Day-By-Day With The Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1804-1806

Day-By-Day With The Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1804-1806

by Barbara Fifer




Not an appointment calendar, but an easy way for everyone to join the Lewis and Clark Expedition on each of their 862 days on the trail. Calendars for the years 1804 to 1806 have been filled with brief notes covering May 14, 1804, to September 23, 1806, telling what each new day brought the men, woman, baby, and dog: stifling heat, numbing cold, near starvation, feast and surprising foods, triumph, wonders, fear, and new friendships. Color illustrations show people, gear, clothing, plants and animals, boats, and more.

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ISBN-13: 9781560372325
Publisher: Farcountry Press
Publication date: 11/15/2002
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 11.80(w) x 8.72(h) x 0.18(d)

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