Deadline Artists: America's Greatest Newspaper Columns

Deadline Artists: America's Greatest Newspaper Columns


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America’s story has always been best told in its newspapers. From the local and mundane– crime blotters, crop prices, and Sunday sermons– to the Federalist Papers and Watergate, the press has played an outsized role in our nation’s culture and history.

Now in its fifth hardcover printing, Deadline Artists celebrates the relevance of the newspaper column through the simple power of excellent writing. It is an inspiration for a new generation of writers— whether their medium is print or digital—looking to learn from the best of their predecessors.

Contributors include: Jimmy Breslin, Ernie Pyle, Dorothy Thompson, Thomas L. Friedman, David Brooks, Ernest Hemingway, Will Rogers, Langston Hughes, Woody Guthrie, Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Art Buchwald, William F. Buckley, Dave Barry, Anna Quindlen, George Will, and Pete Hamill.

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ISBN-13: 9781468300543
Publisher: The Overlook Press
Publication date: 09/25/2012
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 314,368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

John Avlon is a senior columnist for Newsweek and The Daily Beast as well as a CNN contributor. He lives in New York City.

Jesse Angelo is Publisher of the New York Post and lives in New York City

Errol Louis is the political anchor of NY1 News, where he hosts the nightly program "Inside City Hall." He lives in New York City

Table of Contents

Introduction 13

I War 17

Like a River of Steel It Flowed, Gray and Ghostlike Richard Harding Davis-New York Tribune 18

The Chauffeurs of Madrid Ernest Hemingway-New York Times 20

"Peace"-And the Crisis Begins Dorothy Thompson-New York Herald Tribune 22

Jock Evans Was on Duty That Night Robert J. Casey-Chicago Daily News 25

Pearl Harbor Eleanor Roosevelt-United Features Syndicate 27

The God-Damned Infantry Ernie Pyle-Scripps Howard 27

The Death of Captain Waskow Ernie Pyle-Scripps Howard 29

D-Day: A Pure Miracle Ernie Pyle-Scripps Howard 31

Dispatches from the End of the War Orson Welles-New York Post 34

There Are No Young Guys Here Pete Hamill-New York Post 35

To Root Against Your Country Art Hoppe-San Francisco Chronicle 38

Obituary for South Vietnam Peter R. Kann-Wall Street Journal 39

Hallelujah William F. Buckley Jr.-Universal Press Syndicate 43

Word of the Year: Freedom William Safire-New York Times 45

Death Takes Hold Among the Living Pete Hamill-New York Daily News 47

We'll Go Forward From This Moment Leonard Pitts Jr.-Miami Herald 50

Boots on the Ground, Hearts on Their Sleeves David Brooks-New York Times 52

A Village Waiting for Rape and Murder Nicholas D. Kristof-New York Times 53

Farewell to Geronimo Thomas L. Friedman-New York Times 55

II Politics 57

What's the Matter with Kansas? William Allen White-Emporia Gazette 58

Good Luck to the Anti-Bolshevists Theodore Roosevelt-Kamas City Star 60

Gamalielese H. L. Mencken-Baltimore Sun 62

Scopes Monkey Trial H. L. Mencken-Baltimore Sun 64

There Is a Ship Heywood Broun-New York World-Telegram 69

The Mad Hatter Loyalty Purge-Joseph and Stewart Alsop-New York Herald Tribune 70

Welch Defends One Friend and Finds He's Made Many Mary McGrory-Washington Star 72

The Ninth Life Murray Kempton-New York Post 74

A Day of Endless Fitness Mary McGrory-Washington Star 76

Touring Dixie with LBJ James Reston-New York Times 77

The Decisive Political Center James Reston-New York Times 79

Are You Against the Handicapped? William F. Buckley Jr.-Universal Press Syndicate 81

Nixon's Resignation Charles McDowell-Richmond Times-Dispatch 82

Being Spied On Has Benefits of Sorts Jack Anderson-Washington Post 85

Reagan Shot: End of a Dream David S. Broder-Washington Post 87

Slats Mistakes GOP for GOD Mike Royko-Chicago Tribune 88

The Sound of a Lapdog George F. Will-Washington Post 90

Supreme Court Buzzword Guide Michael Kinsley-Washington Post 92

When Clinton Talks, People Listen-and Vice Versa Molly Ivins-Fort Worth Star-Telegram 94

No Guardrails Daniel Henninger-Wall Street Journal 96

Pulp Nonfiction Maureen Dowd-New York Times 98

Eastern Middle School Thomas L. Friedman-New York Times 100

In Defense of the F-Word Charles Krauthammer-Washington Post 101

The End of Placeness Peggy Noonan-Wall Street Journal 103

Palin Problem Kathleen Parker-Washington Post 105

Morning in America Eugene Robinson-Washington Post 107

III Sports 109

Casey at the Bat Ernest Lawrence Thayer-San Francisco Examiner 111

The Four Horsemen Grantland Rice-New York Herald Tribune 112

Louis Knocks Out Schmeling Bob Considine-International News Service 116

Seabiscuit: The Gamest Thoroughbred Grantland Rice-New York Tribune 117

"Iron Horse" Breaks Shirley Povich-Washington Post 119

The Graziano-Zale Fight Jimmy Cannon-New York Post 121

Death of a Racehorse W. C. Heinz-New York Sun 123

Miracle of Coogan's Bluff Red Smith-New York Herald Tribune 125

Fisk's Home Run in 12th Beats Reds Peter Gammons-Boston Globe 127

Reggie Jackson's Three Homers Red Smith-New York Times 129

Muhammad Ali Jack Newfield-Village Voice 131

A Slugger, Right from the First Tee Jim Murray-Los Angeles Times 135

Webber College: Best Team You Never Saw Mitch Albom-Detroit Free Press 137

Why Is Baseball So Much Better Than Football? Thomas Boswell-Washington Post 141

Who Has Won and Who Has Lost? Bob Greene-Chicago Tribune 148

For Timeless Player, It Was Time Thomas Boswell-Washington Post 150

Her Blue Haven Bill Plaschke-Los Angeles Times 152

IV Humor 160

The Danger of Lying in Bed Mark Twain-The Buffalo Express 162

First Entries in the Devil's Dictionary Ambrose Bierce-The Wasp 164

Reform Administration Finley Peter Dunne-Chicago Post 165

Congress is Funniest When It's Serious Will Rogers-New York Times 168

Tips on Horses Ring Lardner-The New York World 170

Apology Westbrook Pegler-Scripps Howard 171

Death Pays a Social Call Damon Runyon-King Features 173

The Vertical Negro Plan Harry Golden-Carolina Israelite 175

Political Poll in 1776 Art Buchwald-New York Herald Tribune 177

Nixon Goes to the Mountain Art Buchwald-Washington Post 179

How to Cure a Hangover Mike Royko-Chicago Daily News 180

Francs and Beans Russell Baker-New York Times 182

How to Argue Effectively Dave Barry-The Local Daily News 184

Spring Before Swine Russell Baker-New York Times 186

How to Keep the IRS from Finding Out You're Lying Dave Barry-Miami Herald 187

Pithy into the Wind Dave Barry-Miami Herald 189

The Hellfire Club Hunter S. Thompson-San Francisco Examiner 191

You're Never Too Young to Aim High Carl Hiaasen-Miami Herald 193

I Ate Breakfast and Lived Lewis Grizzard-Atlanta Journal-Constitution 195

Pardon My French Tony Kornheiser-Washington Post 196

Why Not the Worst? Gene Weingarten-Washington Post 198

V Crime 214

Chicago Gang War Ernest Hemingway-The Toronto Star 215

Murder in the Worst Degree Damon Runyon-International News Service 216

Waiting for Lepke Walter Winchell-New York Daily Mirror 221

Marvin the Torch Jimmy Breslin-New York Herald Tribune 224

Breslin to .44 Killer: Give Up Now! Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 226

Head in a Box Pete Dexter-Philadelphia Daily News 229

A Woman Burned While Police Had Their Danish Murray Kempton-Newsday 230

Etiquette at a Crime Scene Carl Hiaasen-Miami Herald 232

Lucy's Blue Light Steve Lopez-Philadelphia Inquirer 233

Steak Tips to Die For Mike Barnicle-Boston Globe 235

New Land, Sad Story Mike Barnicle-Boston Globe 237

A Bullet's Impact Mitch Albom-Detroit Free Press 238

VI Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 248

The Destiny of Colored Americans Fredrick Douglass-North Star 250

To an Anxious Friend William Allen White-Emporia Gazette 252

A Fine Lesson for the Whole Nation Heywood Broun New York World-Telegram 252

Rebellion in Connecticut Dorothy Thompson-New York Herald Tribune 254

There Ought to Be a Law Langston Hughes-Chicago Defender 257

Free Speech Is Worth the Risk I. F. Stone-I. F. Stone's Journal 259

The Wrong Man Murray Kempton-New York Post 261

Faubus and Little Rock: Scars Are for the Young Max Lerner-New York Post 263

He Went All the Way Murray Kempton-New York Post 265

A Flower for the Graves Eugene Patterson-Atlanta Constitution 267

Marching to Montgomery Jack Newfield-Village Voice 268

Are the Rioters Racists? William F. Buckley Jr.-Universal Press Syndicate 273

The Power of One Anna Quindlen-New York Times 275

Out of the Closet and Open to Legal Attack Pete Dexter-Sacramento Bee 276

Strangling the NAACP Carl T. Rowan-Baltimore Sun 278

Coming Out Against Cultural Pollution Stanley Crouch-New York Daily News 279

Living Proof of Immigration's Marvelousness Cynthia Tucker-Atlanta Journal-Constitution 281

A Path Beyond Grievance William Raspberry-Washington Post 282

VII Local Voices 285

She Bids Farewell to New York Margaret Fuller-New York Daily Tribune 286

The History of Our Late War Fanny Fern-New York Ledger 287

Postscripts O. Henry-Houston Post 288

Don Quixote and His Last Windmill Ben Hecht-Chicago Daily News 290

About New York Meyer Berger-New York Times 292

Ah, San Francisco Herb Caen-San Francisco Examiner 294

Picasso and the Cultural Rebirth of Chicago Mike Royko-Chicago Sun-Times 296

A not-so-classic Christmas story about a not-so-silent day in Pershing Square Jack Smith-Los Angeles Times 298

Lubbock: "Her Teeth Are Stained, But Her Heart Is Pure" Molly Ivins-Dallas Times-Herald 300

True Confessions Steve Lopez-Philadelphia Inquirer 302

Moneylender Jasper Speciale Last of a Different Breed John L. Smith-Las Vegas Review-Journal 304

A Sprig of Verbena and the Gifts of a Great Teacher Kathleen Parker-Washington Post 206

VIII Hard Times 308

The Death of Frankie Jerome Westbrook Pegler-United News Syndicate 309

Migration Workers Take Lots of Abuse Woody Guthrie-People's Daily World 310

To First and Last Things Walter Lippmann-New York Herald Tribune 311

Death in Emergency Room One Jimmy Breslin-New York Herald Tribune 313

It's an Honor Jimmy Breslin-New York Herald Tribune 318

Two Minutes to Midnight: The Very Last Hurrah Pete Hamill-Village Voice 320

On Losing a Friend John Leonard-New York Times 325

If You're Expecting One-Liners Jim Murray-Los Angeles Times 327

"Are You John Lennon?" Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 328

A Short Story About the Vietnam War Memorial Molly Ivins-Dallas-Times Herald 330

A Fool's Errand Bob Herbert-New York Times 332

His Delicious, Mansard Roofed World Peggy Noonan-Wall Street Journal 333

Open Letter to America Chris Rose-New Orleans Times Picayune 340

IX Farewells 342

Mary White William Allen White-Emporia Gazette 343

American Mussolini Westbrook Pegler-Scripps Howard 346

Amelia Earhart Walter Lippmann-New York Herald Tribune 348

FDR: A Great Man Passes By Damon Runyon-New York American 349

Babe Ruth: Game Called Grantland Rice-North American Newspaper Alliance 352

The Ernest Hemingway I Knew Jimmy Cannon-New York Post 354

There Was Only One Casey Wells Twombly-San Francisco Examiner 356

Daley Embodied Chicago Mike Royko-Chicago Sun-Times 359

John Wayne's True Grit Mike Royko-Chicago Sun-Times 361

She Said Goodby with Charm Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 363

King of Cool Michael Kelly-Washington Post 364

Reagan: An Optimist's Legacy George F. Will-Washington Post 366

A Mother's Love, Clarified George F. Will-Washington Post 368

X The Pursuit of Happiness 370

Advice from Poor Richard's Almanack Benjamin Franklin 371

Yes, Virginia-There Is a Santa Claus Francis Pharcellus Church-New York Sun 374

It's What the Home Folks Think of You That Really Counts Will Rogers-Tulsa Daily World 375

Magnificent Mammon Damon Runyon-New York American 377

Myriad-Minded Us Westbrook Pegler-Scripps Howard 378

Even to Judas Heywood Broun-New York World-Telegram 380

The Kicks Murray Kempton-New York Post 381

When God Created Fathers Erma Bombeck-Dayton Journal Herald 383

When God Created Mothers Erma Bombeck-Dayton Journal Herald 384

Memories of Leaner Times Fed by Image of Hungry Bum Pete Dexter-Sacramento Bee 385

The Days of Gilded Rigatoni Anna Quindlen-New York Times 386

Jon Will's Aptitudes George F. Will-Washington Post 388

Advice, Like Youth, Probably Wasted on the Young Mary Schmich-Chicago Tribune 390

The Halloween of My Dreams Marjorie Williams-Washington Post 391

Man of the Streets, in Three Suites Steve Lopez-Los Angeles Times 393

45 Life Lessons-and Five to Grow On Regina Brett-Cleveland Plain Dealer 397

To Old Times Peggy Noonan-Wall Street Journal 399

About the Columnists 403

Acknowledgments 427

Permissions 429

About the Editors 432

What People are Saying About This

Peggy Noonan

An indispensable anthology of an American art– a broad and brilliantly chosen compilation of the best newspaper column writing past and present—and a real feast. I couldn’t stop reading.

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Deadline Artists : America's Greatest Newspaper Columns 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this book as a gift for my daughter-in-law who is a journalist. I had to thumb through it, of course, and ended up reading every word. Well-chosen columns and wonderful writing, some of which I remembered from their original publications. I loved this, and so will its recipient when I finally get it to her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book! My favorite thing growing up was taking the newspaper in the morning and lying on the living room floor reading it. If you;re anything like me...or you know someone like me...get this book. It's a compendium of the best work of the best newspaper columnists of all time. The three editors are all columnists in their own right, and it strikes me as both a labor of love and a remarkable documentation of an art form changing radically in the age of the Internet. Politics, sports, tragedy, humanity.this book is frankly like addicting popcorn for any longtime fan of newspapers and/or plain great writing.