Dead Alert

Dead Alert

by Bianca D'Arc
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Dead Alert 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Shannon: Who doesn't love a paranormal romance that has a hot military man who's tough as nails on the outside but squishy as a marshmallow on the inside paired with a heroine that can stand on her own but knows when to reach out for help? We get both of these things in exciting entry in the Guardians of Dark series. Emily Parkington learned to fly before she could drive and has been trying to maintain the same dedication her mother had for Praxis Air. Trouble is, as a minority shareholder in the company, she's got to follow the directives of the new CEO. She knows something weird is going on, but she can't seem to figure out what. After getting a "warning" about putting her noise where it didn't belong, she not sure what she should do next or who she should trust. Sam Archer has been working with a special forces team trying to eradicate a zombie threat being unleashed by a psych scientist. Due to his immunity to the zombie contagion and his ability to fly, Sam is assigned to investigate the goings on at Praxis Air. He's suspicious of everyone when he gets to Wichita, but when he meets Captain Emily Parkington, he realizes there is more on the line than stopping the zombie invasion. Emily and Sam have great chemistry together. I loved how a man who is normally tough as nails became soft and squishy when it came to Emily and what she needed (whether it was personal or professional). He realized right away that Emily was going to be just as important to him as his mission. Emily was immediately drawn to Sam, but she had a hard time trusting that what they had was going to be anything past the "right now." She's learned the pilots had a woman in every port and she figured the same could be said of Sam, but she soon learns that Sam is much more than anyone else she's known and begins to hope that should they live through his mission they will last for much longer. The secondary part of the story, the zombies, was good and kept your attention, but that was really shadowed by Sam and Emily's building relationship, however we do get a satisfactory ending to that storyline. An enjoyable read that kept you entertained and hoping Sam and Emily could make it work in the end.
AmyELignor1 More than 1 year ago
Any reader who is interested in hot men, deception, undercover work, and seduction at every turn, will love Ms. D'Arc's new read. In this story, the reader meets up with Sam Archer as he sits with his Commander and is asked to go on an undercover assignment. Sam will be pretty much on his own as he handles the investigation. He will go undercover as a charter pilot and try to figure out just what is going on at Praxis Air. Praxis has luxury planes, and the people they deal with range from superstars to secretive men who may just have put together a weapon of monumental proportions - a weapon that makes people into zombies. And if Sam (zombie hunter extraordinaire) doesn't find a way to stop them quickly, they may just sell this weapon to the highest bidder. What he finds at Praxis Air, however, is far more than he bargained for. Emily Parkington is a lonely, sweet girl who is a true workaholic. Not only is she taking care of her brother who was swindled by a femme fatale, but Emily is also a pilot and part owner of Praxis Air. That's what she truly loves. Praxis is a part of Emily and she wants nothing to ever happen to the world she loves. What Emily doesn't know is that strange things are happening within the company right under her nose; some of the 'accidents' that have happened and pieces of cargo she's been moving may not exactly be legal. When a handsome hunk of a man named Sam Archer joins their flying team, Emily is completely sure of only one thing. The man may be hotter than anyone on the planet, but she has no idea if she can trust him with her airplanes, not to mention her heart. But when Sam's cover is blown, he must find a way to work with Emily and try to bring down a very frightening organization. The biggest issue, however, comes from their emotions. How exactly can Sam do his job while falling head over heels for the beautiful pilot who now has only vengeance on her mind? Exciting, thrilling, and full of evocative and sultry scenes, readers will love Sam and Emily's intoxicating adventure!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Although zombies ripped his skin, Green Beret Lieutenant Sam Archer survived the conversion infection due to an experimental vaccine. With the zombie threat somewhat muted, at Fort Bragg, unit Commander Matt Sykes (see A Darker Shade of Dead) assigns Sam to go undercover as a pilot at Praxis Air; Sam is to investigate whether the charter airline is trafficking in the black market sale of the zombie virus to foreign interests. Pilot Emily Parkington co-owns Praxis Air. She loves her airline with a passion. The newcomer assumes she is party to the moving of questionable cargo though he prays not as he is attracted to her. When he is exposed as an agent, Sam, trusting his heart, turns to Emily for help to end the illegal zombie virus trade. Emily is stunned with what she learns as Praxis is her life. This is an exhilarating romantic urban fantasy (see Once Bitten, Twice Dead) though the threat has diminished due to the anti zombie virus drug. The story line is fast-paced as the lead couple fall in love while fighting an insidious scheme to use her charter to spread the virus elsewhere. Like Sam, readers will wonder how the heroine could not know what is going on her airline even accepting she did not want to know. Readers will agree Wichita will never look the same after reading this entertaining thriller. Harriet Klausner