Days of Wine and Roquefort (Cheese Shop Mystery Series #5)

Days of Wine and Roquefort (Cheese Shop Mystery Series #5)

by Avery Aames

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Murder, like Roquefort, stinks...

Cheese Shop owner Charlotte Bessette’s life seems quieter than ever with her fiancé out of town and her cousin Matthew and his children out of the house. But before she can put up her feet and enjoy a glass of chardonnay, Matthew asks her to play host to Noelle Adams, a bright sommelier visiting to help grow business for the local winery.

An affable wine aficionado, Noelle is paired well with the cheese expert Charlotte—but something seems to be troubling the secretive houseguest, and Charlotte’s life is upended when she finds the sparkling woman dead. Between Noelle’s hotheaded ex,  the cagey owners of the winery, its jaded manager, and a wily reporter, Charlotte has her pick of suspects, but she needs to act fast—this is a mystery that only gets more dangerous with age.


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ISBN-13: 9780425255551
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/04/2014
Series: Cheese Shop Mystery Series , #5
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 426,185
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Agatha Award-winning author Avery Aames loves to cook and enjoys a good wine. She speaks a little French and has even played a French woman on stage. And she adores cheese. As Daryl Wood Gerber she also writes the Cookbook Nook mystery series. 


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Praise for the Cheese Shop Mysteries:

“It’s not Gouda, it’s great!”—Lorna Barrett, New York Times bestselling author

“Fun, flirty, and full of local flavor.”—Kate Carlisle, national bestselling author of the Bibliophile mysteries

“A bold new series to be savored like a seductive Brie.” —Krista Davis, author of the Domestic Diva Mysteries

“For those who are unfamiliar [with The Cheese Shop Mysteries], we strongly recommend that you give these books a read.” —Culture Magazine

“A mouthwatering mystery… a plot that twists and turns…Enticing and intriguing.”—Jenn McKinlay, New York Times bestselling author 


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Days of Wine and Roquefort 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had a difficult time finishing the latest book in this series. My opinion is there is no real story told in the pages of this book. Basically it is just a bunch of annoying people gossiping. If I was the police chief in this town I would find a way to charge all of the gossiping, interfering busy bodies. Plus block all phone calls from Charlotte. This series stated out strong but I noticed in the last few books a downward spiral. I thought long & hard before purchasing the latest book in this series. Sorry I did. A waste of timQe & money. In my opinion, only, I would pull the plug on this series. I would miss reading about the mouth watering cheeses but that is about all. But you can read this book & make your own decision. Sorry AA.
Capswingsfan More than 1 year ago
Miccox99 More than 1 year ago
Another thrilling visit to Providence and the Cheese Shop! We find Charlotte undergoing many changes since her cousin has married and moved with his daughters into his wife's house, Jordan is off testifying against a crime organization and of course, the dead body that she has found! A dire warning to watch out for a wolf in sheep's clothing has her suspecting everyone! This series is a delightful read and I love getting to know the characters better in each installment! The author does a good job of layering the characteristics and personalities of each character so you feel as if you've known them forever. I especially like how she even develops the quirks of the supporting characters so none of them feel flat or forced into the story line. If you are looking for a great cozy mystery to read, then this series is for you. What better way to deal with murder and mayhem than with humor and lots and lots and lots of cheese!!!
psoccermom More than 1 year ago
Wow, what can I say! This book, Days of Wine and Roquefort had me intrigued from chapter one. I have always loved A Cheese Shop Mystery series. If you love food, wine, and the art of entertaining you will one get hungry while reading and two not be able to put it down. My thirst was not quenched till the last page. One of the many things I love about Avery Aames is her characters. You are able to pick up any in the series and feel like you have not been left behind. She explains everything for those who need a little catching up. Not only will you find great mystery and wine but you will find twists and turns at every corner. Things are beginning to finally slow down for Charlotte since Matthew, her cousin has married. Matthew asks Charlotte for a favor. He asks for her to let a friend of his who is going to be the new manager at the local winery to stay with her for a while. Of course Charlotte agrees. But Charlotte has a sense that Noelle is hiding something. Not until she finds Noelle dead in the garage with a cork screw in her neck does she go on high alert! What in the world could she have been up to and why kill her??? Charlotte begins to try and weed out all of the potential suspects. She has to walk a thin line since the owner of the winery and his daughter are high on the list of suspects. Will Charlotte be able to find the killer before she becomes his or her next target? I recommend this book to all those cozy and foodies out there looking for a great read. I warn you though, don't read hungry. I was given this book to read and review for an honest opinion.
Michelle_Palmer More than 1 year ago
I love this series. Avery Aames' Cheese Shop Mysteries are so much fun. The town is definitely one that I want to add to my tour of fictional places. Charlotte is a delightful cheese shop owner who happens to find dead bodies on a regular basis. While her HAWT fiance is out of town she happens upon yet another body this one a person who was temporarily staying in her house. I definitely missed the sizzle between Charlotte and her fiance for most of the book but the mystery kept my attention. I will continue dropping in to find out what Charlotte and company are up to as long as Aames continues to write the series.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Avery Aames's Days of Wine and Roquefort "Hell's Key" was the final utterance from Noelle Adams. Noelle was a friend of Charlotte Bessette’s cousin Matthew, who was staying with Charlotte while she got settled in her new job at Sheldon Nelson Winery. Now Noelle is dead in Charlotte’s Garage and the Snoop Club goes into full swing!!! Murder, mystery, mayhem, a engaging plot, wine, cheese, twists and turns are the ingredients for a story you will definitely want to read. Welcome to Providence, Ohio and the world of the Bessette Family. Description is deftly woven into the story. You will feel as if you are part of the family. All the characters are vivid, colorful and well defined. There are many suspects: the dead woman’s short tempered ex, a scheming reporter, the calculating owners of the winery, the suspicious manager, the manager’s withdrawn wife. Each character adds their own flavor to the story. The dynamics between some of the characters was captivating such as with Charlotte and the police chief, Matthew with Sylvie, Prudence with Grandmere, Prudence with Sylvie, Sylvie with the reporter. Rags, the cat, Rocket and Agatha both dogs add to the story. This is Book 5 in the Cheese Shop Mystery Series but can be read as a stand alone. There are recipes at the end of the story. Great blend of adventure, twists and turns and a touch of romance make for a delicious read. Thanks to the author via Facebook’s Cozy Mystery Review for the book. My opinion is my own.
dmhalvers More than 1 year ago
Days of Wine and Roquefort is the fifth book in the “A Cheese Shop Mystery” by author Avery Aames. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed each book in this series, and this addition does not disappoint! The plot centers around a wine sommelier, Noelle Adams, who is visiting town to help increase the wine business at a local winery. Noelle, who is an old friend of Charlotte’s cousin, Matthew, is staying with Charlotte while she is in town. Although Charlotte and Noelle get along very well and are on their way to becoming fast friends, Charlotte thinks that Noelle is pretty secretive and believes she is hiding something. After Noelle is murdered, there is a plethora of suspects for Charlotte to choose from, and she tries to figure out who had a strongest motive to kill Noelle and why? Was it the owner of the winery who may have had a relationship with Noelle? Could it be the winery owner’s daughter who doesn’t like Noelle or the winery’s manager who is involved with his boss’s daughter? Or, maybe it was Noelle’s ex-boyfriend who followed her to town to try and win her back or a reporter in town asking questions about her? What I like most about this series is the secondary cast of characters in each book…Charlotte’s grandparents often provide a little comic relief; her cousin Matthew, his two daughters, and his fiancé, Meredith, who just happens to be Charlotte’s best friend; Chief of Police Urso, who went to high school with Charlotte and got his nickname U-ey from her and his new girlfriend, Delilah, another of Charlotte’s friends; and, of course, Charlotte’s fiancé, Jordan. As much as I enjoyed this book, I did miss Jordan’s presence throughout and found Charlotte’s assistant, Rebecca, to be a bit irritating in her zeal to help Charlotte find the killer. My second favorite thing about this series is all the CHEESE! I am in no way a cheese aficionado, but the vivid descriptions of the tastes and smells of the cheese at “Fromagerie Bessette” in Ms. Aames’ Providence, Ohio, make me want to become one! Days of Wine and Roquefort is an exciting, enjoyable, and well written addition to Avery Aames’ Cheese Shop Mysteries and worth your time to check out and read. I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Who Killed the Stranger?   It’s a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, and Charlotte Bessette’s life is very quiet.  Her fiancée, Jordan, is out of town and her cousin Matthew and his girls have moved out of the house they were sharing since Matthew just got remarried.  It’s why Charlotte agrees to let Matthew’s friend Noelle Adams move in for a little while.  Noelle has just gotten a new job at a winery in the area and her new place isn’t quite ready yet.   The day before Noelle starts her new job, Charlotte is shocked to return home and find Noelle stabbed with a wine corkscrew.  She manages to get off a cryptic final phrase before she dies.  Since Noelle hardly knew anyone in town, who would want to kill her?  Had someone from her previous life followed her?  I felt the previous book in the series got bogged down in sub-plots, but that’s not the case here.  The theories the various characters spouted took over at times, but I was always absorbed in what direction the investigation was progressing as I was reading.  The characters are fun and enjoyable as always although I do wish Charlotte would treat the chief of police with more respect.  There are one or two sub-plots I can’t wait to see how develop in future books. This is one of the stronger entries in the series, and those who enjoy cozy mysteries will definitely enjoy this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dibbylodd More than 1 year ago
Avery Aames has managed to once again put together a well done story. The regular characters are as engaging as ever and the collection of new characters are a good addition. The brilliant wine specialist. Why is she there? The odd journalist. Who is he? The ex-boyfriend. What is he up to?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All the series makes you buy more cheese. The mystery is good also.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS I admit that I have never tried wine and I have not tried many cheeses. It does make me want to try more cheeses. I like that the recipes are in back of the book. They don't interfere with the story. Also they are easy to find if you want one. So the wine and cheese part of the story is hard for me to judge. The mystery was good. I was not sure who the murder was but did figure out a few of the surprises before they were revealed. This is book 5 of the series but only the first one I have read. The characters are well developed. I did not feel to lost in them but would love to have read the other books in the series. I liked Noelle. Sorry for her being the murder victim. The characters were a fun bunch. Especially Charlotte's family and friends. They bring a lot of drama, silliness and life to the story. You want to know more about their lives. Charlotte runs a cheese shop with her cousin Mathew runs the wine part of it. Charlotte was raised by her grandparents who are French. Her boyfriend is a way testifying in witness protection. She is very handy with tools. She has to find out who killed Noelle at her home Their is lots of humor, drama, action , some romance and lots of cheese and wine where they go. They are clean reads. A cozy mystery to enjoy. The setting is small-town Providence, Ohio I would read more books by Avery Aames or Daryl Wood Gerber in the future. They are entertaining. I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of by author and Netgalley.
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Avery Aames returns with the fifth book in the Cheese Shop Mystery series, Days of Wine and Roquefort. What goes better with cheese than wine? Not much! In Aames latest book reads not only get to explore all of the great tidbits that the author puts into each book, about cheese, but they will also get some behind the scenes information about how winery's work and what goes into making the finished product. Aames is a stickler for great research and it's obvious she has done her homework here. A great new addition to this cheese-tastic series! What I liked: I will be the first to admit that I love cheese. I have tried all of the normal cheeses that you see in the grocery, like, Swiss and Cheddar and Monterrey Jack, but I had no idea that there were more cheeses than there are days of the year. A lot more apparently. And this time Avery Aames picks Roquefort for her title. I love the fact that she focuses on making Charlotte's shop so authentic. I can just imagine walking in there and smelling all of the different cheeses and being able to see and feel their textures. A feast for the senses to be sure. I think Aames does a lot of research to make each book as realistic as possible and it shows in the quality of her writing. One of the things I enjoyed about this book in particular was that the author paired it with a wine related theme. You always here that wine and cheese were made to go together so it was a very natural and entertaining fit. Noelle a friend of Charlotte's brother Matthew needed a place to stay before becoming the new business manager of a local winery. Because of that readers are treated to some interesting info surrounding the wine business that adds a lot of interesting flavor to this mystery. When Noelle ends up dead, there are plenty of suspects to go around, especially since she seemed to be having issues with the daughter of the owner of the winery and one of the managers. It was fun to watch Charlotte and Rebecca set about figuring out whodunit. Rebecca brings a lot of comic relief to this series and especially this book. She is quite a hoot when thinks every thing that happens is straight out of the latest episode of Criminal Minds or Special Victims Unit. Too funny! Aames has a great sense of humor and puts it to work in all of her books.  What I didn't like: I missed Jordan in this one. Charlotte's fiance is always a special part of each book for me and it was sad that he wasn't around to take part in this one, but perhaps he will be a bit more present once he is out of the Witness Protection Program, fans will have to wait and see. Bottom Line: This was an enjoyable addition to the Cheese Shop series. Readers were treated to info about wine and cheese this go around and Aames knew what she was talking about. Her research gives authenticity to the series. Read it, you'll like it!
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
I love the Cheese Shop Mystery series as much as I love cheese! Days of Wine and Roquefort by Avery Aames Fifth in the Cheese Shop Mystery series Charlotte Bessette, feeling a bit lonely with her cousin and his twins gone from her house and Jordan out of town, is happy to have a houseguest. Noelle Adams, an old friend of Matthew’s and the new employee at Shelton Nelson Winery is staying with her until the cottage she’s renting is ready. When Charlotte returns home unexpectedly one evening she finds Noelle in her workshop-dying. Noelle is able to utter a cryptic comment before she dies, murdered. Though Charlotte is determined to let the police handle it, Matthew and Rebecca pull her in and the investigation is on! One of the great things about cozy mystery series is the ability to see our main characters grow and evolve. They’re multidimensional and real. In Days of Wine and Roquefort even the new characters have depth. There’s much more to the violent ex-boyfriend, the smarmy reporter, and the vintner and his daughter, than meets the eye. In a short amount of time author Aames gives these characters both history and a meaningful life. Although Days of Wine and Roquefort deals with loss on several levels, it doesn’t get maudlin. In fact, the antics of Prudence and Sylvie brought lots of humor to the story. I love the Cheese Shop Mystery series as much as I love cheese! The books give me something to savor with tons of character and lots of pleasure while consuming it! Plus-no calories! I highly recommend this book and this series.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Cheese Shop owner Charlotte Bessette’s life seems quieter than ever with her fiancé out of town and her cousin Matthew and his children out of the house. But before she can put up her feet and enjoy a glass of chardonnay, Matthew asks her to play host to Noelle Adams, a bright sommelier visiting to help grow business for the local winery. An affable wine aficionado, Noelle is paired well with the cheese expert Charlotte—but something seems to be troubling the secretive houseguest, and Charlotte’s life is upended when she finds the sparkling woman dead. Between Noelle’s hotheaded ex, the cagey owners of the winery, its jaded manager, and a wily reporter, Charlotte has her pick of suspects, but she needs to act fast—this is a mystery that only gets more dangerous with age. RECIPES INCLUDED! Dollycas’s Thoughts Warning this book will make you very hungry for CHEESE!!! Do yourself a favor and pick some up with some crackers and a bottle of wine before you start reading!!! I love Charlotte’s family. They are always busy whether is be at Fromagerie Bessette, or directing the community play or finding a killer. There is never a dull moment. The Cheese Shop is really a gathering place and most residents of this small Ohio town stop there at least once a week. It is also a hot tourist stop. In this installment one of those visitors just happens to be a murderer. Charlotte’s assistant just cracks me up as she tries to help Charlotte find the killer. You see she has a vast knowledge of criminal behavior and crime solving from her hours of watching television shows. Her heart is in the right place and sometimes she does come up with a valid point but she does much better keeping the Cheese Shop in order. Avery writes a very tasty mystery for all of us to enjoy. I always want to savor her stories like a glass of fine wine but I just can’t. She grabs us from the start and pulls us in and before you know it you are at the last page and checking out the recipes. There were unexpected twists, plenty of suspects, and general good sleuthing to track down all the clues. There was also a nice balance of humor. But the cheese, oh my, the cheese!! In between the lines of this wonderful mystery are descriptions of so many varieties of cheese. I want to try them all. Be prepared to make a list. I bet the author loves the research part of writing these mysteries. When she says “SAY CHEESE” she means it.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Days Of Wine And Roquefort is the 5th book in the A Cheese Shop Mystery series. Another fine book from Avery Aames. Now that Charlotte's cousin, Matthew, has married, things are returning to normal at her house. Charlotte has decided to start refinishing an old desk that she has. Matthew has asked her to provide a room for a friend from Cleveland, Noelle, who will become the new business manager at a local winery. They all are attending a tour of the winery and Charlotte senses some bad feelings between Noelle and the winery owner's daughter and the winery manager. Then a couple days later Charlotte comes home to find Noelle in the garage, dead, with a corkscrew in her neck. Quite naturally since it happened on her property, Charlotte feels the need to find who the murderer was and why. The winery owner is not above suspicion, Nor is his daughter, who is just a bit worried that Noelle will marry her father and take over the business. And the winery manager is might also fear losing his job. Most all the character from the previous books are back to help Charlotte investigate the murder. Charlotte's boyfriend, Jordan, is away, testifying in a trial that will hopefully get him released from the witness protection. Rebecca is around to help, using her newly found "expertise", that she has acquired from watching TV and movies. Though she may go on and on, I do love her character. Delicious sounding recipes are also included and through out the book are description of various cheeses from around the world. I'm looking forward the next book Avery Aames.
TessT More than 1 year ago
What a treat to be able to read an advanced copy of this book. It's the 5th book in The Cheese Shop Mysteries written by Avery Aames. Once again Charlotte finds herself in the midst of another murder investigation along with her friend and shop clerk, Rebecca,even cousin Michael steps in on this one and ends up getting more than he bargained for. Police Chief Urso,asks Charlotte  and her friends to let him do the investigation, but once again no one cares to listen to him. Because the murder took place in Charlotte's work shop, she feels as if she needs to get involved.  Charlotte invites Noelle, a friend of Michael's , to stay with her for a while until Noelle can get settled into her new job at Shelton Winery, and find a place of her own. Noelle is followed by her posessive ex boyfriend, Boyd, and Ashley a reporter who believes that Noelle and her job, neither of them believe that Noelle is in the right place and the right job. Either man might be a danget to Noelle, Boyd, because of his drinking and Ashley, because he feels it is his right to report on Noelle and her past.  Avery writes books that grab the reader on the 1st page and holds them spell bound until the end. I had no idea who was the murderer, which is unusual as I can usually figure it out. Her books are quick reads and will appeal to just about all cozy lovers. Avery also writes as Daryl Wood Gerber and writes a fairle new series called the Cook Book Nook series, which I'm sure readers will enjoy. Avery/Daryl are on FaceBook and you will find news and give-a-ways there. Take a stroll over there, take a look at the pages, you won't regret it.