Day Trading The Market For Newbies: Shocking Winning Strategies And Underground Little Known But Effective Tricks To Forex Millionaire: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join The New Rich

Day Trading The Market For Newbies: Shocking Winning Strategies And Underground Little Known But Effective Tricks To Forex Millionaire: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join The New Rich

by Trader X


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Day Trading The Market For Newbies: Shocking Winning Strategies And Underground Little Known But Effective Tricks To Forex Millionaire: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join The New Rich by Trader X

Forex trading is not all it is cracked up to be. The picture painted by the gurus and the brokers has only one side, a pink one, and is missing the real feeling and pain that a average retail trader goes through until a success is reached.
I can feel the pain in the Forex Community and the purpose of this book is to even out the planes.
Here is what you can expect to learn and master after practicing the concepts in this book.
• Learn to move with the winners and tailgate on their profits(this strategy alone is worth the 10 bucks, actually in my opinion priceless, but its up for bid)
• How to avoid and react to The Little Dirty Tricks of your broker (brokers are very creative when it comes to squatting your money)
• The little known but simple strategies of the successful Forex traders (I don't see anybody teaching this)
• What are the best times to trade (these don't match your breakfast and afternoon nap times, but are crazy profitable)
• The best ways to trade any strategy(this little detail can make or break your trading record, read about it on page 89)
• Most important and little known price levels, that deliver profits at any currency pair. (Learn, practice and apply the "should be illegal" strategy and you will turn your trading on a malfunctioning cash machine that spits dough every time you kick it)
• How to profit from Weird Crowd Psychology( when used as suggested in the book this one is a massive cash puller, I can even misspell it as "pooler" and ti still will be correct)
• The one, little known way to enter the Forex market and have the price guaranteed to move your direction. (I know you think I've lost my mind, but this is real)
• The well guarded price action strategies of the Forex Banks and Foreign institutions. (no one gave you this video game for Christmas, but the banks have it and you will learn to play it without looking at their screens)
• How not to use price action and when to be cautious about pulling the trigger, if a price approaches a certain deadly level. (keep your money in a dry and safe place or if you don't have this info your stash will be swimming in the drain)
• Which are the favorite price patterns of the experienced traders
• How to avoid having spread slips of as much of a 100 pips, and have your profit and account swallowed by your broker(most of the retail traders have no clue, what I am speaking about)
• What are the most important factors, observed religiously by all the shakers and movers, and how not to break the rules of alliance that can cost you your account.(the Forex 10 commandments)
• What are the sneaky falls break outs, practiced by the most of the platforms and how to fight the FOREX BOTS.
• Strange practices of your broker, that causes your stops to be hit before your entries(this is a must know before you open a account with any platform)
The above strategies and lessons are not lessons from a book or science projects. These are the hard earned lessons from the Forex School of hard knocks.
During the years I have met, and traded with and chat in expensive paid forums, with multitude of successful traders.
This book is what I find to be the essential and most important material you will ever need, to trade Forex Market.
Learn and master the strategies of the winners and become a winner. On the other hand you can spent countless of hours and thousands of dollars, staring at your screen, until your eyes leak out and still not come to the priceless lessons in this book.
See learning ineffective strategies and studying the so called "gurus" is like "Playing the The Three Dog Night on an eight track with the bell bottoms on" If the previous sentence didn't make any sense to you, its OK, I understand, it just means you are a young pop. But..
Make yourself a favor and invest in your education and buy this book.
Push few buttons and jump on, to your new reality, of turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches.
You are just a couple of mouse cl

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/03/2013
Pages: 122
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About the Author

Trader X is experienced veteran trader. He has earned his badges in the trenches trading Forex as a retail trader. Trader X is self taught hard core down to the ground Forex warrior. He keeps private life, trading Forex form any place a internet is available. In matter of fact Trader X is most likely at a different marine on his private sailboat yacht, most of the time trying to find a favorable spot with a good internet access (not something to take lightly at Islands of the Caribbean, around Tortola in BVI. In a matter of fact trader X is boasting his biggest win around Necker Island in Eur/Usd. Trader X is an avid sailor and a pilot. He considers a break even trade as a win. The believe that to break even in Forex is as hard as winning. It has led Trader X to develop a system that ensures always closing at least some profit and moving the stop to b/e. Trader X is as close you are going to find to a active trader writing a book about trading. Most of his lessons from other famous traders came at the golf course or at sail boat competitions. Trader X is sharing his hard earned knowledge with younger and aspiring traders as a way to give back of the good fortune the Universe AKA GOD has let him experience. Really, there is no fun being a loser in Forex, my material offers you a way out, take the RED PILL of Forex, I have more than 50 titles on the subject of Forex around. Invest in your education, drink from the source. Nutty, details and tails about winning and losing in Forex, learn the truth, don't be stuck with the brokers lies. No matter which pair or currencies you are trading, I offer you easy, step by step, no BS, real solutions. No hard work involved, just work smart, lazy man's solutions to profit with Forex, based on hard knocks in the trenches painful trading experience. Yeah you don't need to find all the wrong ways to trade; I have already done the hard work for you. Just read the material and hit the road running. Bluntly, you have two options, spend countless of hours in front of your monitor, eyes getting so big, you can hang your hat on them. Try all the worthless forex systems, learn about all the evasive gurus in Forex, lose thousands of dollars trying all of the above and may be, you will arrive at a profitable solution. Or there is a easier choice, steal all of my systems and strategies, look over my shoulder as I show you the exact charts and thinking and methods I am using to pull huge moolah from the market. You can do it too!

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