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David and Danny's Heavenly Devotionals

David and Danny's Heavenly Devotionals

by Danny And David Gipson


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Danny and David's Heavenly Devotionals is filled with a thick dose of love, inspiration, hope and peace of mind. Served all in one awesome book, it will give you courage and strength to face the day and it will give you hope that will last you for years. It will give you peace through your greatest trials and struggles, but most of all it will allow you to feel in your heart the awesome love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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ISBN-13: 9781452026183
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/27/2010
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

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David and Danny's Heavenly Devotionals

By Danny Gipson David Gipson


Copyright © 2010 Danny Gipson and David Gipson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2618-3

Chapter One

January 1 seek salvation for yourself

Today I want you to know you have to work out your own salvation. Another person cannot give you your salvation, nor can you give someone else their salvation. One day I met a man, and I began talking to him about the Bible. He started telling me that certain sins like fornication, adultery and others were unforgivable sins. The man also tried to convince me that many people who went to church were unbelievers of the true Jesus Christ. I could certainly tell that the man had different beliefs than I do, and I could certainly tell that he wasn't trying to understand anyone else's beliefs either. So all I could say was that every man has to seek his own salvation. We can't push our beliefs down someone else's throat, and I wouldn't want them to do that to us either.

I know my beliefs are correct and that Jesus Christ came to this world and died on a rugged cross for my sins. Some people don't believe like I do, but others do. For the ones who don't believe as I do, I can only try to tell them Jesus loves them. If they don't want to hear my words, then all I can do is to tell them to seek out their own salvation for themselves. But for me and many others, our salvation lies in the hands of our savior Jesus Christ. I encourage you to seek Jesus Christ as your personal savior, if you haven't already done so. At least try to hear others before making a final decision for that could decide where you spend eternity.

Study Verse

2 Timothy chapter 2 verse 10

Therefore, I endure all things for the elect's sakes that they may also obtain salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.


Jesus, thank you for being our salvation and we pray that others will come to know your awesome love as we have. Amen.

January 2 finding rest

One night my dad and I were traveling down I-40 from Little Rock, Arkansas to Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was storming really bad and we saw a vehicle on the shoulder of the interstate with the hood raised. Dad liked stopping and helping people, so we pulled over to help the man. We got out of the van and we walked back toward the man who was standing in front of his car. Dad asked the man what was wrong and he said his car had overheated. He asked Dad if we could take him to the nearest gas station where he could get water for his radiator. Dad went back to our van and got a jug that we had laying up under our seat then he went over to the nearest ditch and filled it up with water. Dad then took the water and poured it in the man's overheated vehicle.

Many times people get overheated and we feel that we can't go any further. We look around for help, but we don't see anything that will help replenish what we have lost. When you are tired, do you know that you can find rest in the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you know that when your burdens are heavy, the Lord Jesus Christ will lighten your load? It was Jesus Himself who said, 'Come unto Me who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.' Matt. 11:28

Study Verse

2 Thessalonians chapter 1 verse 7

And to you who are troubled rest with us when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels.


Jesus, thank you for the rest we find in your awesome love. Amen.

January 3 Wondering Mind

One of the biggest problems I've had in my life is keeping concentration on things and on people's conversation! At fist I thought I was disabled or handicapped in some way. Because every time I tried to read a book before I finished the first chapter my mind would be off somewhere else. I would lose concentration, which would cause me to lose interest in the book! Even when friends would come up and talk to me, it would happen; the conversation would go well for the first couple of minutes, and then all of a sudden my mind would be off somewhere else! I just couldn't figure out why I was doing this. Then it came to me-my mind was wondering, which is a trick of Satan's to make you lose focus! Satan knows that if he can keep your mind wondering then there is no way you can live a stable life But thank God, because through Jesus Christ my thoughts no longer strays off as bad as they once did. Although occasionally I'll catch myself wondering off. But now I know that's when I need to stop and pray!

Are you having problems with your thoughts? I encourage you to put a stop to the problem! One of the best ways you can stop a wondering mind is through prayer! Yes, there are concentration courses and other therapy classes you can seek, but there is nothing like prayer! It draws your mind closer to God and when your thought life is on God then everything is in its perfect balance that includes your thought life.

Study Verse

St. Luke Chapter 2 verse 35 (Yes, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also.) That the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.


Jesus, thank you for loving us and helping us to stay always focused on your precious love. Amen

January 4 Milk First

Are you eating the meat before you get the milk? Are you a newborn Christian and believe that you can start feeding other newborn Christians meat? If you are, stop! Drink the milk God has for you before you start trying to eat the meat. Don't try to harvest all the blessings God has for you until you get to know who God is. Love God, worship and praise him daily, then eventually you will grow and be able to share the meat with other Christians who have grown like you. Talk to God; walk with God, be friends with God. Then you can tell others what a true friend he really is!

I know being a newborn Christian is very exciting! There is nothing greater in this world or in the heavens than knowing God! But let's not choke out God by growing too fast in His word! A good example of what I'm saying is a newborn baby gets a few days old the mother doesn't start feeding the baby steak and eggs. No, she feeds the baby milk until the baby is old enough and strong enough to enjoy real food. But until the baby does get old enough to eat good, solid food he enjoys the milk that its mother gives him.

Today, that's what I want you to do! Enjoy the milk that God has given you! Enjoy your daily walk with God and don't rush straight to the full knowledge God has for you. If you will enjoy the milk than you will cherish the meat when you get to it. You will not crave the milk because you enjoyed it before, and now you are ready for the meat.

Study Verse

I peter chapter 2 verse 2 As newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby.

Prayer Jesus, thank you for your precious word and for allowing us to grow gradually in that word everyday. Amen

January 5 Great Treasures

Growing up as a child I was poor and besides my twin brother there were three other children living in the house. I'll never forget the time mom asked my twin brother and I to go over to our neighbors to see if he would let us have some food! When we got to the neighbor's house, we let pride prevent us from asking for food, and went into his chicken house and stole a chicken. Money, clothes and all the finer things in life were only seen by watching other people. I thought I was the poorest boy in twin and as far as earthly treasures go I probably was! Many times we didn't have heat, electric, or even food. But today, at the age of thirty-seven, I see the true treasures that I have in my life, and those treasures are my brothers and sisters that were standing beside me, because when I was hungry, they were too! When someone made fun of me because of the clothes I had to wear my brothers and sisters had their arms around me, telling me that they understood. Today, I still don't have new cars or a big fancy house, but I do have the greatest treasures of all and that is the love for my family, friends, and the good Lord Jesus Christ!

I pray you are not seeking the treasures of this world, but treasures that will last for eternity! The treasures that last forever are the love, kindness and affection you show Jesus Christ and your family, friends, and others. Lay up all your treasures in heaven! You won't regret it!

Study Verse

Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break through and steal.


Jesus thank you because everything we have or do is in you! You are the treasure of all treasures! Amen.

January 6 Abundance of Rain

Do you know that today there is an abundance of rain pouring down from the good heavens above? I believe that today is one of the most blessed times to be alive! I say this because today God is pouring down his love from heaven upon the earth like it has never been poured down before! America has seen disaster after disaster, we've seen terrorist acts and we've seen cities and states destroyed by hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Yes, we have seen disaster but we also have seen God poor down his abundance or rain, and each time a disaster struck, God poured down his love and we were able to rebuild. If the abundance of God's love were not pouring down from heaven then we would never have been able to rebuild. Not only does God poor his love abundantly down on countries, nations, and cities, but he also pours it down upon each of us as individuals! Can you see the abundance of rain God is pouring down upon your life?

God's intentions for our lives today is to poor down upon our lives so much love, blessings, and gifts that we will never want for anything or ever feel unloved! I know even today there are people alive that feels like they will never have anything in life. I know there are people who have so much, but yet feel unloved. Why are these people going through these things? They are not focusing upon God and the abundance of rain God pours down upon their lives daily! Today, if you feel unloved unblessed, I pray you will accept the abundance of rain God is pouring down upon you and start rebuilding your life!

Study Verse

St. Luke chapter 6 verse 45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good;


Jesus, thank you for pouring down your amazing love upon us. Amen.

January 7 Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a constant and all pervading feeling of never quite measuring up, never quite being or doing enough to please. Always feeling that you can't please yourself, others or God! Perfectionism produces a distorted picture of God with feelings of doubt, rebellion and anger against a God you can never please! Is that how you are feeling today? If so there is a cure!

The cure to perfectionism is in the graciousness of God who comes to us in Jesus Christ! The first step to abandon all ideas of a quick cure! Don't believe your illness of perfectionism will automatically disappear, because it will not! The second step is to know that God will walk with you each and everyday during your struggle over perfectionism! God will not leave you alone!

Perfectionism is one of Satan's strong holds over people's lives today! But the good news is through Jesus Christ we can break Satan's strong holds! How can Jesus overcome Satan's hold on you? Ask Jesus to be Lord over your mind and life! Any sin in your life can be removed from your life if you will turn your heart to God! How do you turn your heart to God? By following the five steps listed below:

1. Confess perfectionism and all sin aloud to God! 2. Claim healing and cleansing by the blood of Jesus. 3. Ask God to take back those things Satan has taken. 4. Give all sickness, both physical and mental to Jesus. 5. Praise God for loving you.

Study Verse

St. Matthew chapter 5 verse 48 Be ye therefore perfect even as your father, which is in heaven perfect.


Jesus, we know our flesh can't be perfect, but our souls can strive to be as perfect as the Father, which in heaven is perfect. Amen.

January 8 Encouraging Positive Nature

When people are born into the world, they are born with a sin nature, which is handed down to us from Adam. Knowing that our children are born with this sin nature should encourage all parents not to do bad things around their children, because this would be a bad example for them, and would only encourage them to do the same. Once, when I was eight years old, my mom sent my twin brother and I to break into a general store! We went in through a back window, and we ended up finding a big coffee can completely full of change. This certainly encouraged our sin nature, even though at the time we were unaware of what sin nature was! I also remember the many times my Dad would go into stores and stick small things into his pockets without paying! Yes, the items were small, but the sin nature in any person takes encouragement, not only from big things but also small things! The sin nature feeds on negative actions! Why? Because the sin nature is of Satan and Satan is a negative being; he is pure evil!

Today, I encourage you to do positive things around your children. Don't steal in front of them and don't sent them stealing! Sing songs of love to them; read the Bible daily and let them know Jesus Christ loves them! Let them know about the positive things in live: heaven, angels, and the most positive thing of all, Jesus Christ! So today stay positive by teaching positive ways to your children.

Study Verse

II Corinthians chapter 12 verse 14 For the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children.


Lord, thank your for your awesome teachings and thank you for being everything positive in our lives. Amen.

January 9 Keep the Ministry

Is the devil trying to steal away the ministry God has given you? A ministry can take many forms, but it should always include sharing God's Word and His love with others! Sure people think that if you say you a ministry that means you pastor a big church and have several hundred people coming to hear you preach! But that's not necessarily true! My twin brother and I have a ministry and we are as poor as can be! But we are rich in God's love and the devil is constantly trying to steal our riches away from us! Satan has tried every trick in the book to get my brother and I to quit serving God. One of Satan's tricks has been confusion and arguments between us. Satan knows if he can get me and my brother to bicker and fuss, than that will cause our ministry problems. But, thank God we know the devil is the author of confusion.

Today, Satan may be trying everything he can to steal the word of God from your heart. But don't fall for his tricks! Let Satan know that you realize he is the father of all lies and the author of confusion! Let Satan know that you serve a God that is full of honor and glory! A God who doesn't use tricks and confusion to get what he wants! Once you stand firm against Satan by recognizing and glorifying Jesus Christ, then the devil has to flee from you! The devil cannot stand against you if your ministry is of God! Because your ministry is about a truthful and honorable God who is glorious and worthy of all praise!

Study Verse

James chapter 4 verse7 Submit yourselves therefore to God, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you!


Jesus, thank you for the ministry we have which spreads the good news of your precious word and love. Amen.

January 10 Washed in the Blood

Today I encourage you to stomp on the devil! Stomp him straight into hell and them stomp on the problems he has placed into your life until they are gone! I'll never forget when I was about ten years old I was peeing in the toilet and mom yelled into the bathroom and asked me what I was doing. I responded by saying I was putting out the fire! Today, I'm putting out the problems the has put in my life and I'm doing it by the sweet blood of Jesus Christ! I take my poverty, my worrying, my loneliness and all my other problems and I pour the sweet Blood of Christ upon them and wash them straight into hell where they can burn forever with Satan and his angels! No longer do I have to worry about poverty because through the Blood of Jesus Christ I'm richer than any man imaginable. I no longer have to 3worry because through the blood of Jesus my problems are washed away! No longer do I have to feel lonely because through the blood of Jesus I'll never be alone again because his blood forever stains my heart!


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