Day After Day Coping: Mental Illness - Support for Individuals & Families - A Workbook

Day After Day Coping: Mental Illness - Support for Individuals & Families - A Workbook

by Alyse King


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As mental illness raged on in my family, life continued to be uncertain. Tensions escalated daily. My children and I lived from moment to moment, from day to day, never knowing when the situation within the family would suddenly change.
During the initial years of dealing with mental illness, it was extremely difficult for me to cope while I cared for my son and daughter as well as my other children.
My focus was very clear. It was to keep fighting for my son's and daughter's mental health regardless of the cost to me. In order for me to accomplish my goal, I must endure to the end. If I failed, I would have lost my fight against mental illness. I was not willing for that to happen. With determination, I fought with all my strength to help my son and daughter cope with their illnesses. This was central for coping. I knew without a doubt that it would be difficult for me to do this. Regardless, I worked extremely hard to help them cope.
With each one of their emotions that robbed them of hope and comfort, I had to find new and different coping techniques for them.
At times, I felt that I just could not go on any longer. Crawling into bed and staying there seemed easier than searching for ways to cope.
My success in coping with adversities was dependent on the effort that I put forth in finding ways that would really make a difference in my success.
Finding effective ways to cope with my stress, depression and stigmas was not always easy. Finding new and effective ways to cope took endurance and discipline.
If I had failed in coping with my son's and daughter's mental illnesses, I would have failed to cope with my own health challenges and ultimate recovery. I was also determined for that not to happen.
I struggled with many conflicting emotions. There were many difficult days but I worked hard to overcome them. I fell down along the way, but staying down was not an option. Each time I got up and kept looking for new ways to cope.
Although I struggled to cope with a magnitude of unusual challenges, I worked tirelessly to overcome them. I coped with those struggles because I believed that I could. I drew strength, hope and comfort from scriptures and those were the bedrock of my ability to cope with my children's illnesses.
During my years of uncertainties, I examined my life for all the things that brought me happiness. Examining my own life helped me to understand other people's struggles and hardships and I looked for ways in which I could help them.
Today, I continue to look for new ways to give comfort to others who are suffering, because I learned how to be sensitive to other people's sufferings. My ability to help others was truly a blessing and a wonderful gift. It helped me to more effectively cope with my son's and daughter's illnesses. It helped me to cope when I took a personal interest in others. I knew it uplifted them and gave them hope and comfort. It was a wonderful feeling when someone took a personal interest in me. It warmed my heart and uplifted my spirit and I wanted to give someone else that same feeling.
As time went on my ability to support others in their times of distress and times of crisis was truly a blessing and a wonderful gift for me. The trials I have endured helped me to cultivate feelings of compassion and so it was easy for me to comfort others in times of their distress and grief.
I realized that putting the welfare of others ahead of my own needs and wants, gave me personal satisfaction and happiness and the greatest of joys. I then developed a positive mind-set to treat others with dignity and respect regardless of their disabilities or adversities, or what difficulties they were experiencing.
Yes, you can also learn to cope, live independently, be productive and hold a job if you acquire the right tools and learn to recognize the opportunities available to you.
Day After Day Coping was designed to help you cope with your illnesses and move you forward to your recovery.

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About the Author

Ms. King's happiness about her ability to help her son and daughter has encouraged her to share the "recovery techniques" she used. She self-published seven books titled, "A Letter to Schizophrenia from a Mother," "Schizophrenia," "Bi-Polar," "Stress and Depression," "140 Ways Coping with Depression," "Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Stress and Stigmas," and "Finding Hope in a Hopeless World,"

Alyse King also self-published a series of four Workbooks titled, "Day After Day Coping with Mental Illness - Support for Individuals and Families," "Essential Skills for Self Improvement," "Job Preparation," and "How to Keep Your Job." The Workbooks provide continuing education and training for rebuilding lives, returning to employment or becoming financially independent. The Workbooks share the systematic techniques that Ms. King used in helping her children to develop personal skills and skills for hunting for a job, securing the job and holding the job. Alyse also self-published a Trainers' Guide. The Trainers' Manual provides guidance to all who wish to develop programs to help others to find work or achieve financial independence.

Alyse also self-published four additional books, "Comfort and Hope - Death- Reflections from Scriptures," "A 30-Day Online Romance, Based on a True Story - Part 1," "Confessions from A 30-Day Online Romance, Based on a True Story - Part 2, and "A Follow-Up of Confessions from A 30-Day Online Romance, Based on a True Story - Part 3."
Ms. King grew up and was educated on a beautiful Caribbean Island; married in her 20's and has been a homemaker, mother and sole provider for her family. Later, divorced, she relocated to Southern California with her four children.

The author currently resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Her daughter and youngest daughter also live in North Carolina. Her other two eldest daughters and all five grandchildren remain in Southern California. She frequently travels to California to visit her family and friends.

Ms. King's goal is to utilize her expertise in both the health and educational sectors. For the past several years, she has been working towards that goal by volunteering her time to help friends who are struggling to cope with mental illness.

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