimaginable tragedy within the first few minutes of the start of the revolution. Izabella Barna loses her mother and her father to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. This book clearly describes one of the main features of the Hungarian Revolution. That is that the Revolution was mostly fought by adolescents and people in their early twenties. Under these circumstances it did not matter if you were male or female. The only depressing part for me, is that I would have to say is that the book should have been longer because I wanted to know the rest of the story. I wanted to know what became of Izabella Barna and her family as well as Guszti¿s family.
DaniPicc More than 1 year ago
This is another interesting read. This story is about a fourteen year old school girl with a lot of nerve! Taking place during the Hungarian Revolution, Izabella Barna takes after her father, who becomes a political prisoner for speaking out for what he believes in: freedom. Who wouldn't want to be her?! She takes up the challenge head first, diving into the heat of battle. After witnessing a loved one's death, she decides to join a secret group of young freedom fighters. They initially tried to get the governments attention with peaceful demonstrations, but when the military lashed out violently, they answered with a powerful and might blow. The strength of the people with passion for what is right is stronger than any government and its military. Using guerrilla warfare, this large group of young strong-willed students accomplish many things. With Izabella as their "Cheetah", speedily destroying tanks left and right, how can they fail?
ADD More than 1 year ago
If someone where to tell that many teenagers fought against the Soviet army for twelve days. They took on tanks with nothing but sub-machine guns and Molotov cocktails. Would you believe it? Well believe it so. In 1956 the Hungarian people stood up against the Soviet army in what is known as the Hungarian Revolution.Daughter of the Revolution by Peter Hargitai is shown through the eyes of a fourteen year old rebel named Izabella Barna. Izabella as well as many countless others expect to gain independence and seen help from the West, the hope from freedom was short lived as many leave Budapest as Hungary all together and flee to neighboring countries. The novel really captures the determination and spirit of such a young girl seeking freedom.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book tells the tale of a fourteen year old girl, who one day is a simple student and athlete and the next is turned into a revolutionary warrior and Daughter of the Revolution. After a revolt against communism and against the Russians, a group of young Hungarians, including Izabella Barna the main character of the story along with her friends, take the streets of Budapest determined to fight for their own, and their countries freedom from the communist times they were living in. In the battles some warriors and innocent Hungarians lose their lives in cruel inhuman ways. This book by Peter Hargitai is a variety of fictional, reality and history of what the Hungarian Revolution seemed to be. It contains the story of a factual Hungarian and some of the realistic along with some of the fictional accounts of the unfortunate events that occurred during a twelve day battle of Hungarians and the secret police along with the Russian army in the streets Budapest. The book is filled with adventure, drama blood shead, deaths and war in a story that quickly captivates the reader¿s interest about the subject, and also instructs the reader of an event that happened in history that has not been written this way before, the Hungarian Revolution.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Daughter of the Revolution you learn about the Hard life a fourteen year old girl from Hungry goes through in just a blink of an eye. The main character Izabella is a fourteen year old typical girl in Hungry that lived a life full of worry for her father who is serving time in prison for going against the government and her little sister who suffers from heart problems. But what Izabella doesn't know is that her life is going to give a one hundred and eighty degree turn as she wants to speak up for her people, the Hungarian people. In matter of hours and days that seem to be eternity, not only Izabella loses her mother and father due to Russian government but she turns out to be a symbol of hope and bravery in this novel. Usually we as Americans are use to seeing fourteen year old children playing sports, going to school or just going to the movies. But in this novel Izabella is a child fighting not only for her freedom and safety but she is fighting for a cause that would potentially free her people, the Hungarian people. As here in America kids play with toys, Izabella was learning and shooting machine guns and setting armored tanks on fire. Fighting a cause that took the life of her mother in a brutal murder and her father that died in prison due to health reasons. Izabella fought for something we Americans take for granted sometimes our FREEDOM. Izabella wanted to see her Hungarian people free at last, free from the Russians hands and being able to live her life like the people in the West. Izabella's Little sister and aunt become the center of Izabella's fighting, they will be the force that will lead Izabella to be loved and protected by those she fought next with. Characters like Michaelangelo, sister Agnes and Sewer Rat are just some of the individuals that Izabella a fourteen year old girl will fight with and cry with through out this book. This book made the reader feel like if the reader itself was in this fight. You could smell the burning fumes of the armored tanks, you can smell the stench of old blood in the streets and you can feel the pain and agony Izabella goes through day in and day out. But as she fought for what she stood for, she had to make a choice of stay and keep fighting and maybe never know what freedom is, or risk everything and offer her little sister and her aunt a chance to feel what freedom is. Izabella took that chance for a better life for her family she still falls back on how she wants her Hungarian people to feel the way she feels, free at last
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿Daughter of the Revolution" is a captivating and informative book. There are many books categorized as Historical Fiction, but there are very few which define it. This book grasps the very details of the Hungarian Revolution and brings it to life for the reader through the story of this young schoolgirl named Izabella Barna. She represents all the kids of Budapest, which fought at such a young age for their countries freedom. The story begins with this young girl's early rebellion against the communism in her school, by posting up posters to stop the mandatory Russian imposed by the communist government. She is a bold child, who just like her father, would not allow communism to ruin their lives. Her father is a political prisoner, for speaking up and saying what he believes, and she is following in his steps. She began with that small rebellion, to by the end of the story defending her home in any way possible, killing soviet soldiers and freeing political prisoners (like her father). She fought with the Revolution, and made friends with amazing people, who end up changing her life and her theirs. You see throughout the novel, that the people who fought the revolution, were not all trained soldiers, they were normal people just trying to gain their freedom. People like nuns, artist, students, and any other career possible, were fighters in the revolution, but they were brave. She fights until it is no longer up to her, until it becomes necessary for her to flee. She left leaving the country as a last resort, but she needed to take into consideration the others in her life. This is an amazing story. She is a brave young girl throwing grenades, taking down soviet armored cars, and shooting guns without fearing for her life but fighting for a real life, one with freedom. Her story is something out of a movie, full of explosives and danger, but the end of it all it is not the story the dies out of the set, it was the reality for some children who fought in that revolution. The book is difficult to put down you are at the edge of your seat wanting to know her next move. She is inspiring and motivating. She makes you wonder, if you were in her shoes, how you would handle all the situations that she dealt with. If you read this book, you will be able to finish knowing and understanding what the Hungarian Revolution was all about, why it started, how it started, and how it ended. As a reader you will be involved with the story, you will cry when the characters cry, you will smile when they smile, suffer and rejoice with them. Izabella Barna is the best example of what is a schoolchild, a daughter, a growing girl, a revolutionary. If you are looking for an all around great read, whether it is to learn something, or just to be able to read in a nice cozy nook, this is the book for any occasion.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Daughter of the Revolution, the main character Izabella Barna was displayed as a freedom fighter. At first, she gets in trouble with the administration for putting up signs saying: Down with compulsory Russian for she did not want to learn Russian. Izabella became a part of a protest which later turned in to a violent one when the Russians came on October 23, 1956 and killed innocent people involved in the protest. Her mother was one of the ones killed as well as her father and friends. Izabella soon began fighting back. Her purpose was to fight for her family and country. She returned home to tell her aunt and sick sister, Kriztina that their mother had passed away. Izabella or ¿Cheetah¿ as they called her, then left to go fight and joined Michaelangelo, Sewer Rat, and Sister Agnes where she learned to make Molotov cocktails and mines. Soon after, Mustache sent their team to look for Izabella¿s father at the camp where he was taken. They found out he was tortured and died of Pneumonia. The fight continued when Izabella and her school friend stayed in her cellar together with their families because his house was destroyed. Together they fought and with the new gun Sister Agnes gave her, they were able to make it through. Putting all her thoughts of fighting behind, Izabella decided to leave the country and despite the icy cold days, her, her aunt and sister made it to freedom at last. In my opinion, this book was extremely interesting to read and kept my on the edge of my seat from the beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this book to all ages.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If there ever was a novel that wanted to show how strong a woman really can be, it would be Daughter of the Revolution. While in some scenes, Izabella Barna's strength seems to be a little over the top, I genuinely believe in her athletic ability to fight against grown men as a mere fourteen year old girl. Peter Hargitai, the author, gives us the story of a girl who just wanted to free her father during the Hungarian Revolution. I connected with Izabella so much every time an obstacle came up, I just wanted to see her succeed. I found this book not only an easy read, but an enjoyable one. As a woman, I felt empowered, especially in those days when women had less rights than they do now. Izabella's story was well written, and unlike my first impression of what the book would be like, I was very impressed. Not only did I learn about some general European history, I feel like I got to experience the same feeling and intensity that so many real people felt at that time. The best aspect of this novel would be the ability to see Izabella as more than a character, but as a person telling her story. By the end of the book, I almost had to remind myself that it was a man that told the risk taking story of a young girl.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Daughter of the Revolution is a historical fiction book which tells the story of Izabella Barna, a 14-year old Hungarian girl who was extremely brave during the Hungarian Revolution in which she fought for during the majority of the book. She is a great patriot and fights for the freedom of her country, but also she joins the revolution in hopes of freeing her incarcerated father. Along the Revolution, she learns various things such as: how to fire a submachine gun, how to prepare a Molotov cocktail-¿best served when hot,¿ etc. In the process, her main group of friends is Michelangelo, Sewer Rat, and Sister Agnes freedom fighters just like her. Unfortunately, she has to go through the death of her mother and best friend she is also disappointed later on when she finds out that her father had been dead for almost a year. Izabella also goes by the nickname ¿cheetah,¿ which we comprehend better after we read about all the amazing tasks she performs, like jumping across a building and being one of the faster runners in her school. What matters most to Izabella is her family, which consists of her aunt and her little sister Krisztina, who suffers from a heart condition. This is why during the end of the book she decides to escape to Austria, and then head to America. By doing this, she gives her little sister a chance to live because she needed a heart operation which she was not going to get in Hungary. She also gives all of them, including herself, a real chance for freedom.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Izabella Barna was a brave fourteen year- old hero. She lived with her mother, aunt, and sister who was very sick and had heart problems. As the Russian soldiers took over Hungary, Izabella Barna decided to fight for her country. Witnessing the death of her own mother and best friend, she opted to fight for what was right. Leaving her aunt and sick sister behind, ¿Cheetah¿ or ¿Kitty¿ as they called her for short decided to defend her country and fight against communism. She fought with her team of young patriots. Michelangelo, Sister Agnes, and Sewer Rat, they were all in this journey together. They killed many Russians to defend their country and fight for freedom. Izabella¿s father was sent to prison for back talking the government. She was very young but she still remembered everything about him and loved her father very much. They all decided to go and search for her father in the prison of Vac¿ where they believed he was being held. Later they find that he wasn¿t being held there and had been moved to another prison. In search of Kitty¿s father, they go to another prison, but little do they know that her father died of pneumonia after being sent there for only a month. Izabella Barna had now lost her mother, father and best friend due to this communist society and was completely crushed and heartbroken. This gave her more of a reason to fight for the people that she has left in the world which were her sister and aunt. Izabella Barna continued to fight for her country but later returned home to her family along with her friends. The war between the Russians and the Hungarians soon started to slow down and the west started to help the Hungarians in this long battle of freedom. Just when they thought it was all coming to a halt it began again and twice as bad. Many Russian tanks headed towards Hungary. Izabella decided that she had fought long and hard in this battle and it was time to escape from this torture. She opted to leave Hungary with her family in search of a free and warless life. She left Hungary as a hero and could always look back and say she did everything she could to fight for Hungary. She left to Austria and started a new life there with her family. Izabella was a fourteen year old hero who fought for her country and escaped the Russians and communism. Izabella Barna was finally free.