David Carradine, The Eye of My Tornado

David Carradine, The Eye of My Tornado

by Marina Anderson


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Pop culture/Memoir/autobiography

This NEW EDITION contains updates, new information, additional photographs and contributions.

This is a significant and very personal book.

Dr. Drew Pinsky: "I commend you for having the courage to step up and do it and do it thoroughly and do it properly. I think that's a very good thing."

David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado has been inducted into the Johnny Grant Hollywood Walk of Fame Library

"...it was one long rollercoaster thrill... Mr. Toad's wild ride...intense passion and emotion. He was the eye of my tornado." Marina Anderson.

Marina Anderson was just starting out taking acting lessons at Warner Bros., when she wandered one afternoon onto the candlelit set of a Shaolin temple and met for the first time, the volatile, dark and brilliant personality that was actor and icon, David Carradine. Two dynamic people merging into a karmic-destined, intense and turbulent love relationship. Each struggling with their own demons including sexual abuse and incest.

Their private life was replete with love, passion, erotic pleasure and eventually bondage, sexual experimentation, and pain as an avenue to pleasure. Their marriage was marred by a toxic secret that could not be ignored.

Her writing speaks to readers universally by focusing on their personal journey, revealing the truth about the couple, addresses conquering fear and overcoming obstacles, self discovery, recovery, re-inventing and rebuilding one's self. It's her personal survival while desperately trying to save the marriage as well as Carradine's constant struggle to be someone he wasn't, but wished he could be. Spirituality, psychic John Edward,other psychics and astrologers who helped her are written about in the book as well.

They were married on the Warner Bros. back lot and their six-year relationship was a whirl of auditions, star-studded parties, exotic locations, red carpets and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Marina, who was already an established actress, became Carradine's personal manager and set about rehabilitating the career of an actor who was now known for his heavy drinking. She introduced him to Quentin Tarantino, who cast David in a lead role in the popular Kill Bill films. This vaulted Carradine back onto the Hollywood A-list.

After their divorce with the help of re-known celebrity Dr. Drew Pinsky (Celebrity Rehab, Sober House), issues are addressed in the consultation verbatim, occupying an entire chapter. Anderson was able to finally exorcise the demons that have haunted her for so long about their relationship and herself that almost destroyed her.

"This book is an avenue for his fans and the general public to know, understand and hopefully accept him as a man, not a celluloid fantasy...to be admired for his talents and the motivations behind certain issues in his life understood. It's also to reveal the very personal interior of a marriage that people can relate to. What we do for love. We are all human beings with our faults. He was afraid people wouldn't remember him. That will never happen. The legend continues."

David Carradine's acting career spanned four decades onstage, television and cinema. He became an international sensation as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s hit television series Kung Fu and cemented his cult hero status with his role in the classic movie Death Race 2000. He portrayed Woody Guthrie in Hal Ashby's Bound for Glory and Bill in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films. Carradine received four Golden Globe nominations. He was a talented songwriter and musician and performed in a band called Cosmic Rescue Team.

He died in a Bangkok hotel room, June 3, 2009, an apparent victim of autoerotic asphyxiation. Amid sensational media speculation, Marina refused to let David's death remain stigmatized like it was and launched her own investigation into the death of her ex-husband. Suicide? Foul play? A sex act gone wrong? Was he alone? Was there a cover-up? Her concl

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Publication date: 02/05/2015
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About the Author

*This Marina Anderson is not the same person as the erotic book genre author. *This Marina Anderson, author of *David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado*, is an established actress with an extensive background in journalism as a professional freelance writer, publicist and personal manager (The Media Hound PR). She is also a voice-over artist, producer, makeup artist, personal manager, jewelry designer, career and spiritual consultant.

Her comedic and dramatic talents as a skilled, versatile actress and host have been showcased in many television series and film productions as well as national commercials, voice-overs and webisodes where she displayed chameleon like qualities in roles from murderers to moms, attorneys to bimbos. Some of her unique and diverse starring, guest star, recurring and supporting roles include:* Dexter, The Mentalist,* co-lead in Emmy-nominated web series* Sophie Chase, Dangerous Curves, Law & Order LA, Desperate Housewives, Sex & Mrs X, Forever Knight, Dracula: The Series, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Natural Selection, *Genie Award-winning film *32 Short Films About Glenn Gould* and many others. She has achieved notoriety and recognition in her own right within the indie movie circuit as well as prime-time mainstream distribution.

Marina currently writes for several online magazines and has a passion for animals. She is an advocate for domestic and wildlife protection and helps to support various organizations. Look for her next book, *Adventures of Lulu The Collie, *which stars her beloved dog, Lulu, daughter to Lassie (VIII). Visit her websites: MarinaAnderson.net, TheFlyingGoddess.com, and LuluTheCollie.com

She was singly responsible via her efforts as personal manager and publicist, for resurrecting the career of ex-husband/actor David Carradine which culminated with his being cast in Quentin Tarrantino's film KILL BILL. It was Marina who befriended and introduced Tarrantino to Carradine, which ultimately led to his being cast in the film. During their six years together, her life and career with Carradine has been highly publicized worldwide. It was publicly acknowledged that Marina was the sole motivating factor of his sobriety after many years of alcohol abuse (E! True Hollywood Stories and E! Hollywood Wives Tales). Marina combined her skills to rebuild his career as well as pursuing her own.

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