Dawn of the Neomodern: Art, Humanism & The Meme

Dawn of the Neomodern: Art, Humanism & The Meme

by Alan Peter Garfoot CHE


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This book is a detailed and extensive analysis of what it is to be a human being, cultural product and social creature in the modern day. It looks at the nature of introspective processes including the power of visualisation and the deep fundamental nature of consciousness and mental process.
Then tracing its roots back to ancient Greece it looks at the subtle and subliminal dynamics of ideological mind control by a state upon its people. It looks at the implications and consequences that this has upon our understandings of the dynamics of freedom for the individual.
It considers the philosophical topic of human flourishing within the context of the artistic creation of self through the creative development of human nature. In light of this there an analysis of its effects upon the development of cultural consciousness and how this depends fundamentally upon the creation of ideologically objectified crystallised constructs of will within the dispositions of the ego of the individual.
It then analyses the social role of art in society and how this feeds into the development of inspiration and aspiration in the creative will of the individual. How this relates to the evolution of society through the development of the education system and the creation of cultural space the 'underclass' thesis then takes the centre stage.
Finally this book examines the possibilities for the global unification of political, economic and cultural ideology and the potential role that the humanist paradigm could play in this evolutionary synthesis of its Memetic cultural construction. Finally it considers the internal scientific and cultural nature of the Humanist movement into the future and considers the cultural implications of Memetics upon human nature, mind and culture.

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Publication date: 04/29/2014
Pages: 198
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