DBASE III Tips and Tricks

DBASE III Tips and Tricks

by David Jenkins



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DBASE III Tips and Tricks by David Jenkins

Introduces novices and experienced dBASE programmers to the finer points of dBASE, saving them much time and trouble in programming. This invaluable guide covers hundreds of points about dBASE that are not explained in the manuals and how to handle problems that users frequently encounter—for example, what to do when the REPLACE instruction will not work and no error message is given. Everyone who is serious about dBASE, no matter how experienced they are in other languages, must ferret out the subtleties of instructions like APPEND and functions like EOF(). This book will alert readers to many of the surprises that are in store for the uninitiated.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780810464766
Publisher: Macmillan Computer Publishing
Publication date: 12/06/1985

Table of Contents

Getting Started with dBase.

Installing dBase.

dBase and DOS.

dBase, Compilers, and Runtime Versions.

dBase and Hardware.

Using Help.

Using Assist.

Working with Database Files.



The Keyboard, Screen, and Data Entry.

The Keyboard.

The Screen.

Data Entry.

The Get and Read Commmands.

Inputting Data to dBase.

dBase, the Printer, and Output.

dBase and the Printer.

Using the Report Generator.

Command File Programming.

Errors Messages.

Converting from dBase II.

Designing a dBase System.

Estimating Software Projects.



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