Dead Men Don't Chew Gum: A Martin and Owen Mystery

Dead Men Don't Chew Gum: A Martin and Owen Mystery

by Nina Cordoba


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NEVER take the short cut...Rika Martín wasn't in Bolo, Texas five minutes before she was run off the road, tripped over a dead body, then arrested for murder. And she's not so sure about Nick, the lawyer who's been assigned to her, even when he's shirtless, wearing a cowboy hat, and holding an extra-long hose. (Okay, maybe then.)All Nick Owen can think about is getting out of Bolo, a hometown he never should have returned to. Until he goes to pick up his best friend Gabe-the local judge-for a round of golf and is forced to represent a murder suspect. Gabe, of all people, knows Nick has sworn off murder trials after what happened last time. Unfortunately, he also knows Nick is a damn good trial lawyer. Even worse, this "Paprika Anise Martín"-if you can believe that-seems more determined to solve the murder case than to defend herself against it in court.With claims of devil worshipers in the area and at least one shooter determined to take Rika out, can Nick and Rika resolve this case before the murderer gets rid of her for good?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781981928248
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/11/2018
Series: Martin and Owen Funny Romantic Mysteries , #1
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Since my parents left their Texas/Louisiana homes to find adventure in California, that's where I was born. We eventually moved to Texas, but as a native Californian, I still qualify to use words like "vibe" and "aura" without ridicule.

I'm known for my sense of humor and my annoying habit of turning everything into a song. As a child, I dreamed that someday, I'd be in a random place, start singing and everyone around me would burst into song spontaneously. In my 40's, I found a soul mate who is a natural musician. He and my musically talented step-son make my dreams come true by jumping in and singing, humming or duh-duh-duhing along with anything from classical to rock. My daughter eggs us on, participates, or simply jumps in to correct mis-sung lyrics, depending on her mood.

My writing inspirations are my parents, who married outside their cultures and found great fun and humor in celebrating people's differences, my college roommates from Central America who made me aware of the "Latin-ness" in my heart, and my ESL students.

I've taught English to adult students from all over the world. Their stories have been an inspiration to me. I started teaching ESL just before my mother died. I cried constantly for a year and the only time I could forget her tragic death was when I was teaching my classes.

Then one night, after a lifetime of writing journalistic and marketing materials and teaching, I started writing a novel, then I wrote another and another.

Now, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can find me at

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