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Day Hiker's Handbook: Get Started with the Experts

Day Hiker's Handbook: Get Started with the Experts

by Michael Lanza

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ISBN-10: 0898869013

ISBN-13: 9780898869019

Pub. Date: 02/28/2003

Publisher: Mountaineers Books, The

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Mountaineers Books, The
Publication date:
Backpacker Magazine Series
Edition description:
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Product dimensions:
6.08(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.45(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Getting Started17
Finding Hiking Partners20
Being a Smart Consumer20
Doing it Yourself22
How Hard is Hard?24
Keeping Your Engine Tuned28
Hiking in Groups30
Hiking Alone30
Taking Baby Steps33
Setting Reasonable Goals36
Bagging Peaks38
Chapter 2Gear43
Hiking Boots44
Socks-The Unsung Hero of Footwear52
Foot Care52
Customized Footbeds53
What Else Should I Bring?61
Chapter 3Clothing67
Skin to Shell, Sunny to Soggy: Layering and Temperature/Moisture Management68
Cool Stuff72
What Should I Buy?76
How Much Should I Spend?78
Chapter 4Water and Food81
Becoming a Heavy Drinker82
Carrying Enough Water84
Bottles and Hydration Systems84
Don't Drink the Water?86
Fueling Your Engine88
Don't Feed the Animals!91
Chapter 5Children on the Trail93
General Tips for Hiking with Children94
Nutrition and Hydration99
Sun Protection100
Kids vs. Bugs and Animals100
Chapter 6Safety, Fun, and Trail Ethics103
At the Trailhead104
Trail Etiquette107
Finding Your Way108
Crossing Water126
"It's D-D-D-Dark Out!"128
Hiking in Winter130
Keep Smiling131
Watching Wildlife132
Outdoor Photography Tips133
Chapter 7When Nature Calls137
Use the Facilities, Please138
The Moment of Truth138
A Word for Women143
Chapter 8Weather145
Weather Terminology146
Checking the Forecast147
Reading Between the Clouds149
Thunder and Lightning150
Turn Back or Go On?152
Chapter 9Health and First Aid155
First Aid156
First-Aid Kits156
Advice for Women157
Things That'll Get Ya157
Other Health and First-Aid References163
Appendix ADay-Hiking Resources165
Appendix BRecommended Reading168

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