Dead Over Heels

Dead Over Heels

by Alison Kemper


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ISBN-13: 9781502389022
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/26/2014
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

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Dead Over Heels 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Kristen_Noel More than 1 year ago
  I'm next door neighbors with North Carolina. Whenever I'm lying in bed, I can look out our deck doors and see North Carolina and the Smoky Mountains. And let me tell you, I felt like I was right at home whenever I read Dead Over Heels. Alison Kemper was able to capture the essence of my home and it only added even more to this incredible story. I instantly warmed to Cole and his southern ways.   I'm always a fan of a good zombie book. Though I can admit that a lot of them start to blend together at times. That's the thing with Dead Over Heels that I loved. There were some different aspects of this book that surprised me. I really appreciated Alison Kemper's deviation from the norm.   The romance in this book is sweet and not overbearing. It fits seamlessly into the story, and I enjoyed it immensely. Like I mentioned before, Cole was instantly a favorite of mine. It took a little longer with Ava, but she's a solid heroine. She is full of courage despite of setbacks that are out her control and scary enough without zombies involved.  If you're a fan of the less gory types of zombie fiction or Tracey Ward, I really think you'll enjoy Dead Over Heels. Not only did it have zombies, but it also had the perfect amount of wit and romance. **I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.
CleverGirl1 More than 1 year ago
An exciting, action packed, fast read. I loved Alison Kemper's first book, Donna of the Dead, and enjoyed Dead over Heels just as much. Taking place in the same world - a world where everyone is turning into a zombie - but with new characters, city girl Ava and country boy Cole, a new setting, the middle of the forest and new challenges. City girl Ava is smart, indoorsy because she suffers from terrible allergies, and so not prepared to run through the woods and face the dangers within. But as they battle zombies, wildlife and brave heights, freezing temperatures and more she learns how strong and brave she is. I adored the banjo playing, hunting,'Trout Magnet' hat wearing, sweet and protective Cole. He has all the survival skills to keep them going through the forest and he's such a good guy that he keeps putting Ava's safety and comfort above his own. Both Ava and Cole have their snobbish moments, thinking the worst of each other, but thrown together, having to work together to survive, they learn to appreciate each other and then begin to care for each other. The romance that develops is believable; despite all their differences they share the same determination and bravery. I can't wait to read the next book in her zombie series and anything else Alison Kemper writes. Disclosure: ebook provided in exchange for an honest review
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Another wonderfully thrilling, delightfully romantic book in this zombie apocalypse series, Dead Over Heels was a lovely read. From start to finish, it was an enjoyable YA book that I really liked. Ava was a lovely heroine. She started off as somewhat snobby and more concerned with being right than taking the advice of someone who knew much more about survival than she did. But, as the book went on, she toughened up and realized that working together was to their best interest. In the end, she became a capable heroine who had the guts to survive a hellish experience and I liked her. Cole was great as well. He had all the survivor skills that they needed and he was a sweet guy. He was determined to help Ava find her parents. He really was a sweetie and I really liked him. The romance was lovely. At first, Cole and Ava didn't get along at all. But as the book went on, they started to tolerate each other, combine their skills, and it eventually became something more. They were great together and definitely stronger as a team. I thought they were a wonderful couple.  The plot was fast paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. There were definitely enough thrills to keep me on the edge of my seat. I liked the story and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from this series.  Dead Over Heels was a wonderful YA zombie thriller/romance and I really liked it. After enjoying book 1 so much, this sequel certainly didn't disappoint. YA lovers, this is a book worth the read. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
alterlisa More than 1 year ago
I'm always a sucker for a good zombie book and when I saw the local for this book, I just had to read it. As a foothills North Carolinian myself, I just had to see how the zombie apocalypse progressed. I've always told my kids when it hit that we would have a better survival rate than their big cities of Raleigh and Winston-Salem would. With being more sparsely populated, familiar with guns, bows and chainsaws, and having a large food distributor in our area, we just logically stand a better chance. But back to this wonderful book- it is told both from Cole and Ava's POV, which ordinarily I don't like, but it so worked with this book. I loved the bantering in the first part of the book where the sickly city girl had to make do with the local redneck who was bound and determined to save her life. This was a fun, fast paced easy read that I pretty much read from start to finish. After reading this, I'm off to read Kemper's Donna of the Dead which I understand takes place during the same zombie apocalypse.
VClifton More than 1 year ago
Oh, I loved this!  Of course, I liked her first book, too, Donna of the Dead.  The interaction between the characters was great, the action was fast paced, and I was amused by the zombie rawrs.  :D  I read a lot of YA books, and the books by Mrs. Kemper are rare for me:  Zombie apocalypse love!  Keep on keeping on, Alison!  I want to see more with these characters.  :)
GloriousBooks More than 1 year ago
After a deadly rabie-like virus spreads all across the world, Ava finds herself following neighbour, Cole, into the woods to escape mindless, rotting cannibals that could once call themselves people. In order to find both Ava and Cole's parents and get to a place of safety, Ava has to place her life entirely in Cole's hands as they trek for days through the woods. Cole is the one with the survival skills, so Ava has to try her best to be a help and not a hindrance to a boy she's slowly coming to like very much. This read, for me at least, was split pretty much right down the middle. I liked it, but there was a lot I didn't like as well. The most annoying of which was the sound the 'zombies' made. It may have been meant to be funny and cute, but I don't necessarily want funny and cute in a zombie novel. The romance would have been enough to satisfy any need for my 'awww' moments. The zombies said 'rawr'. Also, a bear played a minor part in the book and it said 'grr'. Every time I saw it, I wanted to bash my head against the wall. I'm sorry but that's just so stupid. If you want a book to have a comedic feel, then give it that element, but don't throw in death defying situations and expect me to take them seriously when a shambling zombie catches up and says 'rawr' before it eats someone's face off... Weirdness aside, that was the only thing that had me wanting to scream. The only other point that frustrated me was how fast and furious Ava and Cole got. It's not a spoiler when I say they have feelings for each other, it's pretty obvious just reading the synopsis that it's going to happen. I didn't feel that they moved into a relationship too fast per se, considering what they went through, I just don't understand why they got to the point of furiously making out so quickly. It wasn't done right in my opinion. It just didn't seem like a priority, obviously, at the time - maybe a nice kiss but a furious make out session? It seemed a little too much. Anyway, the rest of the read was good. It had a lot of action and suspense and I did like the characters. I loved how Cole doubted himself and how Ava really stepped up towards the end of the book. They both really came into their own by the end. All in all it was a good read but what I didn't like about it seemed to be a the forefront of my mind constantly which ruined it a little. Sadly, I actually think my reading so much, including books featuring zombies, made me a little too critical. To each their own though. 
Booksalamode More than 1 year ago
ahh ZOMBIES !!! This book was faced paced witty and had just the right amount of gory details !! Ava was a great main character adding the right pazza to the story and a girl after my own heart loving the city. Oh and Cole no I'm not a cowboy lover but now I think I am .  with all his southern talk he made me swoon !! Such a creepy read!! I enjoyed very much !!!  This plot is very good. 
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Funny, Edge of Your Seat, Zombie Filled Read!! Actual rating 3.5 out of 5 Stars! Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway my review or my rating! I have now officially read my first zombie book! My first thought is...I can't believe how much I liked it! The way I see it is books dealing with zombies can go two different ways. They could take the Walking Dead route and be serious and filled with heart pounding excitement. Or they can go the complete opposite direction and aim for the funny/cheesy like Zombieland. Dead Over Heels takes the best of both of those and weaves them together in a story that had me rolling my eyes, laughing, sitting on the edge of my seat practically hyperventilating from the danger and excitement and yeah, even a bit swooning. Color me surprised! I'm having one of those rare moments where I finish a book and immediately feel the need to start getting some thoughts down. I feel like a huge part of that is because as I sat there reading the last words on the page, my mind was screaming, "No! I don't want it to end yet!" Had it been a movie I would have immediately hit play and watched it all again. So if I loved it so much why doesn't my rating reflect that? Here's the thing. I felt like there was enough going on with, of course, the zombies and then there was the fact that it was set in the forest at the beginning of winter. We're talking like a thirty minute drive from the nearest town. Then you also add to the fact that a huge chunk of the forest they're trekking through is a bear preserve (hunting country) and you've got an entire book's worth of things you could do to make for a nail biting read. But it went a step too far with a psychotic (ex)girlfriend. Those moments with Bethany filled me with irritation. Otherwise it would have been pretty close to perfect. Even though I was intrigued by the plot, I put this one off as the last review book I read because I was truly afraid I wasn't going to like it. I sort of feel like I was trying not to in the beginning. It's in first person dual POVs and Cole is...well, he's a country boy. And I don't mean in the "Hey there cowboy!" kind of way it's more like "I ain't got no time for some dadgum city girl!" sort of way. Since it's first person even his thoughts are like that, so I was ready to be annoyed with him from the start. Those feelings didn't stick around for long, Cole was seriously such a great character. Ava was too for that matter. Very well written main characters. Though the summary is for the most part's not exactly how things go down. Actually the way it goes down in the book with these two is way better than it was described, in my opinion. I am not kidding with the danger and excitement, it literally had my heart thumping. And much to Cole's dismay if there was even the smallest chance of landing into a troubled, dangerous spot, Ava was going end up doing it. I could not put this one down! I definitely feel like I could read this one again and I'm going also going to have to get her other book Donna of the Dead and give it a try as well as soon as possible! I keep wanting to laugh at myself for how surprised I am about how much I enjoyed this book, but really I shouldn't be at all. I mean if I can fall in love with a series about aliens why not funny, cheesy, action packed zombies? Thank you Entangled for the opportunity to review this book!
BooksDirect More than 1 year ago
Ava and her parents are staying in their holiday home in the remote mountains of North Carolina, with no cable, internet, or cell phone reception. When Ava first meets Cole, they have nothing in common. But when her parents leave her alone for a day and the so-called Zombie flu makes its way to their remote part of the world, Ava and Cole realize that no one is safe and that they will need to rely on each other. With Cole's outdoor skills and Ava's superior intellect and scientific knowledge, the two teenagers manage to eke out an existence in the mountains. Ava thinks they are trying to make their way to the army base where her parents are located, but Cole is on a mission to find his father and brother. Along the way, they are threatened by zombies, bears, wasps, and even Cole's old girlfriend. Will Ava and Cole make it out alive? "Dead Over Heels" is easy to read, the writing flows well, and the text is almost error-free. The point of view alternates between Ava and Cole, giving us a great insight into how our own perceptions are often quite different to those of someone else experiencing the same situations. Full of tongue-in-cheek humor as well as tender moments, this book is cute, smart, and funny.  A pleasure to read. I received this book in return for an honest review.
S_Coglon More than 1 year ago
I was not sure what to expect going in to this book as I had never read any YA horror before and had not read a zombie book in years. After reading the synopsis I knew I just had to read it. I also went in blind to the author as I had not read her previous novel (which I now plan on reading when I get the chance). The first time I sat down to read I got to 23% before my battery died.I was disappointed as I did not want to put it down. I was just getting into the story and liking it. By 26% I was fully invested and knew that this book was going to be good. My heart was pounding because it felt like I was there alongside Ava and Cole trying to survive, no doubt about  it I was hooked. Our heroine is Ava and our hero Cole they are the main two characters in the book. I found them both likeable, genuine,  endearing and think they complimented each other perfectly. Of course we also have some secondary characters. Bethany boy does she give me creeps, wouldn't want to mess with her she is one crazy evil chick I would definitely love to read a short novella about her and her story that would run alongside Cole and Ava's. The book is written from duel POV Cole and Ava's. I enjoyed the different POV's, they were both as I said before reliable and genuine.  I enjoyed the authors writing style and thought it worked well. It was playful, cute and different to the usual style of writing I read. I also think that for being YA the horror element and gore was just right. The only thing that really bothered me about the plot (that otherwise was  good) was a couple of things to do with the zombies. If you look at the zombies as a twist on the *norm* and do not think into it to them  too much. I do not think it would be an issue. I honestly did really enjoy this book. It was a easy, fun, action packed, fast paced, funny enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this book to YA readers of all ages and anyone who likes zombies with a hint of romance. I have even considered buying a copy for my step daughter who is a bit of a chicken. She likes the idea of horror movies etc and can't wait  to be old enough to watch them with her dad. I think this might be the perfect stepping stone for her. My Actual Rating = 4.5     
alexiscollins More than 1 year ago
**RECEIVED A FREE COPY FROM ENTANGLED TEEN IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW** This was my first zombie book. I was a little wary about starting this book considering I’m not really a fan of zombies. But of course, the plot drew me in and once I began reading this book, I was sucked in. THEME: Sociology, Friendship, Romance PLOT: Ava’s from Florida but is in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. She hates it there. The house they bought in North Carolina is falling apart and Ava has to deal with the Greer brothers cleaning up their overgrown fields. Ava knows the country folks in town make fun of her and her family and Ava can’t stand being around them. When Ava’s parents leave for the hardware store, Ava is left at home with Cole Greer who is outside working. Suddenly, Cole is knocking at Ava’s front door screaming that she needs to come with him right now before the zombies get her. Ava doesn’t believe him until she sees the zombies for herself behind him. The two of them take off running, annoying each other as they travel through the woods trying to get to the reserve center. Yet, along the way, their hate begins to kindle into something more. CHARACTERS: Cole→ Country Cole was such a “know-it-all”. His country accent annoys Ava and his smart mouth just makes her wanna pop him. Cole is actually pretty smart and thinks fast on his feet. I wasn’t head over heels for him, but him and Ava’s relationship is pretty cool. Ava→ Ava is brave. She has allergies really bad—to the point where if she gets stung by a insect, she can die in under two minutes. Yet, she is forced to camp out in the woods for days and deal with Cole complaining about her not keeping up with him. Ava is a smart girl though. Just because she’s not as outdoorsy as Cole doesn’t mean she does’t know how to pull her own weight. She helps them get out of situations just as much as Cole. Both characters were well develop and I found it interesting how two people from different environments interacted with each other and began to grow on each other; gaining respect for one another. STYLE / SETTING: Dead Over Heels takes place in the woods of North Carolina. Its set in first point of view from the eyes of both Cole and Ava. Alison Kemper shows the cultural differences between between city folks and country folks. There imagery was detailed and good. Sometimes it felt like I was watching a comedic movie about a zombie apocalypse. Although, there were a few scenes that were difficult to picture when a lot of things were happening at once. There’s humor, anticipation, and swoon-worthy scenes that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Considering this is my first zombie book, I really enjoyed it. Kemper has drawn my eye to the zombie world and I can’t wait to pick up her other novel, Donna of the Dead. LESSON LEARNED? Don’t judge a person by where they are from **RECOMMENDED RATING: Book Cover: .1 Character Development/Plot: 3 out of 3 Interest: 1 out of 1 Imagery: .9 out of 1 Total: 5.0
JessKiddingBooks More than 1 year ago
*I received a free eBook of this novel from Entangled Teen in exchange for a fair review.* FIVE STARS “I step toward the dude in golf clothes, 'You lost buddy?' He says, 'Rawr.' 'Beg pardon?' 'Rawr,' he repeats. All three of ‘em shuffle closer. Slow but steady. The breeze kicks in again, but this time the autumn air is tainted with a sharp, nose-cringing scent. It’s like stumbling over a decomposing animal corpse in the word—one that’s been sitting too love. It’s the scent of death.” To begin, zombies are pretty much my number one fear. I have full, detailed zombie escape plans for my work, my husband’s work, our house, my parent’s house, or being in public. I’m not kidding. So it is safe to say that I am well-versed in all things zombies (slow walking zombies, fast and superhuman zombies, rabies zombies, rage virus zombies, I’m like the Bubba Gump of zombies over here). The zombies in this story are rabies zombies, just FYI. And they are amazingly written. I tend to steer clear of zombie books, because I obsess over them, and I need to sleep sometime. But this one was just the right balance of excitement, zombie action, and jokes to keep me from freaking out. In "Dead Over Heels" Kemper does an amazing job of realistic characters, interesting and necessary dialogue, and adding in the scary zombie element in a great way. This novel follows Ava, a teenage girl with life-threatening allergies pretty much everything that lives or exists in the outside world and Cole, a country native who loves hunting, fishing, and everything in the outside world. (See the conflict there? See it? It's great.) Ava's family is on vacation in North Carolina, and Cole is helping them with landscaping, when the zombie virus breaks out! (Oh goodness!) Cole decides to save Ava from becoming a snack in her home and they escape to the woods. (Read: the outside world, where the zombies are only one of the things that can kill Ava in minutes!) The dual perspective is well-written with two different voices and characters. It was nice to see the situations and emotions from both characters, and it was well done. Each character had a distinct voice and personality. At first I thought that Cole’s redneck language-style would wear on me as stereotypical, but it didn’t. It was, again, realistic and came across like an actual person instead of just a character. Even the obvious romantic elements felt real, not forced, and like something that was organic to the story. I genuinely cared about these people, and I believed them. Overall, the humor and characters made this book something I couldn’t put down. I highly, highly recommend it