David Faith: Rise of a poet warrior

David Faith: Rise of a poet warrior


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"Stand By Me meets Game of Thrones."

The story of David and Goliath is one of the world's greatest examples of good triumphing over evil. Yet little is known about the young shepherd leading up to his famous battle with the giant.

How could a boy kill a bear and lion by himself, become the greatest musician of his day, and defeat a giant warrior in single combat-all before his seventeenth birthday? And what kind of character did David possess as he was passed over by his father and abused by his older brothers-only to become Israel's greatest hero and king?

David's genealogy provides some clues. A direct descendent from Abraham, the father of the Jewish faith, the shepherd would be the central bloodline to Jesus the Messiah, a thousand years later. Spending solitary time in the fields with just sheep, goats and dogs, David developed an intimate connection to his mysterious and invisible God.

On the sullied side of history, David's great, great grandmother Rahab was a noted prostitute and his great grandmother Ruth was a despised foreigner. Even his mother was shunned because of a hidden sin. How could the youngest of seven sons overcome these aberrations to the strict laws of Moses on his journey to greatness?

DAVID FAITH is a historical novel that picks up where the Bible is silent, a few generations since the Israelite slavery in Egypt. Our backstory develops under the vast star canopy of the Judean wilderness, with Israel surrounded by warring tribes on all sides. It's a barbaric world where powerful men crush their enemies and anyone else in their way. While out in the fields with his animals and fellow outcasts, David finds inspiration for some of time's most cherished songs. Faced with evil forces and impossible odds, David risks everything to save the love of his life-only to find his world unraveling into a dark spiral of tragedy and death.

Following the ensuing maelstrom of terror, a long-hidden mystery is uncovered. Will the pieces come together as David discovers redemption and the voice of his Father? Will there ever be divine intervention, or was it there all along?

A grand stage is set for history's first poet warrior to rise.

See a 3 minute video outlining the story at http://bit.ly/1YshN05

Praise for DAVID FAITH:

"I am never without an open book and this is my favorite ever. A friend read my copy and said he couldn't put it down. Said DAVID FAITH was the best book he'd read in 10 years."

"I was totally captured by each scene. Heard the dogs barking and the sheep baying! Loved every page. The characters in DAVID FAITH were real to me. I had to deliberately slow down so I could relish every moment."

"LOVED IT! Couldn't put it down. It's a great story-the world needs to hear it and I am a better man for having read it. I am inspired to try and live my life with more DAVID FAITH."

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ISBN-13: 9781514880050
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/23/2015
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

T Robert Taylor (b. 1955) grew up in an Air Force family, living in Germany and five different states before age 16. He remembers winning 1st place in Illinois for art in eighth grade that built his confidence and gave him a sense of identity. He became his college newspaper's cartoonist and later graduated with a BS in Art Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1978. In 1979-80 he had a couple of art shows featuring his paintings in Philadelphia, then moved to Colorado to work with his college friend Jeff as an art director in a three-person agency. "T, how would you like to come out to Colorado and be my art director?" he recalls the phone call from his buddy. "Sure! What does an art director do?" was his reply! T joined Jeff and a client who formed CareerTrack, a seminar company that became the 10th fastest growing privately-held company in America in 1986. In 1991 he left as its creative director to form The Creative Alliance, a strategic marketing and design firm, where he works today. Over the years T has formed a few other companies; including Nissi's, voted as Boulder County's Best Live Music Venue with his wife Teresa. He also serves as founder and CEO for Team Promark, a sports licensing company (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.), and Mydor, also a licensing business (Disney, Marvel). In 2012 T was diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma cancer. T believes his faith in God, his family and medical team pulled him through. That experience, coupled with T's love of history, animals and the Psalms, inspired him to write David Faith, Rise of a Poet Warrior.

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