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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead


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The Grateful Dead were not known for their modesty so perhaps it's fitting that Day of the Dead, the 2016 tribute album assembled by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of the National for the Red Hot Organization, sprawls with abandon. At five-and-a-half hours, the 59-track album -- divided into three separate sets, like any good Grateful Dead concert -- is longer than any individual Dead show but it's not necessarily as far-reaching. The Dessners favor very specific traits within the Dead, eschewing folk, boogie, blues, and cowboy songs in favor of ever-expanding experimentalism. Bob Weir may sit in with the National for an album-closing "I Know You Rider" but he's essentially been back-benched: his penchant for good-time rock & roll has been erased and he has a mere seven songwriting credits here, and three of those are band compositions ("Dark Star" being repeated twice). This means Day of the Dead is anchored on Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter songs, all filtered through an out sensibility indebted to Phil Lesh. Some of the contributions break this mold -- Charles Bradley lays into a funky "Cumberland Blues," Courtney Barnett sneers through "New Speedway Boogie" -- but it's rare to hear the kind of winding, intertwined guitar interplay that characterized so much prime Dead. It surfaces when Weir sits in with the National and Wilco, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks contribute a rangy, excellent "China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider," and J Mascis graces Kurt Vile's "Box of Rain" with a gorgeous solo, but these are accents on an album that strips away any of the seedy, crunchy elements of jam band music. What's left is striking, albeit an idiosyncratic interpretation of the Dead. If very few cuts here are especially rhythmic -- an odd thing, considering the Dead had two percussionists -- the emphasis on shifting textures is alluring, reaching a pinnacle on a 17-minute interpretation of "Terrapin Station" that emphasizes its suite structure and shimmers with a quiet elegance. Whether it showcases a singer with a guitar or circular improvisations on a theme, most of Day of the Dead follows a similarly understated, tasteful path and, ultimately, that's what's impressive about it: it is a tribute to the Grateful Dead as sonic adventurers, pioneering new avenues into space and beyond.

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Release Date: 05/20/2016
Label: 4Ad
UPC: 0652637362428
catalogNumber: 73624
Rank: 161519


Disc 1

  1. Touch of Grey
  2. Sugaree
  3. Candyman
  4. Dire Wolf
  5. New Speedway Boogie
  6. Friend of the Devil
  7. Black Muddy River
  8. Morning Dew
  9. Black Peter
  10. Loser
  11. To Lay Me Down

Disc 2

  1. Box of Rain
  2. Rubin and Cherise
  3. Me and My Uncle
  4. Cassidy
  5. Uncle John's Band
  6. Mountains of the Moon
  7. Dark Star
  8. Nightfall of Diamonds
  9. Transitive Refraction Axis for John Oswald
  10. Playing in the Band
  11. Brokedown Palace

Disc 3

  1. Peggy-O
  2. Garcia Counterpoint
  3. Terrapin Station (Suite)
  4. Clementine Jam
  5. China Cat Sunflower&I Know You Rider
  6. Jack-A-Roe
  7. Easy Wind
  8. Wharf Rat
  9. Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad
  10. And We Bid You Goodnight

Disc 4

  1. Ripple
  2. Truckin'
  3. Dark Star
  4. Stella Blue
  5. Shakedown Street
  6. Franklin's Tower
  7. Eyes of the World
  8. Help on the Way
  9. Estimated Prophet
  10. What's Become of the Baby
  11. King Solomon's Marbles
  12. If I Had the World to Give

Disc 5

  1. Standing on the Moon
  2. Ship of Fools
  3. Bird Song
  4. Brown-Eyed Women
  5. Here Comes Sunshine
  6. Cumberland Blues
  7. Drums&Space
  8. Cream Puff War
  9. Rosemary
  10. High Time
  11. Till the Morning Comes
  12. Althea
  13. Attics of My Life
  14. St. Stephen
  15. I Know You Rider

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Edgar Meyer   Bass
Terry Riley   Piano,Voices,Melodica
Bruce Hornsby   Vocals,Vibes
Lee Ranaldo   Electric Guitar
Bob Weir   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Lucinda Williams   Vocals
Nels Cline   Electric Guitar
Brian Beattie   Wurlitzer
Bradley Cook   Bass,Background Vocals
John Cowan   Background Vocals
Béla Fleck   Banjo
Zakir Hussain   Tabla
Garth Hudson   Accordion,Hammond Organ
Ira Kaplan   Electric Guitar,Vocals
J Mascis   Guitar,Background Vocals
John Stirratt   Bass
Jeff Tweedy   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Oliver Wood   Vocals
Mike Clark   Guitar,Keyboards
Bill Callahan   Guitar,Vocals
Vijay Iyer   Piano
Stephen Malkmus   Guitar,Vocals
Wayne Coyne   Guitar
Alecia Chakour   Tambourine
Cochemea Gastelum   Flute
Glenn Kotche   Drums
Sandy Miranda   Bass
Will Oldham   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Freddy Votel   Drums
Kyle Spence   Drums
Steven Drozd   Bass,Drums,Vocals
Barthelemy Attisso   Soloist
J.T. Bates   Drums,Vocals
Bala Sidibe   Vocals
Rob Laakso   Bass,Lap Steel Guitar
Adam Sliwinski   Percussion,Marimbas
Jane Fair   Flute
Steve Hassett   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Sam Amidon   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Russo   Drums,Vocals
Kid Millions   Organ,Percussion,Drums,Marimbas,Cymbalom
Jim James   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Barry London   Synthesizer
Michael Lewis   Saxophone,Vocals
Jenny Lewis   Vocals
Cass McCombs   Piano,Vocals
Gyan Riley   Electric Guitar
M.C. Taylor   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Eric Johnson   Background Vocals
Tunde Adebimpe   Vocals
Joanna Bolme   Bass
Jake Morris   Drums,Background Vocals
Bryce Dessner   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Mellotron,Slide Guitar
Matt Berninger   Vocals
Aaron Dessner   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,fender rhodes
Bryan Devendorf   Drums,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Scott Devendorf   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Nick Lloyd   Hammond Organ,Wurlitzer
Pat Sansone   Electric Guitar
Sam Cohen   Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Choir, Chorus
Lisa Hannigan   Vocals
Hamilton Leithauser   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Christopher Bear   Synthesizer,Drums,Vocals
Nick Movshon   Bass,Drums
Richard Reed Parry   Piano,Drums,Vocals,Double Bass
Abigail Washburn   Background Vocals
Dave Nelson   Trombone,Trumpet
William Tyler   Guitar,Background Vocals
Rob Moose   Violin
Seth Kauffman   Bass,Drums,Steel Guitar,Vocals,Guitar (Baritone)
Olivier Marguerit   Bass,Piano
Bobby Matador   Bass
Otto Hauser   Drums
Daniel Rossen   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Piano,Vocals,Wurlitzer
Pete Lalish   Bass,Piano
Dan Molad   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Jackson Pollis   Drums
Zoë Randell   Guitar,Vocals
Isaac Gale   Vocals
C.J. Camerieri   Trumpet
Ben Lanz   Piano,Background Vocals
Conrad Doucette   Percussion,Drums,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Kody Nielson   Drums
Justin Vernon   Vocals,national steel guitar
Mikael Jorgensen   Keyboards
Thomas Brenneck   Guitar,Mellotron
Pauline DeLassus   Vocals
Ben Ivascu   Drums
Matt McCaughan   Drums,Background Vocals
Amelia Bauer   Vocals
Moshe Rozenberg   Synthesizer
Kurt Vile   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Gabriel Cabezas   Cello
Adam Granduciel   Synthesizer,Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Josh Quillen   Bass,Percussion,Marimbas
Nadia Sirota   Viola
Binki Shapiro   Vocals
Marlies VanGangelen   Harp,Oboe,Vocals,Cor anglais
Hideaki Aomori   Bass Clarinet
Kate Stables   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Sharon Van Etten   Vocals
Adam Jones   Drums
Jesse Trbovich   Guitar
Alexandra Sopp   Flute
Maya Sharpe   Background Vocals
Kyle Resnick   Trumpet,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Alex Bleeker   Bass
Phillip Cook   Organ,Background Vocals
Charlie Hall   Drums
Joe Westerlund   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Matthew Houck   Vocals
Morris Kliphuis   Piano,French Horn,Vocals
Ed Droste   Vocals
James Buckley   Bass Guitar
Baby Hanoi Jane   Guitar
Robbie Bennett   Piano
Kelcey Ayer   Percussion,Vocals
Ryan Hahn   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
Taylor Rice   Guitar,Vocals
Matthew Frazier   Drums
Martin Courtney   Guitar
Brad Cook   Bass Guitar
Matt Kinsey   Guitar
Charles Bradley   Vocals
Marcus Mumford   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Ted Dwane   Bass
André de Ridder   Violin,Vocals
Holly Laessig   Vocals
Winston Marshall   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Kristian Matsson   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Laurel Sprengelmeyer   Vocals
Perfume Genius   Vocals
Walter Martin   Organ,Piano,Choir, Chorus
Jim White   Drums
Ben Lovett   Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Jess Wolfe   Vocals
Brooks Frederickson   Percussion
Sasha Ortiz   Background Vocals
Dave Hartley   Bass,Guitar,Tambourine
Phil Cook   Organ,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Angel Olsen   Vocals
Nik Ewing   Bass,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Mike Haliechuk   Guitar
Nate Martinez   Pedal Steel Guitar
Matthew Barrick   Drums
Philip Sterk   Pedal Steel Guitar
Florian Juncker   Trombone,Vocals
Dave Mudie   Drums,Background Vocals
Ruban Nielson   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Jaime Zuverza   Bass
Brian Elmquist   Vocals
Jon Shaw   Vocals
Courtney Barnett   Guitar,Vocals
Damian Abraham   Vocals
Jonah Falco   Drums,Background Vocals
Andrew Burri   Synthesizer,Percussion
Kara-Lis Coverdale   Keyboards
Matt Kallman   Synthesizer,Piano
Harrison Cargill   Synthesizer,Drums,Keyboards
Bones Sloane   Bass,Background Vocals
Peter Matthew Bauer   Bass
Josh Zucker   Guitar
Moses Sumney   Vocals
Kanene Donehey Pipkin   Vocals
Almeida   Guitar
Sgt Maty   Percussion
Omar   Drums
Massaoudou   Background Vocals
Aart Strootman   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Mondanile   Guitar
Anohni   Vocals
Showtime   Guitar
Essa   Bass
Dalik   Background Vocals
Boris   Keyboards,Vocals
Binta   Background Vocals
Aleksandra Denton   Vocals
Seydounorou Koite   Alto Saxophone
Maaike Van Der Linde   Bass,Flute,Vocals
Lisa De Boos   Vocals,Double Bass
Jo Schornikow   Vocals
Jo Houck   Organ
Jerry Ylvisaker   Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Nutzman   Keyboards
George Xylouris   Flute
Dieng Ndiogou   Vocals
Caroline Adelaide   Violin,Vocals
Zach Williams   Vocals
Josh Kaufman   Organ,Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Piano,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Lap Steel Guitar

Technical Credits

Mickey Hart   Composer
Flaming Lips   Producer
Jerry Garcia   Composer
Grateful Dead   Arranger
Bruce Hornsby   Arranger,Producer
Lee Ranaldo   Producer
Bob Weir   Composer
Robert Hunter   Composer
John Phillips   Composer
Tim Rose   Composer
Bonnie Dobson   Composer
John Perry Barlow   Composer
Brian Beattie   Engineer
John Carlin   Executive Producer
Béla Fleck   Producer
Ira Kaplan   Producer
Bill Kreutzmann   Composer
Phil Lesh   Composer
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan   Composer
Jim Reitzel   Engineer
Andi Toma   Producer,Engineer
Vijay Iyer   Arranger,Producer
Richard Battaglia   Engineer
Rob Laakso   Engineer
Lucius   Producer
Dawson   Composer
Steve Hassett   Engineer
Joe Russo   Producer
Traditional   Composer
Kid Millions   Arranger,Producer
Jim James   Producer
Walkmen   Producer
Tim Hecker   Arranger,Producer
Barry London   Engineer
Stargaze   Arranger,Producer
Cass McCombs   Producer,Whistle
Gyan Riley   Arranger,Producer
Bill Skibbe   Engineer
Bryce Dessner   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Orchestration,Creation
Aaron Dessner   Producer,Engineer,Creation
Jeff Zeigler   Engineer
Joe Mabbott   Engineer
Dawn Barger   Executive Producer
Christopher Bear   Producer
Nick Movshon   Arranger
Stan Doty   Engineer
Logan Matheny   Engineer
Richard Reed Parry   Producer
Jamie Carter   Producer,Engineer
Dave Nelson   Horn Arrangements
Gary Jarman   Engineer
Rob Moose   Arranger,Producer
Leon Taheny   Producer
Daniel Rossen   Producer
Jarvis Taveniere   Producer,Engineer
Dan Molad   Engineer
Real Estate   Arranger
DeYarmond Edison   Arranger,Producer
Thomas Brenneck   Arranger
Kurt Vile   Engineer
War on Drugs   Producer
Local Natives   Producer,Engineer
Dennis Coyne   Programming,Engineer
Alejandro Venguer   Engineer
Mumford & Sons   Producer
Jonathan Low   Engineer
Matthew Houck   Producer
Tommy "TNT" Brenneck   Producer,Engineer
Kelcey Ayer   Programming
BJ Burton   Engineer
Chris Allen   Engineer
Julien Simiand   Vocal Engineer
Don Godwin   Engineer
Nik Ewing   Programming
Mike Haliechuk   Arranger,Producer
Anna Laverty   Producer,Engineer
Ruban Nielson   Producer,Engineer
Courtney Barnett   Arranger
Jonah Falco   Arranger
Marijuana Deathsquads   Arranger,Producer
Harrison Cargill   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Almeida   Arranger
Barlow Weir   Composer
Rane Diagne   Engineer
Angy Loperdrix   Engineer
Alfred Owens   Engineer
Josh Kaufman   Producer
Jon Ashley   Engineer

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