Day Hikes and Overnights on the Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California: From the Mexican Border to Los Angeles County

Day Hikes and Overnights on the Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California: From the Mexican Border to Los Angeles County

by Marlise Kast-Myers


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Explore sections of the famous Pacific Crest Trail between the Mexican border and Los Angeles County. Travel writer Marlise Kast-Myers includes both easy day hikes and extended overnight trips. Each route is accompanied by a detailed topographical map and the book is filled with spectacular color photos.

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of America’s great long-distance hiking routes. The PCT folllows the mountains from the Mexican border in the south all the way to the Canadian border in the north. Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling Wild led huge numbers of Americans to hear about the PCT for the first time. Now Kast-Myers gives you the tools you need to get out and explore sections of that fabled route for yourself.

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ISBN-13: 9781581572025
Publisher: Countryman Press, The
Publication date: 03/31/2014
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,142,955
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About the Author

Marlise Kast-Myers is the author or coauthor of several books on travel destinations, among them guides to Southern California, France, and Cancún. She lives in San Diego.

Table of Contents

Preface viii

Overview Map x

Introduction xi

About This Book xi

How to Use This Book xiii

Weather xiv

Safety xvi

Hiking Tips xix

Permits and Restrictions xx

The Hikes

Part I Campo Indian Reservation Area, Hauser Wilderness, and Laguna Mountains

1 CA 94 to Mexican Border (4.6 miles) 3

2 Hauser Canyon to CA 94 (23.8 miles) 7

3 Lake Morena to Hauser Canyon (14 miles) 11

4 Morena Butte (8 miles) 15

5 Buckman Springs to Lake Morena (8 miles) 19

6 Boulder Oaks to Buckman Springs (4 miles) 23

7 Boulder Oaks to Kitchen Creek Falls (4 miles) 27

8 Kitchen Creek Road to Cibbets Flat (5 miles) 31

9 Cottonwood Creek Falls (2 miles) 33

10 Burnt Rancheria to Cibbets Flat (20 miles) 37

11 Desert View Trail (1.3-mile loop) 41

12 Monument Peak (3 miles) 45

13 Foster Point (1.3 miles) 47

14 Oasis Spring (2 miles) 51

15 Big Laguna Trail Loop (10-mile loop) 55

16 Indian Creek Loop (8-mile loop)1 59

17 Garnet Peak (2.8 miles) 63

18 Kwaaymii Point to Pioneer Mail (1 mile) 67

19 Kwaaymii Point to Sunrise Highway (10 miles) 69

Part II Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Anza-Borrego Desert, and San Felipe Wilderness Area

20 Sunrise Highway to Lake Cuyamaca (15 miles) 75

21 Mason Valley Truck Trail-PCT Loop (6.5-mile loop) 79

22 Oriflamme-Rodriguez Loop (12-mile loop) 83

23 Granite Mountain (3 miles) 87

24 Scissors Crossing to CA 78/Banner (24 miles/12 miles with shuttle) 91

25 Scissors Crossing to Barrel Springs (46 miles/23 miles with shuttle) 95

26 Barrel Springs to Warner Springs (16.86 miles/8.43 miles with shuttle) 99

27 Agua Caliente Creek (8 miles) 105

Part III San Jacinto Wilderness, San Gorgonio Wilderness, and San Bernardino Forest

28 Cedar Springs to Fobes Trail (12 miles/7.5 miles with shuttle) 111

29 Fobes Trail to Spitler Peak Trail (7 miles/8.5 miles with shuttle) 115

30 Spitler Peak Trail to Tahquitz Valley (24 miles/16.7 miles with shuttle) 119

31 South Ridge Trail to Little Tahquitz Valley (9.6 miles) 123

32 South Ridge Trail to Saddle Junction (10.8 miles/7.9 miles with shuttle) 127

33 Saddle Junction to Wellman Divide Junction (8.8 miles) 131

34 Humber Park to CA 243 (via Strawberry Jet/Deer Springs Trail) (10.8 miles) 135

35 Cottonwood Trailhead to Whitewater Canyon Preserve (16 miles/8 miles with shuttle) 139

36 Whitewater Canyon Preserve to Mission Creek Preserve (14 miles/7 miles with shuttle) 143

37 Cougar Crest Trail to Bertha Peak (6.5 miles) 147

38 Polique Canyon Road to Delamar Mountain (5 miles) 149

39 Splinters Cabin to Upper Deep Creek (6 miles) 153

Part IV San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest

40 Interstate 15 to Swarthout Canyon Road (10.28 miles) 159

41 Gobblers Knob (7 miles) 163

42 Grassy Hollow to Inspiration Point (2 miles) 165

43 Grassy Hollow to Vincent Gap (7 miles/3.5 miles with, shuttle) 169

44 Indian Canyon to North Fork Saddle (15 miles) 173

45 Vasquez Rocks (4-mile loop) 177


Appendix A Recommended Hikes 179

Appendix B Outdoors Shops in Southern California 180

Appendix C Purchasing Maps and Adventure Passes 182

Appendix D Hiking Clubs and Organizations 182

Appendix E Equipment Checklist 183

Appendix F Web Resources 184

Appendix G Conservation Organizations 184

Appendix H Agencies, National/State Park Districts, Ranger Stations 185

Appendix I Suggested Reading 186

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